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If they Google "Bishop Roche"

the Vatican may find out some useful background information prior to appointing to Westminster.

Two excellent candidates for the Archdiocese of Westminster

who both have sound episcopal experience (prayer, combating error, growth in vocations, growth in parishes - number and quality, fidelity to the Pope). Sadly death and sanctity has deprived Westminster of their service.

St Charles Borromeo

St Francis de Sales

Pray for a holy man for Westminster, not a bishop who will be forced to resign after a number of years leaving a diocese and the Catholic Church in the country on theirknees, all those needed reforms sacrificed to wordly expediency.

Westminster and the Church in the wider world needs an imaginative appointment to this see, that sets the agenda for years to come, not a council of despair.

China reverts to type

Zhengding Bishop Jailed as Vatican Looks at China

21 April 2009- 500th Anniversary of Day of Infamy

The day that Henry VIII came to the throne, the day after Hitler's birthday.

State interference in ecclesiastical matters

comes naturally to Anglicans.

Jack Straw, UK Government Minister: "intercommunion "needs to be sorted out""

Bishop Roche was being considered for a liturgy position in the Curia!

From Ruth Gledhill - Times Online - WBLG: Westminster latest: decision may be after Easter

Are Rome aware how he arranges his chapel, one wonders? Very un-Benedictine.

It could be worse- see the Linz Seminary Chapel- but not much.

Pope Sends Apostolic Visitors to the Legionaries of Christ

Press release from the Legionaries themselves

The financial management of the Diocese of Leeds

Leeds Diocesan Trust – comments on accounts from expert sources.

Massive spending
Leeds Diocese has been spending more than it received in income ever since Bishop Roche took over in April 2004:
Year ended 31st March: Deficit (excluding investments)
2005 £1.4 million
2006 £1.7 million
2007 £1.4 million
2008 £1.6 million

While the parishes have had to cut their expenses by nearly £200,000 during his episcopacy, the diocese’s own central spending has continued to increase. (Cathcon- schemes, projects, schemes, projects must have more of them all!)

To prop up this massive over-spending, Leeds has been selling off its investments. For example in 2005/6 the diocese sold off a massive £5.8 million of investments. Only £410,000 of that was reinvested - the rest was spent.

This process is clearly due to continue; the 2008 accounts show that it plans to sell a further £2.1 million of church buildings and similar property.

In its last accounts, the diocese had an overdraft and short-term loans of a shocking £13.8 million.

Yes it had £17.5 million of investments to set against this. But £5.7 million of that was held in “restricted funds”, legally ear-marked for specific projects (mostly for priests’ pensions). The diocese’s “unrestricted” investments were just £11.8 million, and that was before the falling stock market wiped out millions.


The diocese has relied heavily on its investments for the last few years, with rising investment values helping to balance the books and some large sales of investments providing cash to fund its spending.

But as with most investors the recent enormous falls in the stock market will have left large holes in this safety net. Two thirds of the diocese’s investments were in shares, and so between March and November 2008 it lost £3 million on the stock market.

Unless stated, the figures above are for the central diocese (“curia”), and so exclude the parishes. As the accounts state, parishes are “separate” under Canon Law, and so parish funds “are not available for the non-parish general purposes of the charity.”

Cathcon- a fine example of the mismanagement of decline so often talked about here.

How Bishop Roche responds to the wishes of the Pope.

Expensive and disloyal bishop.

Comment from the Holy Smole blog

As for two-thirds of the diocese's investment portfolio being in shares, there need to be some serious questions asked of the investment advisor too. I work with client fund portfolios, and one assumes that when the markets started diving, the share element of the portfolio was dumped fast and the proceeds placed in bonds and cash?

If not, there you have a scandal on your hands!

Cathcon investigating exactly what programmes the Diocese supports when not closing churches.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bishop Roche- just say no!

Is Westminster walking towards a disaster or is a disaster walking towards Westminster?
It would be interesting to construct a table of the Diocesan Bishops of England and Wales showing what percentage of their Churches have they closed A few notes maybe attached to each on the degree to which the laity were consulted when coming to these decisions.

At the bottom of the table would come one Arthur Roche, who for reasons beyond the comprehension of rational humanity, is the front runner for the Archdiocese of Westminster with its associated red hat.

I have a German book at home about the lives of the Renaissance cardinals, “In pursuit of the Red Hat”. For all their extreme worldliness not one of them would have dared to do it over the ruins of murdered parishes and shuttered churches in contempt of the faithful who worshiped in those places week by week.

The very name of Arthur Roche is bringing terror to the clergy of Westminster, whether (using the categories taken from secular politics) of left or right. Cathcon has heard from his contacts on the left (yes, Cathcon, the son of a trade union leader does have them!) that Bishop Roche allegedly indulged in quasi- mafia bullying in Leeds. He has surrounded himself by a praetorian guard of trusties, but the parish clergy don’t get consulted rather are more likely to be on the receiving on of a bullying visit when it is considered necessary to bring them into line. Money flows not to the benefit of the parishes but to provide the Bishop with personal staff.

Cathcon has learnt that the Vicar General is abusive and short-tempered; letters from parishioners complaining about the closure of their churches went unanswered. Not even a standard form of reply.

A clergy in fear will never be united around their bishop. And even among my true comrades at the Oratory, that sacrosanct bastion of all the good that is preserved from traditional English Catholicism, whose deep faith and practice is entirely concurrent with that of the present Pope, are fearful that Bishop Roche will try to make an example out of them.

Bishop Roche believes that the use of Episcopal power should be unfettered. Clergy in Leeds do not see him however as their bishop but as a control freak. Revealingly, a fortune has been spent on a new Episcopal throne.

The divisions in the Church which the post-conciliar age has made visible have been felt in Westminster as much if not more than in the rest of the Catholic world. Cardinal Hume for all his expensive taste in shoes (1000 pounds a pair for one monk) and his desire to be numbered (and buried!) among the English saints and Cardinal Cormac who studied disloyalty to the Benedictine reforms has surely been noticed in Rome, at least kept the show on the road. The appointment of Roche will spark two simultaneous rebellions who will almost certainly join forces, both from the progressive and conservative ranks of the Church.

Bishop Roche is aged only 59: if appointed, he will set about closing and merging parishes with a vengeance. And this could go on for almost 20 years! The other dioceses will follow his “leadership”- he will lead the Catholic Church in this country away from the promised land and into the desert.

Some advice to the Vatican, “Google Arthur Roche”. No holocaust denier, but just to show how much he is out of tune with the intentions of the Pope on liturgical reform, take a look at the chapel of his Episcopal residence- and such a Bishop is to be entrusted with the glory of Westminster Cathedral.

No liturgical sense- font in front of tabernacle

Round table for the Magic Circle Candidate

Is this an altar of sacrifice?

English and Welsh Catholicism need and deserve an Archbishop of much higher quality to prepare them for the challenges of the coming century. Catholics will emerge triumphant but not under the leadership of Bishop Roche. The Bishop's motto is "Launch out into the deep " (a quote from Luke 5:4), which can be taken in a variety of ways.

St Augustine of Canterbury, pray for us!
St Dominic Barberi, pray for us!

Join this group now! Tell all your friends! Tell your friends to tell their friends!


And tell your friends to tell their friends etc etc. Just to emphasise how very important this is.

What Bishop Roche is capable of.

Presbyterian in his true colours

Queen's chaplain calls for Catholics to make concessions - News

Happy the Protestant that ensures Catholic children loose their Faith.

Portugese Bishop says condoms sometimes needed

from Clerical Whispers

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Married clergy supported by head of Austrian Conference of Religious Communities

Österreich: "Viri probati"?

Austrian religious communities argue for opening up the priesthood to married men. The requirement of priestly celibacy could certainly be relaxed, ORF quoted on Sunday the chairman of the Conference of the Austrian Religious Communities, Maximilian Fürnsinn. He could imagine that "good men who have a really good intact marriage and which have a family that is stable could be ordained ," said the provost of the Augustinian Monastery of Herzogenburg.

Bishop of Linz ditches Mass in search for unity

in favour of a service of the word and a renewal of baptismal promises.

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

Linz Bishop announces a "unity meeting" in the Cathedral of Linz - Currently, new applications for church tax boycott in the Diocese of Linz, above all many from the Parish of Windischgarsten

The Linz Bishop Ludwig Schwarz has invited all to a “meeting for unity” in the Cathedral of Linz. A statement from the Bishop seen by puts it: "After the turbulent times in our diocese, I am concerned for the togetherness and unity of all. I would therefore, while it is still the penitential Easter season place a primary stress on common prayer set for a common path to the future of the diocese. Schwarz has announced for the period after Easter other meetings at the regional level.

Father Joseph Bauer of the Linz Circle of Priests(LPK) is not generally averse to such meetings, even if the meeting cannot remain prayerful. "If the bishop's invitation to prayer, is it good. I will attend to maintain the relationship in faith. Prayer is not however the only track on which reconciliation must be provided." Bauer said in a telephone conversation to

On the "Dean Friedl" affair Bauer recalls that the bishop has set further talks. Whether anything will come out of these Bauer could not predict. "Overall, this is a question which deeply concerns a priest. That one not only lives with this sin but wishes to persist in the sin is shocking." Bauer also announced that the LPK will be considering this case and generally dealing with these matters. It was sure to be a topic in forthcoming talks with the Bishop of Linz.

The movement "Faithful to the Church" was sceptical about the "unity meeting" said their spokesman Gernot Steier on Thursday to "We express our regret that the Bishop does not celebrate the Eucharist which is the ultimate sign of unity but is only using as a Sunday church service “A Celebration of the Word”, which does not fulfil the Sunday obligation . Steier also said that after the "Wagner-resignation" is causing more people in the Diocese of Linz day to boycott paying their church tax, which incidentally, included many from the Parish of Windischgarsten. The "Faithful to the Church" announced a few days ago that the action was to be gradually extended to other Austrian dioceses.

Cathcon- The Bishop spoke today at the service that the Eucharist was the source of unity- so why, why, why no Mass? The many places left empty in the Cathedral shows the extent of the commitment of the Catholics of Linz to the liberty and exaltation of their Holy Mother, the Church. There are even more empty seats between the camera and the first seats actually seen, as this shows only the first two columns of the nave.

World's oldest ever living actor to play the role of God in Everyman

The 105-year-old actor Johannes Heesters cannot stop. In the summer he plays "God" in "Everyman" in Stuttgart.

Johannes Heesters is 105 years old, yet keeps the passion for being on stage.

In the summer, Johannes "Jopie" Heesters will be every evening on the stage in Stuttgart- as God. The 105-year-old takes the role "God the Lord" in Hugo von Hofmannsthal's "Everyman" was announed by the Stuttgart theatre on Friday.

The piece will be put on everyday from 11 June to 24 July daily (except Sundays) in the Old Playhouse. "Everyman" was put on the schedule at short notice, as the stage version of the play "The Lives of Others" was not yet ready.

Cathcon- Heesters, who visited Dachau as a guest of the commandant, but maintains that he did not put a show on, said a few months ago on Dutch TV that Hitler was not such a bad bloke. His much younger wife berated him immediately. This caused uproar in Germany, leading to an apology on prime time TV.

Here at the height of his career- including "Give me in farewell your hand again"

The Decline and Fall of the French Catholic Church

catalogued to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of a televised Mass.

See at 5.30 the disruption of a live televised Mass by traditionalists.

Hello Mary

Over-familiarity with the Queen of Heaven in modern French prayer based on the Hail Mary.
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Catholic youth in need of a recharge

with hip-hop and African dance. Catholic youth work in Belgium, as far as it goes, that is not very far.
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This man is........ a Dominican


Seen explaining the offertory procession on French TV this morning. Sorry about the sad quality, I rushed to get my camera and could only take one shot before he disappeared.


Found now the video of the guy in action- will keep the photo here for posterity as the link to the video will change next week. Maybe it is the same man again talking about something different.

A Dominican that cannot be recognised in the street cannot be part of a mendiant order- St Dominic would not have anything to do with him.

Vatican Press spokesman to resign after Papal visit to the Holy Land

according to Italian press reports

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jewish statement on Archbishop's comments on the holocaust

Original in Portugese

In response, the President of the Federation, Henry Chmelnitsky says that the statements of Bishop Dadeus will do nothing to build a peaceful and harmonious coexistence among Brazilians of all origins. To Chmelnitsky, to reduce or relativise the Holocaust hits the memory of millions of deaths in a war started by fanaticism and intolerance. The Chairman of the Federation also said that he hopes Dadeus reflects on his statements.

Response to statements by the Archbishop of Porto Alegre, Dom Dadeus Grings

We are surprised by the statements of the Archbishop of Porto Alegre, Dom Dadeus Grings, published by the magazine Press. It is not the first time the cleric has distorted the Holocaust (Cathcon - he said in the 90s that there were one million Jewish victims). We, Brazilians of all origins have built through decades a tradition of peaceful and harmonious coexistence. Statements such as those by Archbishop Dadeus will do nothing for this model which serves as inspiration to other countries. To reduce or relativise the Holocaust hits the memory of millions of deaths in a war started by fanaticism and intolerance.

The Vatican itself, in recent years, has adopted an open and transparent position in relation to the murder of six million Jews. Moreover, relations between the Catholic Church and Jewish community have never been so good. In May, Pope Benedict XVI will visit Israel.

In this situation, once again Archbishop is out of tune using arguments similar to those without any moral or scientific value. Fewer Jews died in the War II because there were and still are fewer Jews in the world. Proportionally, a slaughter minimized by Archbishop really meant the annihilation of most of a national group that was already small.

We express the hope that Dom Dadeus reflects on his statements. He is a man of faith and peace. He met the directorship of the Israeli Federation here a few days ago, which much honored and moved the Jewish community of Rio Grande do Sul. However, when replaying stereotypes created by the Nazis, Dom Dadeus is positioning himself on the wrong side of history. his statements not only afflict Jews but millions of Roma, disabled, homosexuals and opponents of the Nazi regime that were also murdered.

The only way to prevent a repeat of barbarism perpetrated by the Nazis against Jews or against other ethnic or religious groups - is always to respect the memory, with seriousness, honesty and fraternity. This is what we expect from Dadeus Grings and men and women committed the truth and justice.

Porto Alegre, March 26, 2009.

Henry S. Chmelnitsky

No to Bishop Arthur Roche

Join Facebook group today

Archbishop says Jews were not the greatest victims of the Holocaust.

A Bishop has caused an outcry with a statement about the Holocaust

An South American archbishop with a relativist statement about the Holocaust on Friday for outrage ensured.

BRASILIA - "The Jews are talking about six million deaths. But how many Catholics were the victims of the holocaust? There were a total of 22 million," said Archbishop Dadeus Grings from Porto Alegre in South Brasil to the promotional magazine "Press & Advertising". Next he explained that "while the Jews claim that they were the main victims of the Holocaust, the greatest victims were gypsies because they were exterminated."
.More here

The Archbishop of Porto Alegre, Dadeus Grings, said "killed more Catholics than Jews in the Holocaust, but that does not have a public profile because the Jews have control of the propaganda of the world." The statement was made in magazine interview with Press.

According to the magazine, Dadeus Grings also defended the neutrality of the Church during the military dictatorship and the Second War, the Crusades in the Middle Ages, celibacy and condemned research with embryonic stem cells and distribution of condoms by the government.

The archbishop also criticized the ex-football player and commentator Paulo Roberto Falcão, who said Grings, "was a flop and was expelled from Rome (the Italian team which became known as King of Rome)" for not fulfilling the contract.

Friday, March 27, 2009

More claims that SSPX anti-democratic

Extract from Radio Vatican
In recent months, the political scientists have designated the SSPX as unconstitutional. As an example of this, the long-standing member of the CDU Federal Committee, Gerd Langguth has said about the socio-political positions of Schmidberger that they depart from the "principles of a Christian social order" (Cathcon- Archbishop Zollitsch does not even believe there can be such a thing, having just said that there should be no such thing as a Catholic country) . Among other matters, Schmidberger supports the death penalty, opposes political parties, trade unions and parliamentary representative democracy and wanted impose one morality on society, which also prohibits contraception as well as homosexuality, blasphemy and Masonic Lodges.

The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK) rejects the attacks of the SSPX on the German bishops. The President of the Association, Hans Joachim Meyer, said on Friday, that also the recent SSPX statement lacks a clear commitment to freedom of faith and conscience that fundamentally defines the Catholic understanding of the democratic rule of law. "We are definitely very grateful," said Meyer, "that Archbishop Zollitsch with all the vigour has started the discussion on the hostility to freedom and the anti-democratic attitude of the SSPX, and we understand our bishops."

Cathcon- the tar and feather approach to ecclesiastical politics. German history should teach these people just how odious such scapegoating is.

Medieval monk hailed by Barack Obama was a heretic

from Times Online

Another reason for Notre Dame to disinvite the President, as if there weren't enough.

Cardinal Meisner hits out at German Chancellor

Cardinal Joachim Meisner makes sharp criticism of Chancellor Merkel

Tempers may have already calmed down, but Cardinal Joachim Meisner is fueling the controversy over criticism of the Pope by the Chancellor in the case of Holocaust denier Richard Williamson. In an interview, he criticized Angela Merkel's scolding as the "biggest blunder" and urged her to apologise to Pope Bendedict XVI.

The Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner insists on an apology from Merkel.

The background is the public criticism of Merkel about the rehabilitation of Holocaust deniers Richard Williamson. "I can only say: display substance and apologise, Madam Chancellor," Meisner told the "Bild"-Zeitung.

What is happening with the Pope?

At the beginning of February Merkel publicly requested clarification from the Pope. Meisner says that he found the public scolding the Pope to have been "one of the biggest mistakes". The tone was totally unreasonable. He knew of many Catholics and Protestants who are leaving the CDU for this reason. The Chancellor was obviously not informed by her employees that the requested clarification had been made by the Pope one week earlier.

Merkel had unusually harshly criticized Benedict XVI in the debate about dealing with the Holocaust and asked for a clarification. The Pope must "very clearly" declare that he does not accept denial of the Holocaust, and that there must be "a positive dealing with Judaism ... as a whole", she said. The Pope had repealed the excommunication of Holocaust deniers Richard Williamson, and thus a storm of outrage in their own church is triggered.

"This carping at the Pope makes us ridiculous all over the world "
The cardinal stressed that contrary to widespread opinion, the Pope had not rehabilitated Williamson as a Holocaust denier." "The Pope knew nothing of the unspeakable utterances of Bishop Williamson. And the lifting of excommunication is not a rehabilitation. Certainly at times one can make mistakes. There were breakdowns in the Vatican," he said. But the Chancellor had made a mistake. On the particular criticism of a German Pope from Germany Meisner commented with the words: "Many Germans do not realise how ridiculous this carping at the Pope makes us all over the world."

In haste prior to taking my wife to hospital- more soon.
Chancellor's office said she won't be apologising. Temperatures are rising in Germany- and it is not caused by global warming!

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Blessed Arthur of the Padlocks

Join Facebook group- No to Arthur Roche as Archbishop of Westminster.

Given his contempt for the laity revealed when closing churches in his diocese, he would be a total and utter and unmitigated disaster. The Catholic Church in England and Wales deserves far, far better than this.

The man who could not face announcing church closing in person so turned to the media - and issued a DVD.

If you have a blog- please, please use it to publicise this facebook group and ask other bloggers to blog!

Bishop who debated with SSPX

Catholic Church Conservation: German TV tonight- to accept the Council or not?

Then went on to criticise the Pope on condoms.

SSPX on defamatory German Bishops

The German District of the SSPX comments on the defamatory allegations of Archbishop Zollitsch. (Links to original Cathcon report)

The Catholic News Agency on 25 March 2009 reported that the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch during a speech to the Cardinal Höffner Circle of the CDU Parliamentary Group accused the SSPX of, "attacking and reducing our understanding of democracy ". The idea of a Catholic state "is" outdated " said the Archbishop of Freiburg in the context of the attitude of the SSPX.

If this statement was actually made the Archbishop was thus consciously or unconsciously guilty of false witness.

The SSPX obviously recognises the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, which itself clearly acknowledges the responsibility before God, the moral law and legal opinions based on natural law. Great Catholics cooperated in formulating the Basic Law which stands entirely on the foundations of traditional Papal social teaching . Many Catholics faithful to tradition were among the founders of the CDU, working in a variety of positions in our society as citizens or serving the Federal Republic as officials.

The fidelity to the constitutional order, as for example approved by the Holy See and as expressed in the Oath of Loyalty provided for in the Concordat, we obviously recognize, as every good Catholic does.

We also acknowledge the doctrine of the Church on the forms of government, especially the teaching statements of Pope Pius XII about democracy.
We can be considered a little "disparaging of democracy", as Catholics before Vatican II.

With all our hearts the SSPX reject the monstrous idea of a "state church", because the Catholic Church is a "perfect society" and must always be free for Her divine mission.

The implications of the Church being instrumentalised by the state, we see in the terrible failure of the German bishops in the abortion certificate scandal or the Donum Vitae debate. In this light, the SSPX welcomes the debate about the church tax and the state salary of the German bishops. Those who sit in glass houses should not throw stones.

What the SSPX as a Catholic society of priests is responsible for promoting is the recognition of the Ten Commandments and the right of God over each individual, families, civic associations, magistrates, courts, culture and education, as also in the traditional Liturgy – which has been returned by the Vatican back into church life – which is reflected in many ways.

What the SSPX cannot accept are the false social and moral principles which have always been rejected by the Magisterium of the Popes and tradition and which must be discarded by every Catholic to be in communion with the Catholic Church, even any German bishop.

These false principles are rejected for example in the papal teaching document Quanta cura of Blessed Pius IX., Immortale Dei of Leo XIII., Quas Primate of Pius XI and in the many statements of Pius XII on the social doctrine of the church.

The pastoral council of Vatican II must also be measured against these pronouncements of the Supreme Magisterium. We expect the German bishops to make a clear commitment to the social kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as Pope Pius XII and his predecessors made the duty of all Catholics.
Stuttgart, 26 March 2009
Father Franz Schmidberger, District Superior

Cathcon- The SSPX have various schools in Germany. Zollitsch in making this accusation is helping the Socialists and the Greens to have the schools declared to be teaching hostility to the German constitution. They will loose state funding and more importantly be closed.

It is a foul game that the Archbishop is playing to turn these despisers of the Church on fellow Catholics. And he knows it!

Offertory procession at Papal Mass in Africa

Well- the liturgical reformers did want real gifts to be brought to the altar which were then to be shared for the good of the parish. This degenerated into collecting money associated procession of the Eucharistic gifts in most parts of the world.

Church of England Creed - a short satire


Now I know what Karl Rahner SJ meant by his support for new credal formulas after the Vatican Council.

Cardinal Schönborn has declared today he was once in love


..........and then strangely won't give any more details.

RTBF interviews Head of SSPX in Belgium

RTBF-Radio à la demande

22 March 2009. Sorry in French. Long introduction critical of Pope's position on contraception- followed by a report about a holocaust denying Belgian Muslim who is being taking to court- a report about an attack on a synagogue. Elections in Indonesia where secularist and Muslim parties are fighting it out in elections. Then comes Abbé Benoît Wailliez FSSPX!

with others such as Abbé Alphonse Boras, Vicar General Liege and Canon Lawyer, Christian Devischer, Professor at Louvain, Isabelle de Gaumann (spelling), La Croix and another woman whose name I have to check from the secular Free University of Brussels.

Will provide more notes of the content shortly.

Attack on democrats at work from Chairman of German Catholic Bishops' Conference

Erzbischof Zollitsch: Berliner Senat "religionsfeindlich" - Nachrichten -

Archbishop Zollitsch: Berlin Senate "hostile to religion"
The chairman of the Bishops Conference, Archbishop Zollitsch has made significant criticism of the Berlin Senate. Whose policies seem almost hostile to religion. The cause is the misunderstanding that religion should be banished into the private sphere according to Zollitsch. (Cathcon- yesterday, he said that the concept of a Catholic state was outmoded and then seems unable to cope with consequences)

The Senate wants religious instruction in Berlin to be given only the status of an additional area of work. In a referendum on 26 April the Berlin people will determine whether religious instruction will be given the same status as the teaching of ethics.

Yesterday, he proclaimed he was a democrat in contrast to the SSPX but today he seems unhappy with the direct consequences of such a commitment.

Yes we really should have Googled bishop, says Pope

from Articles of Faith

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Round the clock condom advertising in the UK

Condoms to be advertised round-the-clock on TV - Times Online:

Condoms are to be advertised round-the-clock on TV under proposals to be published tomorrow.

In a bid to cut the teenage pregnancy rate, the highest in Europe, the Advertising Standards Authority wants to relax rules on condom advertisements on television.

The 9pm watershed is to be abolished, with condom advertisements to be shown throughout the day except around programmes aimed at children under 10.

What a disaster for the moral life of the nation- lets wait for the deafening silence from the Church of England.

Vatican document planned about the internet

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The Vatican is planning a new Pastoral instruction about the media sector. A policy paper which will presumably be ready for publication in October will explain the attitude of the church to "the new digital culture", said the President of the Pontifical Media Council, Archbishop Claudio Celli, in conversation on Wednesday with the Italian Catholic news agency SIR. In essence, it will update the most recent media-instruction "Aetatis novae" of 1992. "Aetatis novae" comes from a time "when the Internet did not exist", so the "digital culture" was not yet taken into account, said Celli.

The President of the Media Council stressed that the Catholic doctrine to new media must be to meet the different cultural context, in which Christians live. He referred also to the call of Pope Benedict XVI. Even people in poor countries should share in the development of media technology and its opportunities.

Celli also announced a media seminar for young people in Africa. The media event planned for the end of April in Kenya's capital Nairobi by the Pontifical Council will deal with new media as a means of peace and reconciliation. Around 100 participants from various regions of conflict on the continent are invited, said Celli.

In their very own Dioceses

German Justice Failures: Paving the Way for a Muslim Parallel Society - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International- from 2007

And the German Bishops Conference remains silent. The German Bishops were under extreme pressure in Nazi times- unlike today.

Life is beautiful


But what can the Pope be thinking of?

On his return to Rome on a beautiful sunny afternoon, the Pope reportedly told a journalist: "It is beautiful today!"

These remarks immediately raised an immense wave of anger around the world and fuelled a controversy that continues to grow.

Some reactions:
The Mayor of Bordeaux: "Even as the Pope spoke these words, it was raining cats and dogs on Bordeaux! This claim, which is close to being in a state of denial (Cathcon- the French word négationnisme is used for holocaust denial) shows that the Pope lives in a state of total autism. It has definitely finished forever, even if it was still necessary, the dogma of papal infallibility! The holder of the Chair of Astronomy at the Collège de France: "In affirming without nuance and without objective evidence that it is beautiful today," the Pope reflects the well-known contempt of the Church for science which is constantly fighting against her dogmas. What could be more subjective and more relative than this notion of beautiful? On what indisputable experiments is it based? Meteorologists and specialists failed to agree on this matter at the last International Conference in Caracas. And Benedict XVI, ex cathedra, decides the matter. What arrogance! Will they soon be lighting the pyres for all those who do not accept without reservation this new decree?

The Association of Victims of Global Warming: "How can we not see in this provocative statement an insult to all victims past, present and future of the vagaries of climate, floods, tsunamis, drought? Ths acquiescence to the contemporary situation clearly shows the complicity of the Church with these phenomena which are destructive of humanity and it can only encourage those involved in global warming that they can now hide behind the backing from the Vatican.

The Representative Council of Black Associations: "The Pope seems to forget that while it's sunny in Rome, a part of the planet is plunged into darkness. This is a sign of disrespect towards the civil rights movement

The Council of True Muslim Believers: How can the Pope describe life describe any day as beautiful while Israel continues to occupy Palestine?

The Luvvis Feminist Association-: "Why it he not her that is beautiful (Cathcon- in French Il fait beau)? The Pope is once again attacking the legitimate cause of women and shows his commitment to the most reactionary principles. In 2009, “he” is still there, it's pathetic! "

The League of Human Rights: "This type of statement can only hurt deeply all those who have a different view of reality from that of the Pope. We think in particular of those hospitalised, imprisoned whose horizon is limited to four walls and also to all victims of rare diseases that can not perceive by their senses the state of the atmosphere. This is certainly a desire to discriminate between the beautiful, as it should be perceived by all and those who feel things differently. We will immediately attack the Pope in the courts."

In Rome, some members of the Curia have tried to mitigate the words of the pope, citing his advanced age and the fact that he could be misunderstood, but they have not met with success so far.

Please pray for the donor of this piece translated from the French with one para added from Cathcon.

Some more from Cathcon.

And the German bishops concluded although there is nothing in Vatican II that states the sun shines on the Pope, it is the New Springtime, so the sun must be shining.

The Jesuits remembering that St Ignatius had told them that they ought always to hold that the white which is seen, is black, if the church decides, asked the Pope had the sun in actual fact gone behind the clouds.

The Dominican was still thinking about whether the sun was out when a big cloud appeared on the horizon.

The Francisan welcomed his brother, the sun who remains his brother whatever the weather.

90 percent against celibacy in once-Catholic Austria

90 Prozent der Österreicher sind gegen Zölibat

90 percent of Austrians are against celibacy. That is the result of a survey conducted in mid-March by the Linz Opinion Research Institute market. Women are more for the abolition of celibacy than men.

market telephone canvassed 1000 chosen representatives of the total population over 16 years old. 68 percent of respondents said that they totally agreed with the proposition that the Catholic Church should allow priests to have a relationship, 22 percent felt "somewhat ready" to agree Together that makes 90 percent who oppose celibacy. A total of five per cent were for celibacy to remain. About five per cent made no response. Women were 92 percent against celibacy, males 88 percent. Also from Catholics, 90 percent were for abolition. 72 percent "strongly" agree that parish priests should be allowed to marry.

A further 18 percent are rather in favuor. Both values showed a 90 percent approval of married priests. Overall, 89 percent also are in agreement that the parish priest pastor can have children with their partner.
Cathcon- 99 percent voted in a 1938 plebiscite for union with Germany. It did not however make that right either.

Archbishop of Paris on Williamson Affair

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The "Causa Williamson" which emerged In the course of lifting the excommunication of the four SSPX bishops has caused "great suffering" - and "not only among our Jewish brethren, but also with many Catholics" said the Paris archbishop, Cardinal Andre Vingt - Trois, at the opening of a French Holocaust exhibition at the New York Museum of Jewish Heritage (MJH). Bishops from various countries attended the opening.

To be a Catholic Christian, "is radically inconsistent with the denial of the Holocaust," said Vingt-Trois. It was shocking for Richard Williamson to abuse his authority as a bishop " to
spread a historical lie."

Vingt-Trois and the head of the French Christian-Jewish reconciliation Foundation Yahad - In Unum, Abbe Patrick Desbois, in MJH opened the exhibition on the exploration of the Holocaust in Ukraine, the so-called "Holocaust using bullets. " Desbois undertook pioneering work in this area when he and his trained team located more than 800 mass graves of Jewish people in the Ukraine of people the Germans had murdered between 1941 and 1944. Cardinal Vingt-Trois is the president of "Yahad - In Unum" which Abbe Desbois founded in 2004. For his actions, Desbois was awared the Jan Karski Award in 2007 by the American Jewish Committee.

The task of "Yahad - In Unum" is to better document the mass murder of the Jewish population in the Ukraine and Belarus from 1941 to 1944. Ukrainian witnesses will asked about each case of mass shootings and located mass graves, of which by Desbois' own rating there are at least 1200 in the Ukraine.

SSPX attacks democracy- chairman of the German Bishops' Conference

The chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, accused the SSPX of attacking and reducing "our understanding of democracy". At the same time on Wednesday in Berlin, he reiterated the call for the traditionalists to return to the Church and recognise the statements of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) (Cathcon- suggest he reads the Pope's statement which puts the context of the acceptance of Vatican II in the wider context of accepting the other councils.)

Zollitsch underlined in a presentation to the Cardinal Höffner-circle of the Union Group in the German Parliament that there is no going back on the Vatican's view on the relationship between church and state. "The idea of a Catholic state for us is outdated," said the archbishop, with a view to the attitude of the SSPX. The conciliar documents on the Church in the Modern World, on religious freedom and relations with non-Christian religions as well as on the Church were "unrelinquishable elements of Catholic tradition." The traditionalists have placed themselves outside this Catholic tradition and revoked unity with the Pope.
(Cathcon- this ludicrous claim was already in the statement that was put out after their recent meeting- also clearly an attempt by modification to justify the claim greated with gales of laughter by anyone who understands theology. The Archbishop clearly needs to take a quick course on the teaching of St Thomas Aquinas on government).

Zollitsch recalled that he had during his interview with Pope Benedict XVI. two weeks ago in Rome could convey this attitude of the German Bishops' in a good atmosphere. On Tuesday, the SSPX attacked the Episcopal Conference frontally and said they were "particularly disgusted" by their actions. The behaviour of the bishops against the SSPX was the expression of a relentless hostility, said the Superior General (Bishop!) Bernard Fellay in a statement published on the internet.
Same source as below but separated for clarity. No less than four audios of the speaker of the German Bishops' Conference- he clearly needs a holiday. He accuses the SSPX of wanting to set up a "Cosy Church". Nothing quite so cosy as a Bishops' Conference becoming a law unto itself. They are dealing with their own problems with these attacks on the SSPX not with the issues of the hour.

SSPX and German Bishops exchange blows

Tischtuch zerrissen? - Starter -

Torn tablecloth?
Battle between SSPX and German bishops
The traditionalist SSPX has frontally attacked the German Bishops' Conference. "We are particularly disgusted by the attitude of the German Episcopacy, which has not ceased to show uncharitable hostility and with its continious imputations, treating us with 'hatred, without fear or reserve'," reads a statement published on the Internet by the Superior General Bernard Fellay of Tuesday. Some episcopal conferences have been using the controversy surrounding the SSPX to lead "open rebellion" against the Pope. The German Bishops' Conference rejected the accusations.

The Superior General with his statement had shown his real attitude said spokesman Matthias Kopp said on Tuesday in Bonn. This was "marked by an unfortunate one-sidedness". The Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller asked the SSPX to undertake self-criticism. He described Fellay’s communiqué as "attempting to drive a wedge between thePope and the German bishops." In this "however they will not succeed," said Muller to the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Regensburg.

Ordinations now in Switzerland
The occasion for Fellay’s declaration is the relocation of SSPX subdiaconal ordinations originally planned in Bavaria. The Rector stated that the ordinations planned for Saturday of sub-deacons in Zaitzkofen will be moved to the motherhouse of Econe in the Swiss Valais. The SSPX understand this as a "a peacemaking gesture." The change of location corresponds to the wish of Rome. A cancellation was not considered at any stage. All other ordinations, including those of priests planned for the end of June were unaffected.

The latest SSPX statements were met with indignation by the German Bishops' Conference. Their spokesman Kopp refused to tolerate the statement that the bishops are in open rebellion against the Pope. Bishop Muller said that all the German bishops were appointed by the Pope and were in full communion with him. The SSPX bishops, however, had been illegally consecrated, and therefore should be "clearly be restrained in their remarks." He urged the

SSPX to consider "how their conduct has harmed the Pope and the Catholic Church."
Mueller called again on the SSPX, "to renounce ordinations until its ecclesiological status is clarified." At the same time, the Regensburg bishop did not rate as too important the subdiaconal ordinations. This was not yet a sacramental action. Crucial is whether at the end of June the planned ordinations to the priesthood proceed.

The question whether the SSPX plan the ordinations is of great importance within the Church. The Regens of the SSPX seminary had initially declared that the ordinations to be part of the normal life of the seminary. Also, the Vatican in no way requires suspension of its activities or to refrain from ordinations.

The Bishop of Sitten, Norbert Brunner in whose Diocese Econe lies, said through the Swiss Bishops' Conference that regarding the SSPX ordinations nothing had changed with the lifting of the excommunications of the four bishops. The dispensing of sacraments was further unlawful. The SSPX must wait for clarification of their status by the Catholic Church before further ordinations, said Brunner.

Work of the devil in Lourdes

Frau in Lourdes erschlug im Wahn ihre Mutter mit Kruzifix |

In the southern French pilgrimage of Lourdes has a woman has slain her mother with a crucifix in a fit of madness. "I had visions in a dream, I've seen that I am the devil and personification of wickedness," said the young woman to the police.

The daughter attacked her 81-year-old mother in the night on Monday with a bedside lamp, then with a bed slat and, finally, with the cross. According to Prosecutor, the deed was in a fit of madness.

After she herself had called the ambulance, the ambulance team had found the daughter covered with blood at the bedside of her mother, said the report. The two devout women lived in a small apartment on the church square of the city and regularly claimed food aid.

The Passion of the Church of the Madelaine in Paris

One of a series of images on display around the altar area.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stolen Churches to be used as post offices

Churches should be used as post offices to benefit community, says Government - Telegraph:

"A guide published by the Government and the Church of England tells clergy how they can navigate the maze of public funding, and so obtain grants to make better use of their buildings.

It claims that this not only helps local people but ensures that historic churches, many of which need repairs, will be preserved for the future."

Cathcon- don't mind however if they optimise the revenue from the church hall.

SSPX Press Release on Subdiaconate Ordinations

from Ulster Taig

At the request of the Holy See, we have decided to move the ordinations to the sub-diaconate that were to take place at Zaitzkofen, this Saturday, 28th March. They will take place in Ecône Seminary, on the same date.

This decision is intended to be a gesture of assuagement after the lifting of the unjust excommunications which were imposed on the Fraternity's bishops and the violent reactions which followed. In fact, we regret that certain Episcopacies have used it to lead an open rebellion against the Sovereign Pontiff. We are particularly disgusted by the attitude of the German Episcopacy, which has not ceased to show uncharitable hostility and its continious imputations, treating us with 'hatred, without fear or reserve' as the Holy Father rightly noted in his letter on the 10th March.

Cathcon- amazingly direct- telling like it is.

We know that our situation, in regard to the law of the Church, is imperfect. This is not new and is intimately connected to the crisis which crosses the Church and the state of necessity which arises. It therefore serves no purpose to invoke the right to strangle the life of our priestly society. The ordinations will go ahead, as planned; there has never been a question of supressing them. The benevolent act of the Holy See cannot be seen as a wish to choke the FSSPX.

We are keeping to the time framework indicated by the decree of 21st January which foresees 'necessary discussions' on the subject of the Second Vatican Council and its novelties. We reiterate to the Holy Father the assurance of prayer that out of these doctrinal discussions will emerge the light of Truth in its entirety.
Cathcon- absolutely essential not just to resolve the SSPX issue but for the good of the Catholic Church for generations to come .

Menzingen, 24th March 2009,

+ Bernard Fellay

Buddhist group buys two closed Catholic churches

from The Buffalo News

A Buddhist group with locations across the United States and Canada has purchased two former Catholic churches in the Lovejoy section of Buffalo.

The International Sangha Bhiksu Buddhist Association paid $250,000 for the former St. Agnes Church and its accompanying buildings and $110,000 for the former Visitation Church, according filings with the Erie County clerk’s office.

The sale, in the works for months, was finalized Monday.

“I don’t know much about the group,” said Buffalo attorney Mark Peszko, who handled the closing for the buyers. “All I know is they’re going to use it for Buddhist meditation purposes.”

And from their website

The practice at this temple is an untypical mix of Chinese Zen, or Chan, and Pure Land.

"There is also a unique Vietnamese form of Buddhism which evolved in the southern provinces, and is a successful combination of Theravada and Mahayana. While much of the philosophy is Mahayana, the Sangha (monks and nuns) follow the Vinaya rules (code of ethics) quite strictly, and go on the traditional alms round every day. As for example, the Venerable Minh Dang Quang (see picture below) who was the founder of the Vietamese indigenous Buddhist order."

We are not associated with Cloud Water Zendo but this is a good explanation about this combination practice.

So there. Catholicism, it is not.

Monday, March 23, 2009

SSPX ordinations cancelled

According to a news agency, "The SSPX returns to Rome. The grouping which is not recognised by Rome have cancelled the ordinations planned for Saturday in Zaitzkofen in Bavaria."

Checking it out and more soon- which will be posted at this link.

Seems they are to the sub-diaconate.


Further information received

The ordinations to the subdiaconate at Zaitzkofen are cancelled only in so far of being held at Zaitzkofen. The seminarians are being transfered to Econe in Switzerland for the ordinations.

This is a following demands of the German Bishops Conference.

Pan-Orthodox Synod announced


With a substantial church meeting, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople wishes to overcome the tensions within the Orthodox churches . The Speaker of the Patriarchate made this announcement on Monday in Istanbul. Accordingly this year, two preparatory meetings are planned. The aim is to provide the theological foundations for a "Pan-Orthodox Synod" . The first conference is scheduled for June in Cyprus, the second in December at a location still to be announced. The initiative is comparable in value to a council. For this summit, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I received support in October 2008 from all the Orthodox patriarchs and archbishops of independent national churches . These included the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate.

Cathcon- In parallel to the move of the Pope to reconcile tradition, this could not be a more exciting time for true ecumenism.

"Make Hope" in the liturgical life of Lille


"one of the very soundest of our bishops"

appointed the Diocese of Oakland vacancy by the Pope.

He has been known to celebrate the Latin Mass

Dinoscopus: Don't Cry for me Argentina

Bishop Williamson's latest blog post.

Finally a call to Catholic arms!

Catholic Citizens

"November showed us that 40 years of American Catholic complacency and poor formation are bearing exactly the fruit we should have expected. Or to put it more discreetly, the November elections confirmed a trend, rather than created a new moment, in American culture."


"Some Catholics in both political parties are deeply troubled by these issues. But too many Catholics just don't really care. That's the truth of it. If they cared, our political environment would be different. If 65 million Catholics really cared about their faith and cared about what it teaches, neither political party could ignore what we believe about justice for the poor, or the homeless, or immigrants, or the unborn child. If 65 million American Catholics really understood their faith, we wouldn't need to waste each other's time arguing about whether the legalised killing of an unborn child is somehow 'balanced out' or excused by three other good social policies."

Offering a sober evaluation of the state of American Catholicism, he added:

"We need to stop over-counting our numbers, our influence, our institutions and our resources, because they're not real. We can't talk about following St. Paul and converting our culture until we sober up and get honest about what we've allowed ourselves to become. We need to stop lying to each other, to ourselves and to God by claiming to 'personally oppose' some homicidal evil - but then allowing it to be legal at the same time."


read the whole thing at the link above. What an indictment of post-Conciliar Catholicism. The rulings of one Council to the exclusion of all else do not Catholicism make.

When they stop believing in God, they call themselves modernists

As applied to the Church of England.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Msgr Georg Ratzinger at Mass today in Regensburg

Katholischer Gottesdienst aus Regensburg

The Mass setting was by the Pope's brother, played on an organ dedicated by the Pope on his visit to Regensburg. Wonderful music. Liturgy dignified to a much greater degree than normally seen on Sunday morning on ZDF.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Only two priests of the Linz Council of Priests know how to dress


and one of them is the General Vicar and the other the Head of the Seminary.

Once Royal Abbey

Now a Centre de Culture Européenne- thanks to the disastrous French Revolution.

One wonders where the relics of St Jean Baptist ended up which the Abbey was built to house.

Is the throne of the Bishop of Linz wobbling?


Is the seat of Bishop Schwarz wobbling?

Arch-conservative circles place Linzer Bishop Schwarz in a serious situation. Schwarz himself has just completed a particularly stressful week of meetings.

Is the seat of Bishop Schwarz wobbling?
Will he be appointed to Rome? To the Curia? Or will he go back to a leading position in his Salesian Order? Will the Vatican send him an "assistant" in the form of a coadjutor, who then has the right to follow him? One thing is certain: Influential arch conservative circles are presently attempting to - from the public until now unnoticed - remove the Bishop of Linz.

Problems with Friedl and Wagner
The situation is serious for Schwarz. So serious that even Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn is involved. He wants to keep his former Auxilliary Bishop (2001-2005). Only recently, the chairman of the Bishops' Conference hurried to the side of Schwarz with a remarkable appearance. Schoenborn was personally travelled to a meeting of the Bishops Consistory in Linz. The body of the 20 highest officials of the Diocese of Linz had considered in his presence (Schoenborn is Metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province which Upper Austria belongs to) the situation after the "voluntary" resignation of the Windischgarsten parish priest Gerhard Maria Wagner. The conservative wing of Upper Austria was particularly hard hit by the resignation before the inauguration. It is powerful - and now seeks to strike back.

Schwarz himself has just completed a particularly stressful week of meetings. On Monday with Father Josef Friedl, who confessed that he lives with a woman in the rectory. On Thursday with the deans, who no longer believe in the maintenance of celibacy. Just yesterday, Friday, with the priests’ council who have little to no understanding of the events surrounding the almost Bishop Wagner.

"Servite Domino in laetitia," "Serve the Lord with joy," reads the Episcopal motto of Schwarz. Joy? the 68-year-old pastor is currently suffering from the situation. In silence and alone. Because when Schwarz moved from Vienna to Linz he neglected to bring trusted colleagues, the existing staff was unchanged from his predecessor Maximilian Aichern. To the outside, Schwarz remains, if he, for example, from his private rooms on the first floor of the Episcopal residence comes out to meet journalists polite and friendly, almost gentle. "I am glad," one hears from him often when he shakes hands. From a former employee he was described as a "heartily good person". This may also be his main problem. He wants to make everything OK.

The example of the Ungenach parish priest Friedl: Schwarz relieves the objector to celibacy from his role as dean, which does not really matter, but leaves him in the priesthood. Which was taken as a sign of weakness. From both sides, progressives and conservatives, in the Catholic Church.

This was the order of Rome which Schwarz received to lead together extremes into a shared centre. For years, there have been conflicts among Catholics in Upper Austria of a lesser or greater seriousness over the (strong) the role of pastoral assistants, baptisms by laymen, and actual or perceived abuses in the liturgy.

Influential Friends
Thus Schwarz calmly let criticism fall on him from both sides. From 1984 to 1999 in Rome he built useful contacts as a university professor valuable and built networks. Among other things, to a fellow Salesian named Tarcisio Bertone. He is now in the climb up the Catholic career ladder higher than Schwarz. Bertone is today as Cardinal Secretary of State's number two behind Pope Benedict XVI. Certainly his work is not uncontroversial. Was the bishop of Linz comforted or frightened that presently his friend was in a similar situation.

Twittering Cathcon

Warm welcome to all followers on Twitter

True ecumenism

ZENIT - Moscow Patriarchate Backs Pope's Stance on Condoms:

A message on the French official Web site of the Church stated, 'The Patriarchate of Moscow is in solidarity with Pope Benedict XVI's position on the means in the fight against AIDS, and on the fact that condoms cannot be considered as a remedy against this sickness.'

This statement came as a response to the Pope's words to journalists on his flight to Africa, in which he affirmed: 'This problem of AIDS cannot be overcome only with publicity slogans.

'If there is not the soul, if the Africans are not helped, the scourge cannot be resolved

Where;s the Archbishop of Canterbury on this issue? probably all over the place.

The Lambeth Conference were the first ecclesiastical outfit to back the use of contraception in 1930.

Turkey unfit to be a member of the EU

As they deny the greatest crime against any Christian people which even exceeded the scale and barbarity of the Romans.

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Turkish children drawn into Armenia row

Friday, March 20, 2009

Vigil of the Transitus of St Benedict


From the Dialogues of Pope St Gregory
The same year in which he departed this life, he told the day of his holy death to his monks, some of which did live daily with him, and some dwelt far off, willing those that were present to keep it secret, and telling them that were absent by what token they should know that he was dead. Six days before he left this world, he gave order to have his sepulchre opened, and forthwith falling into an ague, he began with burning heat to wax faint, and when as the sickness daily increased, upon the sixth day he commanded his monks to carry him into the oratory, where he did arm himself with receiving the body and blood of our Saviour Christ; and having his weak body holden up betwixt the hands of his disciples, he stood with his own lifted up to heaven, and as he was in that manner praying, he gave up the ghost. Upon which day two monks, one being in his cell, and the other far distant, had concerning him one and the self-same vision: for they saw all the way from the holy man's cell, towards the east even up to heaven, hung and adorned with tapestry, and shining with an infinite number of lamps, at the top whereof a man, reverently attired, stood and demanded if they knew who passed that way, to whom they answered saying, that they knew not. Then he spake thus unto them: "This is the way," quoth he, "by which the beloved servant of God, Bennet, is ascended up to heaven." And by this means, as his monks that were present knew of the death of the holy man, so likewise they which were absent, by the token which he foretold them, had intelligence of the same thing. Buried he was in the oratory of St. John Baptist which himself built, when he overthrew the altar of Apollo; who also in that cave in which he first dwelled, even to this very time, worketh miracles, if the faith of them that pray requireth the same.

Westminster Cardinal defends Pope

Africa, Aids, abstinence and the Pope’s views -Times Online

Sir, I was appalled at the tasteless cartoon depicting Pope Benedict XVI. No newspaper should show such disrespect to a person who is held in high esteem by a large proportion of Christians in the world. To pillory the Pope in this way is totally unacceptable. As to what Pope Benedict said, it would be wiser for people to look at the issues that he was raising in his remarks. It is certainly true that the widespread distribution of condoms can run the risk of greater promiscuity and that the best way to combat the Aids epidemic is by healthcare, education and fidelity in married life. Even if people do not accept the Church’s teaching in this matter, it is a well-known fact that the greatest contribution to health care for those living with Aids in Africa is given by the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor

Archbishop of Westminster

Rome insists Diocese provide Latin Mass

Clerical Whispers: Vatican clamps down on Killala Latin Mass move

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Final Mass in the Church on another planet


St Mary's Church, Brisbane. The nightmare parish.

Those with more than charity reject mission


Alpine Mass

Quite remarkable- the melody from Schubert I think and quite different from other open air Masses Cathcon usually covers.

Feast of St Joseph


Bishop of Linz denounced to the Roman Rota

German original from

Dietmar Fischer, the head of HLI-Austria, has made a complaint in Rome against the Diocesan Bishop of Linz – it is based on the malicious rumors around the resignation of Gerhard Wagner - journalist Ertl strongly criticises the 'Wagner-rumour'

The Diocese of Linz is facing a further excitement - the Causa "Gerhard Maria Wagner " and the rumours against Wagner made known to the world could still have repercussions in Rome. The well-known right to lifer Dietmar Fischer of the group HLI (Human Life International) has submitted a few days ago to the Supreme Court of the Vatican suspicions of coercion and extortion in connection with the forced resignation of Gerhard Maria Wagner.

The complaint is directed not only against the Linz cathedral chapter, but also against the Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, who is the complaint of Fischer shown to is under "suspicion of assisting" the allegations.

In the complaint shown to, inter alia: "There is not only the suspicion of extortion but much more confirmation of the suspicion of obvious coercion and blackmail from insider reports. Also, the examination, responses and reactions of the people involved give evidence of coercion and blackmail "

The complaint deals mostly with the unproven rumour, according to which Wagner gave a woman money for an abortion(name is known to money for an abortion. Wagner himself has spoken out against the rumour in interviews with and the Tagespost, a consequence at the legal level still being possible.

Dietmar Fischer says to "Without the facts can be assessed and no legal advice was Wagner because of the potential harm and scandal to the Church forced to immediately make a statement to sign, for which he and the other attendees with no one allowed to talk about. Thus, clearly the offense of coercion and blackmail took place. It is a monstrous and infamous lie to accuse specifically Fr Wagner of a crime in this issue of abortion and that he offered money to a girl to carry out an abortion”

Fischer told that he had collected some evidence in the last 2-3 weeks, including statements by Gerhard Wagner, Mary and various statements from memory of conversations, at which also Bishop Ludwig Schwarz, was present. All this is now deposited in Rome.

Finally, Fischer says: "If this blackmail cannot be proved and elucidated, the Church and especially in Austria in Linz in the future, will always and everywhere be open to blackmail."

Criticism of the rumour targeted on Wagner rumor comes this week from the famous church critical journalist Josef Ertl. On his weblog he writes on the case of Wagner: "What is currently happening in the Diocese of Linz is evil. Wagner resigned after rumors said he had given a woman [...] money for abortion. Wagner denies this. Quite the contrary, he had financially helped a woman to avoid an abortion. Whoever placed such rumours in the world, is suffering from negative thinking. We can discuss the positions of Wagner and find they are objectionable. But from this depth, hitting below belt, the confrontation cannot take place. That is unchristian. "

German bishop warns against making a condom taboo

Discussion of condom-criticism of the pope continues
The discussion about the condom's criticism of the pope does not stop. Politicians, and AIDS activists plaguing Benedict's remarks - but also a German Bishop saw reason to be stressed: "The church is not in a dark anti-condom-corner."

In an article for the weekly newspaper Die Zeit in Hamburg the Catholic Bishop Hans-Jochen Jaschke warns against making a taboo from condoms. At the same time he warned of their over-estimation. "The church is not in a dark anti-condom-corner from which they want to intimidate people," he wrote in the guest article.

Benedict XVI on Tuesday at the start of his Africa trip said that the AIDS epidemic cannot be overcome by the distribution of condoms which only magnified the problems. 67 percent of HIV-infected people in the world live in Africa. 17 million people on the continent have already died of AIDS.
"Condoms do not solve the problem '
Jaschke defended the position of the Catholic Church onn AIDS: they follow a holistic approach of awareness, prevention and assistance for the sick. Human sexuality requires responsibility for themselves and others. At the same time, the bishop does not reject the use of condoms"Anyone who has AIDS and sexually active, who seeks ever-changing partners, must protect others and themselves." he writes. If a husband sick with AIDS has sex with his wife, " protection is required."
At the same time, the bishop warned against "myths and trivialisation". The distribution of condoms could not solve the problem. Men often rejected from their use. Ignorance, lack of hygiene, and inhumane living conditions created a dangerous breeding ground for the spread of AIDS. Jaschke also referred to the global commitment of the Church against AIDS. Half the institutions in the fight against AIDS globally were church organisations, one quarter being Catholic organisations.
The SPD federal ministers, Ulla Schmidt and Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, spoke against the pope, without mentioning him explicitly. "Modern development cooperation must give the poorest of the poor access to family planning. And in particular, the use of condoms. Anything else would be irresponsible," they made a joint declaration in Berlin. In addition tcondoms played a crucial role in the fight against the immune deficiency disease AIDS.

Sharp criticism came from the health policy spokesman of the SPD, Wolfgang Wodarg, and the German AIDS-Hilfe. Wodarg said, by "his reckless speech displaying ideological hostility to the world, the Pope places a heavy guilt upon himself. He endangers human life and devaluea responsible prevention work of many non-governmental organizations, governments and international education programs."

AIDS-Hilfe said that given the millions suffering from HIV and AIDS in Africa, the categorical rejection of the condom by the Vatican is "cynical and devalues humanity". Further a spokesman said: "The Pope not only sins against Catholics but the whole of humanity."

"Pope has not strictly forbidden condoms "
The head of the German Section of Vatican Radio in Rome, Father Eberhard von Gemmingen, defended the church leader. "Pope Benedict XVI has not strictly forbidden condoms, as is shown," he told Deutsche Welle. "The Pope has just said that the condom is not a 'solution'. That's one thing I hope we all agree," said the Father. The solution lies in overcoming poverty.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

40th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae


Pope will wear Cross

according to Israeli Ambassador to the Holy See
Catholic Church Conservation: Jewish pressure for the Pope to lay aside the Cross

Bishop of Linz fighting for his ecclesiastical life

"No local church without a deep unity with Rome", according to his Lenten pastoral letter.

More soon.

Diocese of Linz tries to silence critics

From the latest edition of their church newspaper.

Unilateral campaigns are not an isolated case.

One-sided campaign of Catholic "news agency", such as those against diocesan spokesman Ferdinand Kaineder are not an isolated case.

They take care little about journalistic principles, work partially anonymously and just play a highly dubious role in the recent church crisis- the conservative network of private providers on the Internet.

"Anti-Roman" and "illegal". For the Catholic "news agency" it is clear: If one criticised the appointment of Mary Wagner Gerhard criticized, then one is strongly suspected of being an enemy of Rome. Critical remarks by the Editor in Chief Mr. Roland Noé of Linz and his editorial team condemn as a sweeping violation of the ecclesiastical Magisterium: such as the Decision of the 31 deans who refused consent to the Episcopal consecration of Gerhard Maria Wagner. (Cathcon- the Pope is the Vicar of Christ and they openly defied his will and now want to minimise the gravity of their infidelity)

"The reporting of is one-sided and tendentious. Each factual criticism is represented as apostasy, "says Dr. Harald Prinz. The pastoral assistant of Enns-Lorch was targeted himself by In the "The Standard" of 26 March 2008 Prinz said that he supports changes in the celibacy requirement. reproduced much of the material in The Standard, but added something: Allegations from that Prinz had announced an organized revolt against Rome.

Altered reply. "I stand by the critical statements but I have never announced a rebellion," says Harald Prinz. Prinz however is consulting a lawyer. After a discussion with Chief Editor Noé which Bishop Ludwig Schwarz mediated, a reply was agreed. This has been published. The catch was, however, that: commented on the reply (to the church newspaper exists), which in the law related to the press is not legally permitted. The pastoral assistant nonetheless rejected a legal action. This was out of consideration for the bishop, who had tried very hard to mediate.

On asking why the Prinz statement had once again been commented on chief editor Roland Noé refered only to the commentary on the reply. writes there inter alia: 'The reality is understandable to people. " What is meant is probably the reality constructed by

Campaigns. Harald Prinz in conflict with is not an isolated case. Also diocesan spokesman Ferdinand Kaineder has already been several times pilloried by So reported the online medium repeatedly and emphatically that the "Fidelity to the Church Movement" had called for Kaineder’s dismissal. which is not an official medium of the Catholic Church and describes itself as a Catholic news agency accused the spokesman for the diocese in the summer of 2008 of giving a prohibited lay sermon. Thus, he had displaced the priest from the parish. Kaineder’s position that he merely had given a witness of faith was published with delay on Before the release of the first report on, Ferdinand Kaineder was not confronted with the allegations. He had no way to immediately react to it. "This is typical of the work of," says Kaineder: ' does not automatically check the credibility of an informant. A cross-check is not made."

Support for The problem with is not the conservative line, but the disrespect of journalistic principles. Also the Austrian Bishops' Conference had cause to be angry at the one-sided reporting in the context of the Central European Catholic Day 2004. This could be the reason why financial support was cut off for after 2004, admits Dr. Paul Wuthe, spokesman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, carefully. Officially, there are of the Bishops' Conference no comments regarding

Praise from Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn for can be found on the online platform. Appreciative comments were published in connection with an appeal for donation for in February. The spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Vienna, Erich Leitenberger says however about the request: It is not true that has been paid money by the Archdiocese of Vienna.

The aid organization "Church in Need" has taken under its wing, as its CEO Herbert Rechberger confirmed. Church in Need / Ostpriesterhilfe transfers by its own account an annual amount of 10,000 to 20,000 euros per year. have good contacts in ecclesiastical circles in Rome say critics such as Ferdinand Kaineder or Harald Prinz. Kaineder: "They understand they have to network for specific purposes. An example is also an exclusive interview that with the Nuncio could lead Edmond Farhat. Thus they live. " Holocaust trivialized, ORF material stolen On Internet users can even upload videos and comment. The problem is that some users trivialise the Holocaust.

On 22 January is the comment on put on line: "For God, there is more evidence than for the Holocaust. Should we now also all criminally prosecute those who deny God? "The author uses the pseudonym "Crusader". In mid-March this contribution could still be found on

"There is serious suspicion, that these statements violated the Austrian law which bans a public support for the Nazi regime (The Prohibition Act)," says media law expert Prof. Walter Berka at the request of the church newspaper. The author has the primary legal responsibility but after that the media owner. The latter must take necessary care. "At least if the operator of the platform is advised, these comments should be deleted," says Berka. Hard to complain. The church newspaper asked in why this extremely questionable content is not immediately deleted. "I want to intervene as little as possible, one needs the whole range of Catholicism," says Don Reto Nay, parish priest of the Swiss parish of Sedrun and head of As to any legal consequences, he says: 'What law do you mean? The German or Austrian law is not decisive for us. "Nay has registered in Moldova. Violations of the Prohibition Act in the Eastern European countries cannot be invoked.

Any Internet user can put videos online on and comment. Especially arch-conservative circles use Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun promotes Who besides Laun and Nays family count as supporters the gloria-tv-chief does not say: "I do not hang with big fish," says Nay. No distancing from the bishops.

On one can see also a "Cardinal Groer Tribute". The accompanying text discusses the scandal around Gerhard Maria Wagner. "One always forgets that Wagner was not the first victim of church intrigue."

An article from the platform, is used as quasi "evidence" in the picture. The same which both the German and Austrian Bishops' Conference dissociate themselves from. Quite different from "We have no index of forbidden websites," explains Dr. Paul Wuthe, spokesman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference. On Holocaust denial Wuthe says "we already have in an example of what is of concern. Of course, mutatis mutandis, to all other websites with similar content. " in conflict with ORF. Tough criticism of the practices of are expressed, however, by ORF. Without authorization, the portal has used ORF material for their own news programs. "That is clearly theft," said Dr. Helmut Obermayr, Director of the Upper Austrian regional studios. He has at least successfully demanded that remove illegally used ORF material, and now demands a public apology. Obermayr: "A lot of child porn sites use the same servers in Moldova as As a result is on an equal footing The Spirit of the SSPX
The Crucified is displayed large on the website (see picture), which state nearby: Catholic News. Catholic, that is to say especially in the spirit of the SSPX or the "brown residue of traditionalists" (Cathcon- they mean, as in Brown Shirts of Hitler’s rise to power- which could be construed as a libel on specifically and traditionalists in general) as the German newspaper taz writes. The Austrian and German Bishops' Conference have been in the train of discussion about the SSPX clearly distanced themselves from the platform. Nevertheless, apparently has good contacts with ecclesiastical circles. So one knew a day before the official announcement of Wagner's appointment as bishop. And the rumour of the alleged abortion paid for by Wagner first made public by in reference to a conversation which the Linzer Circle of Priests had with Bishop Ludwig Schwarz
The tone in contributions is aggressive and hateful: The authors write from the "rotten old-liberal official Church in Austria” (Cathcon- a play on the word Old Catholics- the group who separated from Rome after the declaration of Papal infallibility in 1870) and the "anti-Catholic dioceses." "Now the Pope bows and scrapes even before the Jews" is a headline from 1 March, the report says: "Even the mystification by religious Jews of the Nazi killings has involved the Pope." The authors argue that the Jews have made the Holocaust into a religion.

Most contributions are without mention of an author or an editorial team. It is a question of honour to strictly guard the anonymity of their informants, writes Legal consequences are hardly possible, because the servers of are in California. The operators themselves remain in the shadows. On the question of who exactly is behind the platform, only the short answer is received that in Lent they do not give interviews.
The Response so for welcomes the new readers who have found them through the article in the Linz Diocesan Newspaper. wonderful Catholic videos and news.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cardinal Hoyos speaks on the Williamson affair

In an interview with El Tiempo, the Cardinal speaks on the reinstatement in the Church of Richard Williamson and reveals that through his mediation Saddam Hussein attempted to seek asylum in Thailand .

Dialogues ' Up front and without fear 'from Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos and Cesar Mauricio Velasquez

Castrillón talked by telephone from Rome (Italy) about the launch today at the El Chico Museum in Bogota, the book 'Up front and without fear - Dialogues with Cardinal Dario Castrillon,' authored by the journalist Cesar Mauricio Velasquez.
The text discusses topics such as politics, poverty and terrorism in light of the Catholic faith and the revelations made to offer Hussein, former Iraqi dictator asylum in Thailand.

The controversy with the bishop

Bishop Castrillón was in charge of talks with the four excommunicated SSPX bishops and his work was criticized for allowing Williamson’s return to the Church without first retracting his words.

The event, in which the Colombian Cardinal was involved generated global outrage at the beginning of February, because the Jewish community refused to accept the papal pardon given to someone who denied the existence of gas chambers during the Nazi regime in Germany.

What was your role in the mediation with SSPX members from whom the excommunications were lifted?

Monsignor Dario Castrillon: I held the talks but that does not mean it was me who was just talking with (Bernard) Fellay (head of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X). I always had around me the whole group which the Holy See needs for each step. When we spoke of excommunication was not a dialogue of Castrillón with Fellay ..., no, no, no. I will not negotiate with anyone. It was the Commission of Cardinals, including Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), because the discussions started when he was not Pope. There was not a single act which was not made as a body.

How did you hear the words of Williamson in denying the Holocaust?

When there was a big reaction from the Jewish world and bishops of the most sensitive areas (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), we heard officially. On February 5, the communication was in our hands. But the SSPX bishops were not excommunicated for reasons of doctrine, but because they had been ordained without permission.

Was there a 'pulled ear' when the Pope's spokesman, Federico Lombardi, said that you had to know what Williamson had said?

He did not say exactly that and if he said somethinglike , it was absurd and stupid, because it was not considering the records of these bishops. The one thing necessary to know is that they were ordained by (Marcel) Lefebvre without permission.

To lift the excommunication was it not necessary that Williamson retracts?

Nobody was going to ask for a retraction because the Holy Father did not know what he had said.

If you had known, would you have requested their withdrawal before lifting the excommunication?

I think not, because it is a historical problem is not moral. In prudence, the Holy Father could have said to wait a moment. I think there was negligence by the spokesman of the Holy See in the statement he gave to 'La Croix', because it does not have to enter judgments about people saying that a cardinal has to know something that he does not need to know. If someone had to know this, it is the cardinal who is responsible for the lives of the bishops, Cardinal Re
Is he aware of what the spokesman said?

Frankly I was not interested. He wrote me a letter of apology. We have been very good friends.

The search for asylum for Saddam Hussein

How is it that the Pope mediated to find asylum for Hussein?
A German gentlemen came to my house in Rome months before the arrest of Hussein. I was told he came in the name of King of Thailand and that he asked that the Vatican should make an offer to Hussein, and asked that I would tell Hussein that the King of Thailand would give safe haven to him and a large group, if I recall some 500. I told the Holy Father of this offer and he told me that this would be through the Nunciature. I said we could call immediately the Prime Minister of Thailand and this was done to verify that it was a real thing. That much I knew.
Why was Thailand willing to do that?
I do not know, nor do I know why - I asked myself that. The purpose was to avoid war, but I do not know how far the mediation of the Church went
Peace in Colombia
What is the Christian response to violence in Colombia?
If there is no recognition of a personal God who has revealed himself, it is very difficult to agree on solutions. When it comes to knowing the mind of God is that He is Lord of life and we must bring into play elements such as: the primacy of charity and mercy, without destroying justice for the common good.
What alternative is there to talking peace with the guerrillas?
Where roads are open for dialogue, and the President has opened them, as well as previous administrations and we know that they have some who occupied important positions in the country who left the guerrillas. Some of them, Antonio Navarro Wolf (now governor of Nariño), I met with a rifle in the bush to protect himself from being shot.
How to talk on faith in God if the guerrillas are atheist?
I do not say very solemnly that the guerrillas are atheist. Many members of the guerrillas are children of Christian homes. Many times I spoke with guerrillas who had a knowledge of the faith. Since faith allowed me to talk about an attitude of respect for life.