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Join this group now! Tell all your friends! Tell your friends to tell their friends!

Presbyterian in his true colours

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Hello Mary

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This man is........ a Dominican

Vatican Press spokesman to resign after Papal visit to the Holy Land

Jewish statement on Archbishop's comments on the holocaust

No to Bishop Arthur Roche

Archbishop says Jews were not the greatest victims of the Holocaust.

More claims that SSPX anti-democratic

Medieval monk hailed by Barack Obama was a heretic

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Blessed Arthur of the Padlocks

Bishop who debated with SSPX

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Church of England Creed - a short satire

Cardinal Schönborn has declared today he was once in love

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Attack on democrats at work from Chairman of German Catholic Bishops' Conference

Yes we really should have Googled bishop, says Pope

Round the clock condom advertising in the UK

Vatican document planned about the internet

In their very own Dioceses

Life is beautiful

90 percent against celibacy in once-Catholic Austria

Archbishop of Paris on Williamson Affair

SSPX attacks democracy- chairman of the German Bishops' Conference

SSPX and German Bishops exchange blows

Work of the devil in Lourdes

The Passion of the Church of the Madelaine in Paris

Stolen Churches to be used as post offices

SSPX Press Release on Subdiaconate Ordinations

Buddhist group buys two closed Catholic churches

SSPX ordinations cancelled

Pan-Orthodox Synod announced

"Make Hope" in the liturgical life of Lille

"one of the very soundest of our bishops"

Dinoscopus: Don't Cry for me Argentina

Finally a call to Catholic arms!

When they stop believing in God, they call themselves modernists

Msgr Georg Ratzinger at Mass today in Regensburg

Only two priests of the Linz Council of Priests know how to dress

Once Royal Abbey

Is the throne of the Bishop of Linz wobbling?

True ecumenism

Turkey unfit to be a member of the EU

Vigil of the Transitus of St Benedict

Westminster Cardinal defends Pope

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Final Mass in the Church on another planet

Those with more than charity reject mission

Alpine Mass

Feast of St Joseph

Bishop of Linz denounced to the Roman Rota

German bishop warns against making a condom taboo

40th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae

Pope will wear Cross

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