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The Pope will not be voting in the German election today

But he is registered in Pentling near Regensburg. Would love to see the entry in the register.

Papst, Vatikan, Rom?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Real Lyrics of the Marseilleise


Penitential Procession that takes place in Veurne, Belgium every July


There is hope!

Germany is again a missionary land

1000 years after the conversion of Germany the Head of the Protestant Church in Germany again confesses to acute mission needs. Bishop Wolfgang Huber admits: 'The fear of being considered too religious is great.'

Germany according to the view of the Protestant Church is again a missionary region. The 'dramatic decline' of the church membership in East Germany was balanced by a 'gradual erosion of religiosity in many areas of the old Federal Republic, the Head of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD), Bishop Wolfgang Huber of Berlin said this Thursday in Kassel. The realization that all this is a great missionary challenge we take on more slowly, that more than 1000 years after the Christianization of our region, a missionary situation has arisen, confronts with insistence the usual religiosity, 'Huber said opening the three-day EKD 'Future Workshop'.

The Church directed the question 'How do I become a Christian?' too often only to people who already were Christian, criticized Huber. They must release themselves from a triple mental captivity. That one is taken prisoner in one's own society: 'For us, approaching overburdened mothers is as difficult as embittered Hartz IV recipients.' This comes from a 'spiritual timidity ': 'The fear of being considered too religious is great.' The third 'mental captivity' is that of a spiritual 'life on tick' through activism: 'We call to the utmost on the forces of both professional and volunteer staff without questioning the necessity and purpose of the activities required.' The process of reform of the Church is therefore also a 'call for more composure.'

'We need values, so that our freedom is not overwhelmed'
Para about meeting itself omitted.

Federal Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) warned the congress that new media like the Internet were threatening to make life superficial life. "The constant availability and speed of communication lead to pressure for immediate response. For a thoughtful, balanced response there is often no more room." Sometimes society "appears to loose proportion". "We need values and orientation, so that the seemingly limitless freedom of our society does not overwhelm us ," Schäuble said. "The answers to these questions of public policy must also be found by the church."

Cathcon: Having been at least partly responsible for the dechristianisation of Germany, the EKD have little room to complain.

Interesting comments how activism is a substitute for real religious life.

"‘Europe will return to the Faith (Cathcon-not the EKD idea of it!), or she will perish. The Faith is Europe. And Europe is the Faith.’  —Hilaire Belloc, _Europe and the Faith_"


Full mosques, empty churches


Several redundant churches in Glasgow and other parts of Scotland are slowly being converted into mosques as Christian congregations dwindle while a growing Muslim population demands more places to worship. Colin Randall, foreign correspondent, reports

When the Glasgow Central Mosque, then rivalling the biggest in Europe, opened a quarter of a century ago, it seemed all the needs of Muslim worshippers in Scotland’s largest city would be met at its imposing site on the banks of the Clyde.

But as the city’s Muslim population has swelled to 33,000, with the Pakistanis who have always formed its main component joined by refugees from conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan, demand has continued to grow for space. More than 70 years after organised worship first began, in the homes of Pakistani immigrants, Glasgow has 14 mosques, and some feel it could do with more.

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Move the Church

What a great solution

Breaking- Cardinal Hoyos accuses Swedish bishop of slander


He is for many the villain of the piece: Darío Castrillón Hoyos until July, head of the Commission responsible for dialogue with the SSPX.

He is also for many church people the villain of the piece: Darío Castrillón Hoyos, 80 years old, Cardinal from Colombia, until July head of the Pontifical Commission, "Ecclesia Dei" responsible. for the dialogue with the traditionalist SSPX.

He is considered the main perpetrator in the scandal surrounding the SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson, whose excommunication, Pope Benedict XVI. lifted in January. Must not Hoyos have known that Williamson before the act of mercy from the Pope had denied that Jews were murdered in gas chambers in an interview with Swedish television? And that the British cleric had held this view for a long time?

In an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung Hoyos took this position:

SZ: You say that Williamson's interview was not known about. What would the Pope have done if he had known about it?

Hoyos: I would venture no hypotheses about what the pope would have to do. I am referring only to what he knew, as the lifting of the excommunication was made public. At this moment none of us knew the least about Bishop Williamson's statements. None of us! And no one had the duty to know it!

Since 2000, the arch-conservative prelate organised the negotiations with the SSPX. It was not so much about the theology of the traditionalists who reject the important parts of the Second Vatican Council. It was about canonical issues: had the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre committed an act of schism (division of the Church) when he ordained was four of their priests as bishops in 1988? And have the Bishops fallen into unbelief who were excommunicated after the consecration?

SZ: Do you share the positions of the SSPX?
Hoyos: The SSPX think that they are defending the truth about sacred tradition and that they can not be excommunicated for it. This can be understood, even if I do not share this opinion. For it is indisputable that they have broken a fundamental law of the Church.

The answers coming from Rome ran simply as follows: The SSPX violated the church discipline. Their bishops should not be understood as heretics fallen into apostasy - which is why the talks could continue. Hoyos has worked hard to ensure that it should not come to a break between Rome and the SSPX. And he had for this in Joseph Ratzinger, an advocate. Benedict XVI legitimised the traditional Tridentine Mass in 2007 and Hoyos at once celebrated a Mass in the old Rite. Secret negotiations involved the lifting of excommunication. The step decided on a week earlier and notified to the SSPX was made public on 21st.

This would have remained a matter within the church, had not Williamson given in November 2008 during a priestly ordination in the Bavarian Zaitzkofen the infamous interview to a reporter from Sweden. The transmitter waited with the broadcast until January 2009, when the excommunications could not be reversed. For Hoyos evidence that there was an attempt to show up the Pope and himself. But the attitude Williamson had previously been known. This is now suggested also in the statement of the Bishop of Stockholm, who learned at the end of November 2008 the content of the programme and informed the Swedish nuncio, who had in turn informed the Secretariat of State in the Vatican. Probably the note was simply filed, also, because the Secretary of State knew nothing of the imminent lifting of the excommunication,. Cardinal Hoyos calls in the SZ-interview, but the deeper reason why the attitude of Pius brothers played no role: He was concerned only about the canon. And he has no opinion about someone who says that the Jews invented the Holocaust.

SZ: Have you ever asked yourself whether your decisions may have political consequences?

Hoyos: The excommunication of four bishops, is not a political act. It is an act of mercy. It is therefore a pastoral-theological problem, not an interference of the church in the political sphere. So I do not concern myself. My job is not to judge a brother bishop. That is the task of the Congregation for Bishops and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

SZ: But the Catholic Church has an opinion on anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

Hoyos: The rejection by the Church of the very unjust violence which Jewish people were subjected to is quite clear. Such racial genocide is an immoral crime against humanity.

SZ: Why then did you not stop the lifting of the excommunication of a Holocaust denier?

Hoyos: Williamson was excommunicated because of his illegitimate episcopal ordination, not because of his theories, judgments or statements about the Holocaust. Seeing the matter in the other way is a German mistake!

The Cardinal sees himself as a victim of an intrigue: On this Friday, there is a meeting planned with Bishop Fellay, the SSPX head. This will be disturbed by the matters that have been made public.

Ends- extract only produced online

And extra from the Wiener Zeitung

Fierce disputes among bishops

Former Curia Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos has accused the Catholic Bishop of Stockholm, Anders Arborelius, slander.

This claim that Rome had already been informed at the end of 2008 about the attitude of the traditionalist bishop and Holocaust-denier Richard Williamson, was "a slander," said the 80-year-old in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

"I regret this very dubious statement, because it is wrong (...) We store all the documents we receive in digital form. Bishop Arborelius should say, how, to who and when he communicated this, and whether it was in writing or orally. "

Bishop Williamson to remain a free man

Extradition from the UK was "not at all in consideration," confirmed Ruckdäschel (Bavarian prosecutor) on Thursday to the request of the Catholic News Agency (KNA). This would be disproportionate because the expected penalty is too low.

Cathcon suggests that the Bishop should refrain from visiting Germany!

Dark issues in the Vatican

Interesting blog post on last night's TV programme.

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Latest Swedish TV programme about Bishop Williamson

Video here.

24:12 English interview (brief!) with Father Paul Morgan who tells them to go away.

Incredible- the German Public Prosecutor gives them an interview.

Glorious Dominican Church now a library


The architects are proud of their handywork.

Letter from Father Lombardi, press spokeman to the Vatican, to Swedish TV

Dear Mr Fegan,
the only thing I can say is that I did not have any knowledge about your interview with Bishop Williamson before It was broadcasted. After that I was informed about it by journalists and Swedish colleagues of Vatican Radio.
Card. Castrillon said me no word about it before the interview was broadcasted.
I did not know that an information was sent about Williamson to the Vatican, and I do not know who has received it and red it. No one said me any word about it.
The Pope has said that he was not informed as he approuved the lifting of the excommunications. I am sure that the Pope tells the truth.
As I informed my Superiors about your interview with Williamson, I saw that the decision about the lifting of the excommunications was already done.
Therefore the only thing I could do, was to distinguish strongly between the sense and the intention of the decision of lifting the excommunication by the Pope, and the absolute inacceptability of the negationism of Williamson as his personal position which was not connected in any manner with the origin of the excommunication. This is what I have repeated many times in those sad days.
I hope that this answer is clear.
Thank you for your attention. Best regards.

Published on the Swedish TV website

Interview with Bishop Williamson no secret to Vatican ????

Uppdrag granskning reveals that the Vatican was, in fact, aware of the now world-famous interview with Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson when the decision to lift the excommunication was made - despite prior statements to the contrary.

The interview with then-excommunicated Bishop Richard Williamson, a member of the Catholic traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (the SSPX), aired on Swedish TV in the investigative journalism program Uppdrag granskning in January 2009, sparked off the most serious crisis between Jews and Catholics seen in recent times.

In the interview, Bishop Williamson denied that the Holocaust had taken place. "I believe there were no gas chambers," is one of many statements on the subject.
Only three days later, the Pope's and the Vatican's decision to lift the 20-year-long excommunication of the bishop was announced, sending shock waves throughout the world.

Israel reacted by demanding that all diplomatic ties with the Vatican be severed, congressmen in the US sent letters of protest to the Pope, and ministers in several European countries openly criticized the Vatican's pardon.

The Vatican has maintained that they had no knowledge of the interview with Richard Williamson when the decision to lift the excommunication was made.

Uppdrag granskning is now able to reveal that the Vatican was, in fact, aware of Williamson's statements well before the decision was made, and that one of the Pope's closest associates, Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos had been informed.

The information was included in an internal report written by the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm, Sweden, as early as November 2008, not long after Uppdrag granskning had interviewed Williamson in Germany. The report includes remarks made by Richard Williamson expressing his view that the Holocaust never took place, and that statements to that effect are a criminal offense in Germany.

The Catholic Diocese of Stockholm asserts that this report was passed on to the Vatican's emissary in Stockholm. According to Bishop Anders Arborelius of the Swedish Catholic Church,
"He (the Papal representative) was very troubled and he attempted to send the report on to Rome."

The Papal representative has declined to be interviewed, but has confirmed that he immediately passed the report on. In addition to this, he also contacted a number of officials at the Vatican - including Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, who, along with the Pope, has denied all knowledge of the TV interview.

For eight years, Cardinal Hoyos was the Pope?s closest associate in the negotiations with the SSPX. The cardinal is presently 8o years old and is now retired.

The Vatican continues to maintain that the Pope had no knowledge of the events. In an e-mail sent to Uppdrag granskning, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi ensures us that he is: "certain the Pope is telling the truth."

Te Deum- the Pope is to visit England.

Spectacularly good news from The Times. 

St Anselm of Canterbury - Pope at the the General Audience

Bishop Williamson dragged into Berlusconi scandal

 in the ongoing dispute between Radio Vatican and Il Giornale.

"The case of Williamson again threatens to explode." says the Italian newspaper Il Giornale. " This Wednesday evening, Swedish television wants to again take up the dispute over the traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson, who denies the Holocaust. Thus the TV journalists are planning to attack the Pope directly: Before he lifted the excommunication against Williamson, he knew quite contrary to his statements of Williamson's Holocaust denial.

The SVT said, according to Il Giornale, that the Bishop of Stockholm had informed the Papal Nuncio in good time about Williamson's scandalous remarks.

Also an important Curial Cardinal knew before the decision of the Pope to lift the excommunication that part of the picture was that Williamson denied the Holocaust.

The Swedish television had already recorded the crucial interview with Williamson, but only shortly before the decision published in the Vatican, and now the channel appears to attack Benedikt himself.

The newspaper "Il Giornale , who reports on the matter, moreove, belongs to the family of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and has in recent weeks by campaigning against a well-known Catholic journalist (" the Boffo case ") against the President of the Italian Parliament ("the Fini Case ") made comments of a rather inglorious nature.

In a letter to the bishops of 10 March Pope Benedict had made clear that he had learned of the denial of the Holocaust by Williamson after his decision to lift his excommunication.


And the Il Giornale article- mostly taken from Rorate Caeli.  Its all in the headline, "The Pope lied".

The civil war at the heart of Italian society. into which the Williamson affair has now been thrown.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bishop Williamson affair- new TV programme

To be released this Wednesday.

Featuring enemies of the Holy Father, inside and outside the Church.

Background here.

And more here.

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One of the anti-Wagner ringleaders is standing for Regional Governor

Dr Josef Pühringer, who has just published a book claiming that a new round of reform is needed in the Catholic Church. You can guess how popular that makes him with Cathcon.

If you have a vote in Upper Austria, use it!

If you search for Catholic Church Conservation on Ask Jeeves

The first result is "God's True Church". However, I think this outfit paid for the result - they are a protestant sect.

There is one true fold of the Redeemer and She is the Catholic Church.

Investment banker turned nun, but never left the world behind.

but never left the world behind

Video here.

Thanks to a tip from Facebook- keep them coming!

As high as Lutherans can go


Fascinating. The question is- what do they think they are doing?

Now heard it all, the Head of the Lutherans in Austria says that no-one should venerate saints, because Martin Luther was no saint, being a vile anti-semite who welcomed violence against peasants.

EU votes not to protect children

Young Europeans, and especially the Irish, are concerned that a resolution voted on Thursday September 17th by the European Parliament against a Lithuanian law which deals with family matters compromises principles of subsidiarity already enshrined in EU law and especially in the new protocol to the Lisbon Treaty. This resolution should keep the discussion interesting as the Irish people vote on the Lisbon Treaty for a second time on October 2nd. 

The World Youth Alliance participated in the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg - France, this week and focused on a resolution against Lithuania’s new law on the dissemination of public information to minors. Lithuania’s current law prohibits the dissemination of information to minors that may be detrimental to their development, a law that is necessary to protect the rights of the child.
The law attempts to fulfill Lithuania’s obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a binding treaty to which Lithuania is a signatory. Indeed, Article 17 of the Convention states that State Parties are encouraged to develop "appropriate guidelines for the protection of the child from information and material injurious to his or her well-being." WYA representatives actively participated in discussions with Members of Parliament, emphasizing that the Lithuanian law did not violate international human rights or EU law, and reiterating the principle of subsidiarity, which protects the rights of nation states to legislate on family and cultural matters directly. The WYA played a key role in providing information to MEPs, even though the resolution was ultimately passed with 349 votes in favor and 218 opposed.

The European Parliament’s attempt to ignore the Convention on the Rights of the Child touched on issues of subsidiarity and the division of competencies between the EU and Member States. The recent addition of a protocol to the Lisbon Treaty, which stated that Ireland’s Constitution, containing a position on family matters and protection of life from conception, would not be threatened by any of the EU institutions’ decisions, should now be questioned for its effectiveness and integrity. 

World Youth
Alliance is a global coalition of young people committed to promoting the dignity of the person and building solidarity among youth from developed and developing nations. WYA train young people to work at regional and international levels to impact policy and culture. WYA represent 1million members through its 5 regional offices in Africa (Nairobi), Asia-Pacific (Manila), Europe (Brussels), Latin-America (Mexico) and North-America (New York). In Europe, WYA gather more than 3.000 individual members and 40 youth-organizations.

European Parliament resolution on the Lithuanian Law on the Protection of Minors against the Detrimental Effects of Public Information  RC-B7-0026/2009
The names of the MEPs who voted for the monitoring of the Lithuanian law by the European Institutions can be found on the PV of the vote p. 18 to 21..

Copied directly from an email received.

October is going to be a great month for true ecumenism


SSPX and Orthodox meetings in the same month. Great is the providence of Our Lord.

Oktoberfest Mass in the Hippodrome- coming soon


This is a picture from last years event.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What game is Vienna's Cardinal playing?


The suspicion is confirmed that Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna is working for the goal that Catholic groups - not only those involved in the protection of life – should be silenced at the crucial moment.

On Thursday 3 September, the video web site '' reported of intrigues against pro-lifers by the Archdiocese of Vienna.

It is all about a large demonstration against the scandal of honoring a notorious child- slaughterhouse by the Socialist mayor of Vienna. This took place on the same day.

According to '' a secretary of the Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn complained in advance to the organizers of the rally:

"There was even the threat given their involvement in the demonstration to remove financial donations " - says '' in its news program.

Denial denied
On Thursday afternoon '' published a denial from the archbishop's secretary:

"The Archdiocese of Vienna was not plotting against pro-lifers who say the matter seriously.. In a conversation between a secretary to the archbishop of Vienna and a co-organizer of the demonstration there were no threats "- says the read out statement.

But on the same day the denial was overtaken by the reality. On Thursday evening, the Bishop of Salzburg, Msgr. Andreas Laun, made known that Cardinal Schönborn had forbidden him on the telephone to participate in the pro- life demonstration.

The bishop provided at the same time the evidence confirming that Cardinal Schönborn has intrigued against the demonstration.

Even more intrigue
On Friday - the day after the demonstration - '' published in a special report further concerning background.

The website reported that a secretary of the archbishop and the spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Vienna had tried the day before to put pressure on a Vienna-based worker for the video site.

The archbishop's secretary contacted by telephone and claimed that the rally by the pro-lifers outside the town hall could hurt a planned meeting between the Cardinal and the mayor of Vienna.

The secretary also said that a group participating in the demonstration was not threatened with financial implications, however, but it was pointed to the organization that they were financially supported by the Cardinal of Vienna for many years.

Threats of the Cardinal’s spokesperson
The spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Vienna made contact by telephone, according to the special report by ''. He described the broadcast dated Thursday, as "lies" and tried to intimidate the video website by threatening with a lawyer.

Further according to the report the press spokesman in the telephone call was explicitly against the demonstrations in front of Vienna City Hall.

The video portal '' was not persuaded by denial of the Cardinal which played with words: In the special broadcast was stated:

"Does the phrase" The archdiocese does not intrigue against pro-lifers who are serious about the matter, "that the archdiocese intrigued against pro-lifers that do not take this matter seriously?

“ If yes: What is the opinion of the Archdiocese about these pro-lifers, and why? "

The video portal also commented that the archbishop's spokesman referring to the economic benefits of the Cardinal did not want it to be understood as a threat:

"But as anything else, how should such a statement in the given context to be regarded?

What happened on Thursday in Vienna and in the archdiocese of Vienna, leaves open many questions. “ Too many. "

More bullying of the Archdiocese of Vienna?
In a readers commentary on '' 'Socrates' tells readers about further intrigues of the archdiocese.

He explains that even the neo-conservative religious order of the Vienna Calasantine Fathers amd the Cathedral Curate Francis Schlegl had announced in advance their presence at the demonstration.

But then neither of them appeared: "Why?" - Asks 'Socrates'.

The chaplais of the Catholic University of Vienna, Father Joseph Claveria from Communion and Liberation has in a circular very cautiously written against the demo (certainly he was sharper in private conversation) "- says' Socrates' and quotes from the letter:

"The rally announced in front of City Hall for Thursday, 3 September, seems to us to be clearly not friendly.

What we hold as the supreme principle as Christians – which applies to all initiatives –is whether we can meet other people and live with them a common search and give them, if possible, give what is our precious treasure: Christ himself

When we see a chance to do something like that, then we are there. When we don’t see this interest so clearly, then we have concerns. "

Hoodie Mass

not to mention the Imaginary Guitar Mass. Brought to you by the former Pope's own people- without Catholicism Poland will be destroyed again.

Hat tip

And who is celebrating this Mass, the priest, the other man, one or more of the two women, the TV or the palm tree?

Ecumenical Circus in Germany


Bishop banned from pro-life demonstration by Cardinal


Thursday, September 17, 2009

German Catholic women discover the penguin in themselves


iturgical dance in an unusual atmosphere: women from Munster-Gremmendorf danced in the elephant house.

On the Trail of the Penguin
Munster. "Do it like the penguin: you don't give a damn when your wings do not let you fly." Even from a distance on Monday afternoon (14.09.2009), the "penguin song" was heard in Münster zoo. Mechthild Schlichtmann, director of the choir project "Malembe" of the Catholic Women in Germany (KFD) in the Diocese of Münster had written lyrics for this song specially for the KFD-action and set it to music in the zoo.
About 200 women from Münster and the Münsterland took up the offer which a preparatory team had worked out with the assistance of the KFD-town women: an introduction to "Animals in the Bible," a talk by zoo director Joerg Adler about the importance of frogs to the ecosystem and people, public singing with the KFD Project choir and liturgical dance as praise to creation. The event was held under the motto

"Discover the penguin in you."
Discover your own abilities
"The penguin is an oddity: Wings they have, but they cannot fly into the air. And they also make their way on land rather awkwardly," said the women of the planning team. "But instead of doubting themselves, they makes the best of it, because he knows that once he jumps into the water, he is in his element." The organisers were of the opinion that people could learn a few things from penguins: We want to make clear that like the animals, every human being has their abilities, to be discovered, "said Annette Schmidt.

"Animals show us in their diversity that God has created each creature to be unique and wonderful, with everything it needs for a successful life." The talents, which one has should be used, "said Christiane Schnepper. "Each different and each in their own way." This idea also took individual text which the women had applied to some of the animal enclosures.

Dance as praise to creation
A group of women were introduced to the animals of the bible by Oliver Ambree the zoo director. 90 animals were mentioned in the Bible, said Ambree and used as examples for the women, inter alia, the horses and donkeys. "Donkeys are more robust and can work in difficult terrain," he said.Horses were owned by kings. "It is significant that Jesus did not ride on a horse but a donkey into Jerusalem." Behind the Old Testament story of Balaam's ass, which perceives an angel that Balaam does not provides the idea that animals are more sensitive and can perceive things that people might not perceive.

In the elephant house, the liturgical dance group from St. Ida’s Church in Gremmendorf were invited under the direction of Elizabeth Entrup to dance. While the monkeys screamed gleefully and the elephants ate the hay, the women danced a praise of creation. Sigrid Wolf was among them. "The event lived from the participation," said the KFD member. She was glad to meet again some specific women and to visit the zoo after a long time. Ursula Hagen had traveled from Ahlen. "The issue made me curious," she said. "I often appreciate the activities of the KFD. The women simply get something going!"

Nationwide KFD-Action
Michaela Bans

At the end of the day, the women celebrated with their spiritual director, Michaela Bans, a Liturgy of the Word. It was decided that the collection from the service should go to the campaign "Save the frogs ". The action was part of a nationwide KFD Action Week under the motto "believe passionately and live – the KFD makes connections " that lasts until Sunday (20.09.2009). Women are invited to come to search for the ideal of female communityl life. The aim set for action in Munster states, "We empower women in their uniqueness and their individual life situations."
 Discovered the penguin, lost the plot!  This is not satire.
Hat tip

St Anselm's short political history of humanity

"Once there were proud men who placed the whole efficacy of the virtues in freedom alone, in our times there are many who utterly dispair of the existence of freedom."

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SSPX priest celebrates Mass in St Peter's in Rome

The sensation is that there are finally signs that point to a return to Catholic normalcy.

The Prior of the SSPX House of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Father Marcus Jasny has celebrated Masses in St. Peter's in the Old Rite.
The SSPX referrto this in a report on its website about a pilgrimage to Rome of graduates of the Schöneberg High School for Girls near Bonn.

Neustadt an der Weinstrasse is a town in Rhineland-Palatinate in southwest Germany.

The students visited the Eternal City, 24 August to 2 September.

In the morning at 7 clock Fr Jasny "could" celebrate the Mass in St. Peter’s - the report on the website of the SSPX states- at "that mysterious, quiet time of daybreak in St. Peter's, before the arrival of the torrents of tourist."

The paleo- liberal Swiss news agency 'Kipa-Apic' complained about the Latin Masses in Rome.

The person responsible for arranging Masses in St. Peter's said that there was no written request from the Father for the period concerned.

But it is possible that a priest can ask in the sacristy directly for an opportunity for celebration. Whoever presenting evidence of priesthood and asking for a Missal for the traditional rite, does not get a negative response.

Even already in the Jubilee Year 2000, the SSPX was able to celebrate during their great pilgrimage to Rome - at that time even under Pope John Paul II - a prayer service in St. Peter's.

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Coronation of the Empress Elizabeth as Queen of Hungary


Kennedy eulogies one can keep.

This Austrian film was remarkably released at the time of the Hungarian Uprising.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Group of dangerous lunatics meets

Report of the Fourth residential Priests Training course for the Latin Mass: London Colney in perspective

Of your charity, pray for the repose of the soul of all Polish soldiers

Today is the anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War.
And many more beside need our prayers
This is VC citation from Arnhem- when it says the "skillful use of his weapon" it means he started firing mortars from the hip.
War Office, 2nd November, 1944.
The KING has been graciously pleased to approve awards of the VICTORIA CROSS to: —
Captain (temporary Major) Robert Henry Cain 129484), The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, (attd. The South Staffordshire Regiment) (I Airborne Division) (Salcombe, Devon).
In Holland on 19th September, 1944, Major Cain was commanding a rifle company of the South Staffordshire Regiment during the Battle of Arnhem when his company was cut off from the rest of the battalion and during the next six days was closely engaged with enemy tanks, self-propelled guns and infantry. The Germans made repeated attempts to break into the company position by infiltration and had they succeeded in doing so the whole situation of the Airborne Troops would have been jeopardised.
Major Cain, by his outstanding devotion to duty and remarkable powers of leadership, was to a large extent personally responsible for saving a vital sector from falling into the hands of the enemy.
On 20th September a Tiger tank approached the area held by his company and Major Cain went out alone to deal with it armed with a Piat. Taking up a position he held his fire until the tank was only 20 yards away when he opened up. The tank immediately halted and turned its guns on him, shooting away a corner of the house near where this officer was lying. Although wounded by machine gun bullets and falling masonry, Major Cain continued firing until he had scored several direct hits, immobilised the tank and supervised the bringing up of a 7.5 mm. howitzer which completely destroyed it. Only then would he consent to have his wounds dressed.
In the next morning this officer drove off three more tanks by the fearless use of his Piat, on each occasion leaving cover and taking up position in open ground with complete disregard for his personal safety.
During the following days, Major Cain was everywhere where danger threatened, moving amongst his men and encouraging them by his fearless example to hold out. He refused rest and medical attention in spite of the fact that his hearing had been seriously impaired because of a perforated eardrum and he was suffering from multiple wounds.
On the 25th September the enemy made a concerted attack on Major Cain's position, using self-propelled guns, flame throwers and infantry. By this time the last Piat had been put out of action and Major Cain was armed with only a light 2" mortar. However, by a skilful use of this weapon and his daring leadership of the few men still under his command, he completely demoralized the enemy who, after an engagement lasting more than three hours, withdrew in disorder.
Throughout the whole course of the Battle of Arnhem, Major Cain showed superb gallantry. His powers of endurance and leadership were the admiration of all his fellow officers and stories of his valour were being constantly exchanged amongst the troops. His coolness and courage under incessant fire could not be surpassed
From the Dies Irae
Quærens me, sedisti lassus:
redemisti Crucem passus:
tantus labor non sit cassus.

Thou has sat down as one wearied seeking me,
Thou has redeemed (me) having suffered the Cross:
so much labor let it not be lost.
The last line often found on war memorials in the UK