Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bishop of Linz ditches Mass in search for unity

in favour of a service of the word and a renewal of baptismal promises.

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Linz Bishop announces a "unity meeting" in the Cathedral of Linz - Currently, new applications for church tax boycott in the Diocese of Linz, above all many from the Parish of Windischgarsten

The Linz Bishop Ludwig Schwarz has invited all to a “meeting for unity” in the Cathedral of Linz. A statement from the Bishop seen by puts it: "After the turbulent times in our diocese, I am concerned for the togetherness and unity of all. I would therefore, while it is still the penitential Easter season place a primary stress on common prayer set for a common path to the future of the diocese. Schwarz has announced for the period after Easter other meetings at the regional level.

Father Joseph Bauer of the Linz Circle of Priests(LPK) is not generally averse to such meetings, even if the meeting cannot remain prayerful. "If the bishop's invitation to prayer, is it good. I will attend to maintain the relationship in faith. Prayer is not however the only track on which reconciliation must be provided." Bauer said in a telephone conversation to

On the "Dean Friedl" affair Bauer recalls that the bishop has set further talks. Whether anything will come out of these Bauer could not predict. "Overall, this is a question which deeply concerns a priest. That one not only lives with this sin but wishes to persist in the sin is shocking." Bauer also announced that the LPK will be considering this case and generally dealing with these matters. It was sure to be a topic in forthcoming talks with the Bishop of Linz.

The movement "Faithful to the Church" was sceptical about the "unity meeting" said their spokesman Gernot Steier on Thursday to "We express our regret that the Bishop does not celebrate the Eucharist which is the ultimate sign of unity but is only using as a Sunday church service “A Celebration of the Word”, which does not fulfil the Sunday obligation . Steier also said that after the "Wagner-resignation" is causing more people in the Diocese of Linz day to boycott paying their church tax, which incidentally, included many from the Parish of Windischgarsten. The "Faithful to the Church" announced a few days ago that the action was to be gradually extended to other Austrian dioceses.

Cathcon- The Bishop spoke today at the service that the Eucharist was the source of unity- so why, why, why no Mass? The many places left empty in the Cathedral shows the extent of the commitment of the Catholics of Linz to the liberty and exaltation of their Holy Mother, the Church. There are even more empty seats between the camera and the first seats actually seen, as this shows only the first two columns of the nave.

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stceolfrithtx said...

Keep watching Linz, you do a valuable service to the Church. How do we get the Pope to pay more attention when his secretaries so easily neglected the Williamson affair?

I'm afraid all the commentary in the world won't restore the church in Linz to the fullness of truth unless disciplinary measures are taken. Surely the Pope was made aware of the conditions surrounding the withdrawal of Gerhard Wagner for consideration to be bishop there.