Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cardinal Burke's Pontifical High Mass in Vienna.


The Church in Austria has been doing this for years

Actually advertising for a night club.....

To be in (modernist) limbo in the Jesuit church in Vienna

Model of a new modern art installation, To be in Limbo, which was installed there two days ago.

Below is the actual installation before being lifted.   St Ignatius looks down in disgust from the pulpit whose height is never used.

A previous installation called Jesuit cosmos.

The Jesuits, the most decadent and neo-modernistic of all the orders.  The worse that could have happened would be to make one of their members Pope and it has.......

An earlier installation from the same team of Steinbrenner, Dempf and Huber in Klosterneuberg, whose Abbot banned Cardinal Burke from saying the Latin Mass in one of his associated churches.  He prefers the lowest expression of modern art to the highest expression of the human being to encounter God.

Papal visits- old style and new style

The visit to Vienna in 1782 by Pope Paul VI for Easter.

Sermon in Latin, after the reading of the Gospel.

Cardinals Bathyan and Herzan sit to either side.  Cardinal Megazzi is the assisting priest to his Holiness.  Sitting on the steps of the throne, the canons of the cathedral.   The Papal tiara on the right of the altar. The Papal Nuntius is Deacon and Auxiliary Bishop Artz is the sub-deacon.

Princes Schwarzenberg and Auersberg to the left of the throne in secular clothes. Various prelates near to them.


Bishops dancing in Brazil during Papal visit