Monday, August 02, 2010

They first abused the building that represents their Holy Mother, the Church

then thought nothing of abusing children and covering up these acts.

After and before in Nunningen, Diocese of Basel in Germany.

The church still exists today- being used for a choir concert, singing the freemasonic hymn by Beethoven, which without the words is the anthem of the European Union. 


Singing without Borders. Not the only borders that were crossed theologically and morally.

They turned paradise into a modernist prison.

The Last Religious in a Beguinage II


Easily the ugliest church in the world


in Switzerland

Unless anyone else has competitors for the title!

First competitor from commenter below

Sign The Universal Declaration of Human Dignity!

The Universal Declaration of Human Dignity

Send to all your friends!

Am an advisor to this splendid group who are a bright beacon of hope in European politics.

Dr Alveda King came to Brussels recently to speak to the European Parliamentary Group on Human Dignity and then went to London for the launch of a similar group in the British Houses of Parliament.

Seen here with Ben Harnwell, General Secretary of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute and Simon Roberts, Secretary of the National Liberal Club in front of a painting of Winston Churchill.