Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Since Holy Smoke asked

Who should succeed Cardinal Cormac?

The idea has caught on in Belgium, as their main Catholic magazine asks Which Cardinal tomorrow? They even give an e-mail address inside!Just beneath, a reference to an article inside the magazine on the ethics of playing poker!

A good indicator will be the choice for the new Bishop of Antwerp to succeed Paul Van den Berghe.

Cathcon translation of

A highly interesting succession in Antwerp

Christian Laporte Posted 09/01/2008 -- - - - - - - - - - --

Bishop Paul Van den Berghe, the Bishop of Antwerp, has offered his resignation to Pope Benedict XVI. Her succession will be an interesting test prior to the departure of Cardinal Danneels. By dint of focusing on the departure already announced of Cardinal Danneels next June, we had almost forgotten that this would not be the only change in the Belgian Catholic hierarchy in 2008. Since Monday, the Diocese of Antwerp is also an orphan, albeit unofficially as Bishop Paul Van den Berghe passed his fateful 75th birthday just after the Feast of the Epiphany. As explained by the spokesman for the Diocese of Antwerp, Rita Boeren, the letter of resignation has been sent to Rome, but this does not necessarily mean that a successor will emerge very quickly. In fact, for the time being, it is impossible to determine if Benedict XVI will quickly appoint a new bishop and, in the meantime, while moving to the Sisters Hospital in Antwerp, who are dear to his heart, Monsignor Van den Berghe will continue manage the diocese while becoming again a simple chaplain .At the same time, he was back to reading even more than usual the Bible of which he is a passionate analyst.

Solidarity with illegal imigrants

A native of Grammont, the outgoing bishop who had succeeded Godfried Danneels (who only occupied the Episcopal See of Antwerp for three years), was unaccustomed to the media spotlight even if he played a role in the ecumenical and interreligious dialogue in the port city. In recent years, he was also deeply involved in the fight for asylum seekers, which led him into conflict with the Interior Minister Patrick Dewael. He also supported the Community of Sant'Egidio in these efforts for greater humanity towards undocumented migrants. Who will succeed him? As in the case of Cardinal Danneels, candidates are not lacking, both in the Diocese and beyond. Among them are included Father Rik Hoet, spiritual adviser and head of Sant'Egidio Missio (Cathcon hint- improve your chances Father, get a Roman collar!- the tiny Cross is the greatest clue you get that anyone of a certain generation is a priest in Europe)The professor is also a biblically-based artisan of interreligious dialogue - and even ... trialogue with Jews and Muslims! -- which earned him a reception of honour recently from King Albert. Some also talk about the current bishop of Brussels, Bishop Jozef De Kesel but he also seems to be an ideal candidate for Mechelen-Brussels after Cardinal Danneels. In conservative circles, fingers are crossed for Luc De Maere
who already enjoys the title Monsignor because he was appointed chaplain to the Pope in 2006 for services rendered. The priest who runs the Parish of St. Jacques in Antwerp is a tough minded advocate of Latin in the Church. His presence was reported among the supporters of Bishop Leonard in the chapel du Rempart in Namur after the famous interview with "Télémoustique."

However, the solution could come from Rome, where at least three clerics are pointed to by Belgian observers. Leon Lemmens, responsible within the Curia for relations with the Eastern Churches; then there is Jan Dumon, Secretary General of the Missionary Work of St. Peter the Apostle, and last but not least, Johan Bonny, the current director of the Belgian College in Rome. In the shadow of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the race for succession could not be more exciting.

And the prize for the ugliest tabernacle in the world

To the St Francis Church Centre in Meschede, somewhere in Germany
The altar was clearly previous employed by a cult using hallucenegenic mushrooms.
The ensemble.

But it is worse than you thought.

Its an ecumenical centre.
Another Ensemble, the clergy responsible. One Catholic, one Protestant.
but judging by this photo, someone is not sure whether she is one or the other.

Last time, Cathcon commented about such a male/female spiritual team,they declared their love for eachother on German TV and he resigned his orders.

Cardinal Newman


Beatification imminent

And simply the best book on Newman.

Cathcon proposes


Printing this out- Bishop says Catholics should kneel, receive communion on tongue and putting it inside any Catholic Church you can find. One page word file of article here for printing.

Frenzied Anti-Catholic Reaction


to Lancaster Bishop's Reforms

Meet Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue

Bishop least likely to be a member of the Taleban.