Friday, August 03, 2007


Understands more Polish than Cathcon!

"It was reported that the Bishop said that 'he [wa]s not aware of any permission for female servers in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church' - and suggested 'direct contact with the organizers' of the 'Sarepta Youth Camp' [though it is located in his eparchy and though the youth retreats are led by members of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Poland]."

Traditionalist priest Potter obsessed.


"Harry Potter was expected, but the Motu Proprio arrived".

Circular letter from Linz accompanying a special edition of the FSSP newsletter for the German language countries. Father Zimmer who wrote this has written a book defending Harry Potter books. He capped this by announcing in a sermon that the Motu Proprio will make no difference to the SSPX as they are far too intransigent. He used to be a member but now never has a good word to say about them.

Feast of St Lydia


In the Acts of the Apostles, St. Luke related that when St. Paul the apostle preached in that place, she was the first of all (his listeners) to believe in the Gospel.

The Invention of Saint Stephen, Protomartyr


"The invention of the holy body of Saint Stephen, promartyr, was made in the year of our Lord four hundred and seventeen, in the seventeenth year of Honorius the emperor. The invention of him, the translation, and the conjunction, were made to order. For a priest named Lucian of the country of Jerusalem, of whom Gennadius recounteth among the noble men and writeth thus,thus"