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Full list of the abuse cases in Germany and some more details

Kirche arbeitet mehr als 250 Verdachtsfaelle auf

Church is considering more than 250 suspected cases
Hamburg (dpa) - The Catholic Church in Germany brings to public attention more and more victims of sexual abuse. Since the revelation of abuse by clergy of students at Canisius College in Berlin in late January became known nationwide, there have been more than 250 suspected cases.
This is according to a survey by Deutsche Presse-Agentur of the 27 dioceses. Mostly they are cases of criminal acts from the 50s to the 80s long subject to the statute of limitations.
The Jesuit Order’s lawyer Ursula Raue now already knows of about 160 suspected cases alone, in institutions of that order. In many places, old files are being reconsidered. In many cases, victims have approached the Church leadership under the seal of secrecy. Problems arise from anonymous accusations and speculation – these don’t allow a proper investigation and generate a climate of mistrust, it is said. Even outside the Catholic Church abuse cases have been reported at schools.
BERLIN: In the 70s and 80s, two Fathers are said to have abused students at the Canisius College. 61 victims have been reported up to now.
ROTTENBURG-STUTTGART: 14 priests are under suspicion: seven priests of the diocese, four of whom are already dead, and seven religious. A former pastor at St. Pius X in Oggelsbeuren is under care for dementia and can no longer be investigated.
FREIBURG: The Archdiocese has rejected cover-up allegations against the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Robert Zollitsch. While working as a personnel officer in the archdiocese, he is said to have moved according to the TV show "Report Mainz" and the "Badische Zeitung in 1991, a priest, who abused at least 17 children and teenagers into early retirement. In 1995, the priest took his own life.
REGENSBURG: Two priests who died long ago abused students at the cathedral choir-boarding school. A former high school student from a school in Metten run by Benedictine monks made accusations of abuse against a monk. The diocese wants to provide an interim report on Monday.
Munich and Freising: numbers are not provided. Cases have been notified in the Benedictine monastery of Ettal and the Missionary Benedictine Abbey of St. Ottilian. Then there is the case of the priest from the diocese of Essen who was given a second chance when the Archbishopric of Munich, was held by the current pope, Joseph Ratzinger,. The priest was suspended a few days ago because he had not complied with the requirement to stop working after a previous conviction with young people.
Passau: A Capuchin monk is said to have abused several seminarians the mid-80s when director of a former Study Seminary in Burghausen (Cathcon- think this was a Junior Seminary).
EICHSTÄTT: A priest has been suspended in the district of Ansbach, because he allegedly sexually abused a minor in 1971 as a student assistant in the boarding school of the Regensburg cathedral choir.
BAMBERG: At the Aufseesianum boarding school in Bamberg, abuse occured. The two suspects are dead.
AUGSBURG: At the Marist boarding school in Mindelheim an teacher is supposed to have abused at least 10 to 15 boys. A brother of the Community was dismissed in 2007 after many years as headmaster, without the parents being informed the students about the real reason. He was convicted of sexual abuse. Allegations also relate to a former home of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Augsburg. In addition, a priest made public a case eleven years afterwards under pressure from the diocese itself.
WÜRZBURG: Two priests have been suspended. One of them is a Franciscan Minor, said to have molested children in the 70's in a boarding school of the Order located in Bonn. At the same time there are charges against the 76-year-old from his time in Würzburg, where he has lived since the late 70s. Several other allegations that children have been sexually abused in other Catholic institutions, are currently being reviewed.
FULDA: There are at least six cases. The diocese does not want to comment on that. It apologized that a priest in Großenlüder had been merely transferred for his actions in 1990. Then he had further contact with children. In 1995 he was convicted of sexual abuse in ten cases with a two years suspended imprisonment.
LIMBURG: Ten suspected cases. In mid-February a priest was suspended. He confessed that in the 90s he had sexual contact with boys in the Westerwald. The Koblenz prosecutors said nothing could be done because of the statute of limitation. The priest was most recently chaplain to two Catholic schools in Königstein im Taunus. In the case of a church employee dismissed in early 2007 the Frankfurt prosecution are investigating.
MAINZ: In a boarding school in Bensheim, a social worker , who ran the boarding school from 1973 to 1979 abused the children. Three victims have made themselves known. The suspect has completely disappeared.
SPEYER: Two Fathers of the Hiltrup missionaries have confessed for abuse at the Johanneum school in Homburg. They were dismissed from all offices. In two earlier cases, the perpetrators are already dead. A Franciscan priest confessed after harassment allegations from an altar boy in December 2009. The Landau prosecutor has discontinued proceedings against him. The Church's investigation is still ongoing. A parish priest is said to have sexually abused a boy in the 60s.
TRIER: no details. On 29 March, the Diocese plans to submit an interim report,. The Coblenz prosecutor dropped on Thursday a case against a Catholic priest and one former teacher of religion because of the statute of limitations. He admitted that from 1985 to 1987 to abusing three 17 - and 18-year-olds.
COLOGNE: The Bonn prosecutor investigated the caretaker of a parish. The man was suspended from duty and banned from the place. The sexual assaults at the Aloysius College in Bonn will not be examined by the archdiocese, but by the Jesuits. The prosecutor case is investigating a priest who lives now in a nursing home in a case that is not covered by the statute of limitations.
AACHEN: In the 50s, religious at the Catholic boarding school and home in Overbach who worked as teachers, are said to have misused three children. A priest is under suspicion of sexual abuse 20 years ago. The clarification of a number of other possible cases is only just beginning.
MUNSTER: 50 old cases are to be examined. Affected are 15 defendants, most of whom have already died. Several more recent allegations of abuse have already been processed: From 13 defendants who allegedly abused childeen between 2002 and 2010 children, five are considered to be guilty "unacceptable behavior." Their files are held by the public prosecutor and they were suspended from duty. In the southern part of the Diocese, seven suspected cases from 1930 to 1980 are examined.
ESSEN: More than a dozen elderly people have claimed that they are victims of sexual abuse by priests. Exact figures, the diocese cannot give until the cases can be classified.
PADERBORN: The head of the Archiepiscopal Boarding School for Boys, the Aloysianum in Werl is said to have abused two former pupils.
Hildesheim: There are allegations against four priests. Two of them are implicated as Jesuit priests in the scandal at the Canisius College in Berlin. An accused priest is retired. A parish priest in Wolfsburg has been suspended from duty. Other allegations relate to cases of already deceased clergyman whose number the Diocese will not provide any details about. The number of victims is far more than a dozen.
OSNABRUECK: In a former boarding school of the Marist Fathers in Meppen, at the end of the 60s, minors were subject to sexual abuse. The public prosecutor stopped an investigation against a religious in a male order because of the statute of limitations.
HAMBURG: Two suspected cases have been forwarded to the prosecutor. Earlier, four former students of the St. Ansgar School made allegations.
Dresden-Meissen, Gorlitz, Erfurt, Magdeburg: no known cases
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