Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Simon is as much to say as obedient, or being in heaviness. And he had a double name; he was said Simon Zelotes, and Simon Cananean of Cana a street that is in Galilee, there whereas our Lord converted the water into wine. And Zelotes is as much to say as Cananean. This holy man had in him obedience of the commandments by execution, heaviness by pity of torment, and had love of souls by firm ardour of love. Judas is as much to say as confessing or glorious; or Judas is as much to say as giving joy. For he had confession of faith, glory of reign, and glory of the everlasting joy. This Judas was called by many names. He was said Judas James, for he was brother to James the Less, and he was called Thaddeus, which is as much to say as taking a prince; or Thadee is said of Thadea, that is a vesture, and of Deus, that is God, for he was vesture royal of God by ornament of virtues, by which he took Christ the prince. He is said also in the History Ecclesiastic, Lebbæus, which is as much to say as heart, or worshipper of heart. Or he is said Lebbæus of lebes, that is a vessel of heart by great hardiness, or a worshipper of heart by purity, a vessel by plenitude of grace, for he deserved to be a vessel of virtues and a caldron of grace. And Abdias, bishop of Babylon, by the apostles ordained, wrote their passion and legend in Greek, and Tropæus the disciple of Abdias translated it out of Greek into Latin. And he was named Africanus.

Rehabilitation of Bishop Walter Mixa


Bishop Walter Mixa appointed to Pontifical Council

The former bishop of Augsburg can now fly around a bit by air, breathe Roman air and feel more important than before in meaningless meetings.

Today, Pope Benedict XVI nominated Bishop Walter Mixa who was expelled in July 2010 from Augsburg Diocese to be a member of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers. This was announced by the Vatican press office.

The Council was first established in 1985 by Pope John Paul II as part of the inflation of the curial apparatus. It serves as the coordinating body for pastoral care of sick people in the world's 120,000 Catholic health care institutions. Once a year, it organizes a meeting at the Vatican.

Bishop Mixa will be in the future one of forty members who advise the President of the Council, Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski and his employees. His main task is to travel for meetings of the Council in Rome. At the same time as Bishop Mixa, the Pope has nominated Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier of Durban in South Africa to the Council.

The Diocese of Eichstätt said in a press release that Mons. Mixa is still living in Kaisheim, a village of 4300 souls and works in pastoral care. In future, he will work as a companion for the sick on pilgrimages to Lourdes.
How Bishop Mixa became part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

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