Friday, November 17, 2006

Still shameful

Closure of Catholic Church after three years of meetings, study and debate. (!!!) If that's where the Diocese directs your energy, the Church will be closed for sure.

Three years of evangelisation however would give a different result.

At a Catholic University?

I receive an e-mail.

A sinful movie called Brokeback Mountain is scheduled to stage at Seton Hall University, a Catholic institution, and I am asking you to protest immediately because the film…
Approves sodomy, adultery, nudity, profanity and drug use. It is a blow to Catholic education, America's Christian roots, the institution of the family and very foundations of morality and society.

The Conference of Catholic Bishops classified this pro-homosexual film as “morally offensive” – the very worst rating!“Brokeback Mountain” is the antithesis of real Catholic education. It teaches people to tolerate sin. Click here to protest now. Your signature will make an impact.

Newsweek stated the Hollywood movie: “…has the potential to change the national conversation and to challenge people’s ideas about the value and validity of same-sex relationships.” (Nov. 21, 2005)

Please sign your INSTANT E-PROTEST to the president of Seton Hall University, Msgr. Robert Sheeran. Urge him to cancel Brokeback Mountain.

But please hurry. The movie is slotted to show on November 20. That means you and I have no time to lose. I’m sending this urgent message to students at 716 college campuses. If you would also send it to all your friends, we will make a much, much bigger impact together. Will you do me that extra favor?

How to be more effective: After you sign your respectful e-protest, give Msgr. Sheeran’s office a call. Be polite and firm. Ask him to have the movie cancelled.

Please call today: (973) 761-9691

This protest has a good chance of working. How do I know? Because TFP Student Action recently stopped two blasphemies with peaceful protest just like this one.

Thank you for upholding traditional moral values!

John Ritchie TFP Student Action Director