Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ecclesia Dei changes

German press is portraying them as the Pope putting more pressure on the SSPX, but they would.

Headlines now appearing "Pope looses patience" "Pope strengthens control over SSPX".

Head of Austrian Catholic women movement slammed in letter to the press

From the Upper Austrian News- Ordination for women
The news that KFB-chair the Margit Hauft calls for the admission of women to the priesthood was described by your newspaper at the same time as "not new" --yet was reproduced in three prominently placed articles (June 30, 2009). Was it just a journalistic error, to bore readers by the defrosting of a frozen posthorn or does the newspaper want to get involved in church politics (as in other cases the recent past)?

It is significant that in the interview with Margit Hauft the central question remains unanswered: how can someone be Chairman of a Catholic organization, while rejecting the goodness of the Catholic faith (see the Apostolic letter "Ordinatio sacerdotalis")?
It is to be hoped that – unlike what was asserted in the interview -- that Bishop Ludwig will fulfil his leadership and teaching leadership responsibilities towards the KFB and not let himself to be reduced by her to the level of a messenger boy.

That in the same interview, the requests of dying people allegedly unprovided with sacraments were instrumentalised for her own purposes by Margit Hauft makes the story even more problematic, as the Viaticum into new life is the Eucharist (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1524), which, of course, can also today be brought by women to dying people. 

Rosa Waibel

Ecclesia Dei becomes part of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Papal letter here.

Cardinal Hoyos retires, Cardinal Levada takes the helm.

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