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A modern Church seen through the doors of a rather more glorious Church.

Father Marie-Antoine de Lavaur


the saint of Toulouse.

His heavenly and earthly family.

One church Cathcon will never defend.

- the Martin Luther Memorial Church in Berlin which is about to be disused (see article below)

It was never Catholic, being built Protestant and as a temple to Nazism. There are, of course, no similar examples within the Catholic Church.

Martin Luther's psychotic dislike of Jews, however, fitted rather well with the Nazi movement.

The great American journalist, William Shirer got it right:
"It is difficult to understand the behavior of most German Protestants in the first Nazi years unless one is aware of two things: their history and the influence of Martin Luther. The great founder of Protestantism was both a passionate anti-Semite and a ferocious believer in absolute obedience to political authority. He wanted Germany rid of the Jews. Luther's advice was literally followed four centuries later by Hitler, Goering and Himmler."

Catholics were fierce anti-Nazis.
The article itself- Church with Nazi symbolism to be sold. German original.

The offer is as unusual as the object that is for sale. For the first time, a Berlin church is put out to sale. So far, there are no interested buyers although the Martin Luther Memorial Church in the Tempelhof district is unique in its own way in Germany.

Those responsible for the plan are within the Protestant Regional Church who hope to unburden themselves both financially and morally. Kurt Steinberg, the Nazi architect and director of church building designed the church between 1929 and 1933. The interior of the church is from top to bottom full of Nazi symbolism.

The church was closed three years ago and held a thousand. The tower is regarded as not being safe due to building defects. Parts of the façade have been removed to avoid collapse. To bring the church up to today’s building standards a sum of 3.5 million euro would be needed. The pastor in charge, Hans-Martin Brehm states that this property is a big financial burden for them, despite the fact that the parish would like to keep the church. The number of churchgoers has been reduced and the old and smaller church in Mariendorf is sufficient for the congregation.

“We are paying annually around 40,000 euro just to safeguard the building, says Brehm.

The informal search for a new use for this church has so far been without success. This is why one took up the new procedure of tender. It is not clear who would want this church. There is however, a use assessment which had been commissioned by the Regional Church in 2006, but no mention had been made of anyone who was interested but it is hoped that leasees are found who are in the leisure or culture sectors. An outright sale has been considered and even a complete demolition is not excluded.

“We are relatively helpless”, admits Matthias Hoffmann-Tauschwitz, the Director of Building. The office responsible for listed building protection find the last variant, the demolition as unbearable. A representative of the German Foundation for Building Protection, Peter Schabe said “The church is, in all probability, unique in Germany but the Listed Building Office in Tempelhof-Schoeneberg considers the value of the building arguable. “There are more churches than one would assume, which carry one or several of the stylistic elements of Hitler faithful Christians”, says Monika Geyler, the Operational Director of the Berlin Forum for History and the Contemporary (BFGG). The latter were responsible for the making the user assessment. “However, such a complete and preserved programme of images is unknown to use anywhere in Germany”.

In actual fact, swastikas and symbols of NS prosperity in terracotta have been removed from the arches, but still left behind were the steel-helmeted soldiers, members of the brown shirts and the Hitler Youth represented on the pulpit.
A SA man is shown on the baptismal font. In the ante-room, Hindenburg gazes at Luther. Luther was originally Hitler, but the latter was replaced. It is still disputable whether the original Hitler was a bust or a relief. The “best solution” would be to keep it for “church purposes” according to the director for listed buildings, Sigmund Kroll at the BFGG, however, they are pursuing ideas of usage by museums. Monika Guyler said “it could be used as a documentation centre which introduces sacred art and architecture under National Socialism.”

Geyler is confident that money will be found for serious undertakings. “The Regional Government has signaled that they are ready to provide financial support”. The church can also hope for the help of the Listed Buildings Foundation. The public have already shown their interest. Around 150 visitors arrived during the open door day for listed buildings. For about a year, it has been possible to examine an display in front of the church on the history and future of the building.

Lest you think the Catholic Church has a unique role


in the salvation of souls, the official Catholic magazine in Brussels provides a guide to the pilgrimages of other religions.

One will serve

parish to close three Churches. :

"This is beyond me,” Father Melnick said, adding that lessons on how to close a church weren’t offered at the seminary.

One will serve

parish to close three Churches. :

"This is beyond me,” Father Melnick said, adding that lessons on how to close a church weren’t offered at the seminary.

No Catholic Church

is ever "surpless to requirements".

Whose tolerance?

Images from an advertising campaign by the Swiss Working Group for Inter-Religious Dialogue promoting tolerance.
Guess who gets to push the van? Who gets to steer? Who owns the van I wonder?

And guess who gets to serve the tea? The Cardinal. I doubt the people who produced this advert have any idea the problems that this act of serving tea raises.

Chapelle Saint-Calixte de Mons


A glory of Belgium's religious heritage, now a museum.

Goodnight, Canterbury

Anglican deadline looms in New Orleans

The strange death of liberal Catholicism

the contents for the journal, Concilium 1965–2006

Like the Strange Death of Liberal England, much ink will be spilt determining the causes of the post-conciliar catastrophe produced by liberal Catholicism- a contradiction in terms if there ever was!

Statue of Our Lady stolen in 1968

The Madonna of Pesenbach will now be replaced by a piece of modern art, the "Quiet Figure" on an experimental basis.

The work is by a Monika Migl-Frühling, who is responsible for this truly spiritual version of the Sacred Heart which resides in the Urfahr Parish of Linz. A Children's Mass in the same parish. Why do we always give children second best- no wonder they lapse?"A completely new view" of the Parish Church of Karning - an "art" installation by Robert Kabas.
A newly installed window in the Diocese of Linz (shock, horror Linz strikes again). The Disciples at Emmaus- who recognised the Lord in the breaking of bread. Just a pity, we can't recognise them or Our Lord in this window.

Goodnight, Canterbury


'Is our society broken? Yes, I think it is' says Rowan Williams. But it is the lack of moral courage and dogmatic faith by the Anglicans that is in a good part responsible for its breakage. Dr Williams seen here dialoguing with the devil.

Ordinary form of Mass backed into a corner

In twenty years, this form will not be able even to find a corner.

The Mariachi strike in Duesseldorf


Ole! Ole!

I receive a great e-mail!


Longtime reader who wants to thank you so much for your work which is so important to helping conserve Catholic culture and churches. With your recent reports on churches in France, I thought about one maybe they could act on, or perhaps alternately, they should preserve it as a case study in what went wrong in the modern movement in the church.

Have you heard of Notre Dame deToute Grace in Assy, France? As a mosaic artist, I found it mentioned in an old mosaic textbook as an example of how not to do ecclesiastic art...see the gallery

In a section entitled "The Assy Experiment", the author J. Mallentin Haswell notes how the dominican patrons were opposed to the revival of historical styles, so instead they commissioned the stellar artists of the secular world including Roualt, Matisse, Lipchitz, Chagall, Bonnard, Lurcat, and Leger. Consecrated in 1950, the works in the church resulted in virulent attacks, and bitter opposition from many, and even criticism by the Vatican, especially towards a crucifix by Germaine Richier, which was later removed. (Cathcon- I think this is it, she is a celebrated artist of the stick figure school - which, of course, expresses neither Christ's humanity or divinity).

What the author of the book said then seems so true today..."It seemed that the weakness of the schemes was inherent on the fact that many of the individual artists were incapable of expressing the dogma of the Christian faith because of their inability to accept it. The individual contributions are simply works of art with a religious subject matter, rather than works of religious art."

Further, "The continuity of the iconographic programme ...suffers considerably The figures are depicted without employment, narrative is nonexistent,...dogma is unstated...the figure of Christ appears only three times."

The large mosaic in traditional venetian glass smalti tessere on the Western facade was by Fernand Leger and the craftsmen of Maison Gaudin in Paris, with the subject of the Virgin of the Litany. This could and should have been GREAT! But, the author points out, "Leger was a Communist...and had publicly expressed the idea that something should be substituted 'for the sentimental and outmoded church.' He wished to see the emergence of something 'capable of liberating humanity from the interference of the religious'."

Why do so many churches, if there is art to see at all, have art that is unconnected to the faith, made by artists who are professed aetheists or other non-Christians, much less Catholics? Why have so many Catholic churches been stripped of art that did evangelize the Roman Catholic faith, to be replaced by whitewashed nothingness or rediculous-at-best attempts at ecclesiastic art furnished by persons who normally dont set foot in a Catholic church much less worship in one? We know its not over, think Gerhard Richter's cathedral in Koln, or the work of Miguel Barcelo at Palma de Majorica Cathedral? Your work at cathcon is much needed and appreciated!

Identity witheld on request.

Much more on this early warning of the devastation to come.

On the way to your own centre


Catholic contemplation centre preaches the Labyrinth rather than the Cross.

Another at Bradirn, near Braunau part of the New Way, allegedly a European pilgrimage route, but with little or no reference to Catholicism.

Hail the Cross, our only hope.

An unforgettable medieval evening


in a disused Church in Bruges once the most Catholic city in Europe.

There is hope!

Chinese Catholics throng to Church

With God, all things are possible


A Strange Light seen in the Diocese of Linz


coming from within the newly consecrated altar of the Church of St Conrad. Dare we hope that it is the "spirit" of Vatican II (which is always invoked to justify whatever takes your fancy in the modern Church) that they have imprisoned in the altar. If so, the light is bound to fade soon leaving a transparent piece of modern "art" purchased at great expense to bring this Church into line with the liturgical imperatives of Vatican II.

Here the altar is consecrated.

See also And all that Jazz

Month of Our Lady of Sorrows


The Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady.

When all else fails, lie, lie, lie...

The enemies of the will of the Pope within the Catholic Church.

The same Pope who as Cardinal Ratzinger once told a friend, I can do no more, I already have enough enemies in Rome.