Wednesday, April 29, 2009

German Bishops veto appointment of leading layman

Church bishops prevent appointment of accepted enemy of the Church as top German layman
See Supporter of Islamic teaching to be head of Catholic Laity

The German Bishops' Conference has denied in advance their agreement to the planned future President of the highest level German lay organisation.

The German bishops hace voted against Heinz Wilhelm Brockmann (61) as President of the lay body 'Central Committee of German Catholics'.

This is reported by the 'Catholic News Agency'.

Brockmann is the CDU State Secretary in the Hessen State Ministry of Culture. On 8 May, he wanted to be permited to be chosen as the only candidate to the Presidency of the Central Committee.

The statute of the lay organisation requires that the Bishops' Conference support the election of a new president with a two-thirds majority.

The Central Committee has already asked before the election for the confirmation of the Bishops' Conference.

But the bishops refused Brockmann their consent at their meeting earlier this week in Würzburg.

The Bishop of Osnabrück, Mons. Franz-Josef Bode said the vote was "very regretable".

His spokesman, Hermann Haarmann said Mons. Bode thinks that Brockmann was "well qualified" for the senior position.

A spokesman of the Central Committee expressed "deep concern” about the rejection. The event was unprecedented in the history of the body.

The committee are currently consulting on what action to take.

Dark past

Brockmann has been active since the 70s for various church hostile organisations. He is close to the 60s nostalgia groups “Popular Church” and “Church from below”.

He is also cofounder of the expectant mothers’ counseling organisation 'Donum Vitae' which is hostile to life. This provides counselling certificates which can be used to obtain a legally recognised abortion.

The Church’s decision against their involvement with the abortion industry Brockmann called a "disaster".

Islamic death threats against Head of German Protestants and Germany's Interior Minister

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Islamists have called on a German website for the murder of the participants of the Islamic Conference, "Bild"-Zeitung reports. Associated with the call are photos of German Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, the Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, Ayyub Axel Köhler, and Head of the Protestant Council, Bishop Wolfgang Huber.

The German Islam Conference was founded in 2006 by Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and to improve the dialogue between the German state and Muslims living in Germany over a period two to three years. As well as fifteen politicians, many Muslim representatives participate. On the website, whose name "Bild" did not publish the participants of the conference were condemned as "sons of monkeys and pigs". The Constitution Protection Office gave an internal warning to the security authorities. Why Bishop Huber is one of those threaten, the "Bild" report did not specify.

A "YusufQ" called for murder of participants in the conference with a verse from the Koran: "slaughter them! So Allah will punish and humiliate them by your hands and help you against them and to bring healing to the hearts of a believing people." The Constitution Protection Office said, according to "Bild", the verse is incorrectly translated, and it really says in the Qur'an: "fight them ..." instead of slaughtering them. "

In the same forum, the four suspected bombers of the so-called Sauerland Group are glorified with a verse from the Koran: "Surely your Lord will take your evils from you and take you into gardens through which rivers flow." The four suspected terrorists are currently on trial in a court in Dusseldorf. In this context a photograph of the presiding judge in the Dusseldorf Upper Regional Court is shown. The caption stated: "Is there still life there or is it just a shell of an inwardly empty, ugly doll?"

In Germany alone, there are some 3.4 million Muslims. Only about 15 percent of them are in the five nation-wide active Islamic umbrella associations.