Saturday, July 17, 2010

Child abusing bishop mocked in obscene children's circus

Politie bij eerste voorstelling 'Circus Vangheluwe' -

The public prosecutor of Gent sends representatives to the first Sunday performance of "Circus Vangheluwe" at the Ghent Festival, said their spokesperson, Annemie Serlippens.

At the show, which is provided by comedians Gunter Lamoot and Peter De Praitere, only children less than 1.35 meters are welcome. They need first to crawl underthe legs of a wooden image of Roger Vangheluwe, who resigned as bishop of Bruges because he had abused a child.

After the protest in the media on Friday, the prosecutor and mayor Daniel Termont consulted. They found the presence of representatives of the prosecutors office not a bad idea. "If necessary, they will intervene, but we have faith in the common sense of the two comedians," said Serlippens.


The Art of Children organization, The National Youth Choir of Belgium and the Classics for Kids organization groups, has already complained on Saturday about the circus. "This initiative is offensive, shocking and painful," said chairman Tim Devolder. "Cirq has done wonderful performances in recent years, but this goes too far."

Suspended priest pretending to do striptease during 2005 marriage sermon


His World Cup Mass was obviously the last straw for a long-suffering and patient bishop. His parish are fighting with the bishop.

Luther's Bible to be revised, hopefully corrected


Protestant church to revise Luther Bible

Even before the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 a revised Luther Bible is to be published. For this purpose the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) have established a nine-member working group led by former Thuringian Bishop Christoph Kähler came the news yesterday on the part of the working group. The committee includes, among others, scholars from the fields of exegesis, Practical Theology, Liturgy and Germanistik.

The main coordinator for the work on the Old Testament is to be the Munich Old Testament scholar Christoph Levin, for the New Testament, the New Testament scholar, the Berlin based Jens Schröter takes the lead.

This edition of the Bible will not be a complete revision, said the New Testament scholar from the University of Münster Hermut Löhr about the project. The aim, above all, is to incorporate the text-critical and exegetical insights of the last 25 years in a non-radical manner.

At the same time should receive the special linguistic charecter of Luther's translation will remain said Loehr.

Cathcon- bet they don't ditch the notorious translation of Romans 3.28 Sola Fide By Faith Alone. Luther inserted alone. He was challenged as it is not in the Vulgate or any of the texts behind the Vulgate. When challenged he said that I Dr Martin Luther have translated it like this.... so that was that. He prefered his own inspiration to Divine writ.

Easily the most unpleasant man to crawl out of the pages of ecclesiastical history- and there are some competitors. He at various times recommended the slaughter of Jews, peasants and the mentally disabled. The Lutherans often say that he was a child of his time, by way of excuse of him and them for belonging to a ecclesiastical organisation named after him. The reality is that he was one of the chief brutalisers of his own age and more brutal than the majority of the people, made worse by the fact that he was well informed and powerful.