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Modernists make a mockery of the Church on the Day of the Stealth Priestess. Red Nose Day

Day of the Stealth Priestess

Monster Bishop protected by Pope. Full text of explosive document from 2019.

Vatican showcases art at Venice Biennale but does not mention Jesus. Pope visiting tomorrow.

After over a decade of Francis governance. Now top Jesuit expert says Church is exemplary in abuse prevention but weak in dealing with it

"The Colour of Love", the Art of Mercy by scandalous artist protected by Pope Francis

Beginning of the liturgical tsunami

Sources indicate Pope may have restored the Papal title, Patriarch of the West

Damning indictment of Francis by Benedict's biographer. Francis the Fork Tongued

Polticised gender theology attacks Catholic doctrine

Stealth Protestant Cardinalette

Cardinal Brandmüller utterly condemns the Synodal Path the devastation of the Church under Francis

Stealth Priestess Convent. "God, Our Father and Our Mother"

Abuse of Canon Law by Pope Francis, not least to protect his friends

Extreme right wingers excluded from voluntary and full-time Church roles. Legal position uncertain