Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Our Lady of Fatima pray for us!


"See, My daughter, My heart surrounded by thorns which ungrateful men pierce at every moment by their blasphemies and ingratitude... Say to all those who, for five months, on the first Saturday, confess, receive Holy Communion, recite the Rosary and keep Me company for 15 minutes while meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary, in a spirit of reparation, I promise to assist them at the hour of death with all the graces necesary for the salvation of their souls."

Pagan gods invoked in preparation for World Youth Day?

Almost certainly.

In Schweinfurt in Germany, there is a parish Church dedicated to St Michael that time forgot. As can be seen from the pictures below, they live in a perpetual "Paris 1968". The priest, Roland Breitenbach was ordained in the early 1960s and has never emerged from this wretched time. His deacon has been formed in his own image. Yes, that is a mobile phone being used during Mass.

Someone should tell them the revolution is over. Sartre, Foucault and all the others are dead or ignored.

Biker's Mass
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The board says "He is among us". As the priest has only a tenuous Catholic belief, he probably thinks it refers to himself.

What a Messe! (Messe is German for Mass)
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Its Deacon "Dylan" again
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The Parish think nothing of inviting heretical, deposed Bishops.

Weird Good Friday liturgy
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Weird Good Friday II
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Weird is also the word to describe their Cross. Done only for effect, not to preach the Gospel.
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Red-Nose Day Mass. The great Feasts of the Church are doubtless celebrated half-heartedly. But they put there whole heart into Red-Nose Day.  Posted by Picasa

But this parish is sadly no joking matter.

The excellent Pro-Sancta Ecclesia reports that St Michael's Church has installed a Wailing Wall
in place of what they claim to be "two useless confessionals", at which the centre is a "Dancing Cross".
A Dancing Cross is not the Cross on which Our Lord wrought the Redemption. The artist says he was inspired by Indian spirituality and believes that the energy of earth, wind, fire and water is at the centre of the whole.

In 2003, the parish priest introduced a "Allerweltsmesse- One World Mass" for the last Sunday in Advent. It consisted of a variety of music from around the world.

The Canon of the Mass has been completely corrupted, including the statement that "humankind was created full of imagination"

And asks God that "we should follow the policies of the UN"!!

But worst of all, this was the closing blessing

"We wish to give you a blessing from the one God, who a thousand names cannot do justice to nor whom ten thousand pictures represent.

May you be blessed by Allah, the all merciful and all one, to whom the Muslims pray.

May you be blessed by Brahma, the creator, who according to Hindu belief created all things.

May you be blessed by Vishnu, who comes into this world, to show you the way.

May you be blessed by Jahweh, who has been revealed to the people Israel, who is present for mankind.

May you be blessed by the Mother Goddesses of those who follow Nature, who protect all being and all things that pass, and bring from death new life.

May you be blessed by Manitou, the great spirit of the Indians, who enlivens all things.

May you be blessed by the threefold God, in whom all the gods throughout the world are united and taken up, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

The Parish has its own "Sacred Pop Band". The Mass was performed by them and even recorded.


The name and the logo says it all. Calling yourself sacred does not make you Catholic.

Here they are:

Now after two years an English version of this "Mass" has been prepared.

The premiere. You guessed it at: World Youth Day- not at the main event but at a three day long preparatory event(last para) in Würzburg. Trying to obtain a copy of the English text.

Feast of St Joachim


St Joachim is one member of the Holy Kindred (or Kinship).

From the Golden Legend

Here followeth the Nativity of our Blessed Lady.

The nativity of the blessed and glorious Virgin Mary, of the lineage of Judah and of the royal kindred of David took her original beginning. Matthew and Luke describe not the generation of Mary but of Joseph, which was far from the conception of Christ. But the custom of writing was of such ordinance that the generation of women is not showed but of the men. And verily the blessed Virgin descended of the lineage of David, and it is certain that Jesu Christ was born of this only Virgin. It is certain that he came of the lineage of David and of Nathan, for David had two sons, Nathan and Solomon among all his other sons. And as John Damascene witnesseth that of Nathan descended Levy, and Levy engendered Melchion and Panthar, Panthar engendered Barpanthar, Barpanthar engendered Joachim, Joachim engendered the Virgin Mary, which was of the lineage of Solomon. For Nathan had a wife, of whom he engendered Jacob, and when Nathan was dead Melchion, which was son of Levy and brother of Panthar, wedded the wife of Nathan, mother of Jacob, and on her he engendered Eli, and so Jacob and Eli were brethren of one mother but not of one father. For Jacob was of the line of Solomon and Eli of the line of Nathan, and then Eli of the line of Nathan died without children, and Jacob his brother, which was of the line of Solomon, took a wife and engendered and raised the seed of his brother and engendered Joseph.

Joseph then by nature is son of Jacob by descent of Solomon. That is to wit, Joseph is the son of Jacob, and after the law he is son of Eli which descended of Nathan. for the son that was born, was by nature his that engendered him, and by the law he was son of him that was dead, like as it is said in the History Scholastic. And Bede witnesseth in his chronicle that, when all the generations of the Hebrews and other strangers were kept in the most secret chests of the temple, Herod commanded them to be burnt, weening thereby to make himself noble among the others. If the proofs of the lineages were failed, he should make them believe that his lineage appertained to them of Israel. And there were some that were called dominics, for because they were so nigh to Jesu Christ and were of Nazareth, and they had learned the order of generation of our Lord, a part of their grandsires' fathers, and a part by some books that they had in their houses and taught them forth as much as they might. Joachim spoused Anne, which had a sister named Hismeria, and Hismeria had two daughters, named Elizabeth, and Elind. Elizabeth was mother to John Baptist, and Eliud engendered Eminen. And of Eminen came S. Servatius, whose body lieth in Maestricht, upon the river of the Meuse, in the bishopric of Liège. And Anne had three husbands, Joachim, Cleophas, and Salome; and of the first she had a daughter named Mary, the Mother of God, the which was given to Joseph in marriage, and she childed our Lord Jesu Christ. And when Joachim was dead, she took Cleophas, the brother of Joseph, and had by him another daughter named Mary also, and she was married to Alpheus. And Alpheus her husband had by her four sons, that was James the Less, Joseph the Just, otherwise named Barsabee, Simon, and Jude. Then the second husband being dead, Anne married the third named Salome, and had by him another daughter which yet also was called Mary, and she was married to Zebedee. And this Mary had of Zebedee two sons, that is to wit, James the More, and John the Evangelist.

Saint Melaine


an early opponent of the use of tables as altars and extraordinary ministers of the eucharist and a staunch defender of the Roman Rite.

New Church to rise

after catastrophic explosion.

Nun stages Da Vinci Code protest

and so much for anglicans as ecumenical partners.