Friday, February 15, 2008

No Conversion Strategy

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Cathcon translation of Keine Bekehrungs-Strategie

The President of the Pontifical Council for Culture defends the Good Friday intercession in the old Rite. Behind the recasting of the Latin text, there lies "no missionary strategy directed towards," writes Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi in an article in the "L` Osservatore Romano. " At the heart of the Christian hope is Jesus, and that's why the church prays, at the end of time, if they are to share Jesus, "the faithful of Israel" will be found at their side. That was "the Christian vision", but not a "program" for the "conversion" of the Jews. The Good Friday intercession for the Jews can be found in the Missal of the old form of the Catholic Rite, it was recently reworded by Pope Benedict, alluding to a quote from St Paul.

Latin Mass- appeals to Rome in the face of Episcopal obstruction

Reactions – katholische nachrichten
Cathcon translation of
Trotz Motu Proprio wurden fast fünfzig Gruppenanträge abgelehnt
Despite Motu proprio, fifty applications by groups have been rejected

Yesterday, the German Bishops alleged that since the Motu proprio there had been "no significant increase" in the celebration of the old Mass. But lies don't go very far (Cathcon- literally have short legs).

On the 22 January, the Catholic lay association 'Pro Ecclesia Sancta' submitted to Rome no less than 53 applications by groups for an old Mass on Sunday.

This is reported in the recent issue of the monthly newsletter message 'IK Nachrichten'.

For the purposes of the Motu proprio, the first requests were sent to the competent local priest. After a complete or partial rejection, this was then sent to the bishop.

Only after the Bishop also ignored the requests, "Pro Ecclesia Sancta" turned to the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei'.

The applications sent in are divided into three categories.

The first category contains thirty-five applications by groups, that were made by 'Pro Ecclesia Sancta', or by members of the association. Each group application contains between twenty-one or more than a hundred signatures.

The second category contains twelve applications by groups which were put forward by other groups and were rejected by the competent ecclesiastical bodies. After this, the applicants turned to the lay association 'Pro Ecclesia Sancta', and asked them to forward the request to Rome.

The third category contains six applications by groups, which were only made relatively recently. In this case, 'Pro Sancta Eccclesia' will in all "fairness" not make a formal appeal. The disclosure to the Commission is just here for information only:

"On behalf of all applicants, Pro Ecclesia Sancta invites those responsible for the Commission Ecclesia Dei quickly and fully to grant their requests."

In which Dioceses were the applications rejected?

First Category

Mönchengladbach, Diocese of Aachen

Bad Grönenbach, Diocese of Augsburg
Buch, Diocese of Augsburg
Buttenwiesen, Diocese of Augsburg

Essen-Holsterhausen, Diocese of Essen

Hanau, Diocese of Fulda

Karlsruhe-Durlach, Archdiocese of Freiburg
Zell am Hamersbach, Archdiocese of Freiburg
Freiburg, Archdiocese of Freiburg
Mannheim-Sandhofen, Archdiocese of Freiburg

Bremen-Grohn, Diocese of Hildesheim

Bad Münstereifel, Archdiocese of Köln
Bergisch Gladbach-Refrath, Archdiocese of Köln
Bonn, Archdiocese of Köln

Frankfurt am Main, Diocese of Limburg
Wiesbaden, Diocese of Limburg

Mainz-Hechtsheim, Diocese of Mainz
Darmstadt, Diocese of Mainz

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Archdiocese of Munich
Peiting, Archdiocese of Munich
Traunstein, Archdiocese of Munich
Unterschleißheim-Lohhof, Archdiocese of Munich

Paderborn, Archdiocese of Paderborn,
Warstein, Archdiocese of Paderborn

Altötting, Diocese of Passau
Passau-Heining, Diocese of Passau

Bad Kötzting, Diocese of Regensburg
Burglengenfeld, Diocese of Regensburg
Regensburg, Diocese of Regensburg
Weiden, Diocese of Regensburg

Horb-Grünmettstetten, Diocese of Rottenburg

Kirchweiler, Diocese of Trier

Aschaffenburg, Diocese of Würzburg
Schweinfurt, Diocese of Würzburg
Mellrichstadt, Diocese of Würzburg

Second Category

Schwalmtal, Diocese of Aachen
Steinfeld, Diocese of Aachen

Konstanz, Archdiocese of Freiburg

Braunschweig, Diocese of Hildesheim
Duderstadt, Diocese of Hildesheim

Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Archdiocese of Cologne
Remscheid, Archdiocese of Cologne

Gießen, Diocese of Mainz

Heede, Diocese of Osnabrück

Ravensburg, Diocese of Rottenburg

Mutterstadt, Diocese of Speyer

Zell-Merl, Diocese of Trier

Third Category

Pinkafeld, Diocese of Eisenstadt

Duisburg-Meiderich, Diocese of Essen

Kleinwalsertal, Diocese of Feldkirch

Bad Füssing, Diocese of Passau

Saalfelden, Archdiocese of Salzburg

St. Georgen/Leys, Diocese of Sankt Pölten

Cathcon comment- this is the reason the Bishops' Conference rejected the role of any advocacy or intermediate group, to try and cut off the appeals to Rome at source.

Flashback 1995

Pope to face disgruntled laity in Belgium

Nothing has changed in ten years, apart from the dissidents are more disgruntled and the congregations have got grayer and smaller. Status quo is not an option.

Rowan Williams answers questions on sharia

Questions and Answers here. The same in video.

Hat tip to The Times.

So Where is the Justice in Sharia?

Cathcon has obtained a statement from the Dutch Protestant Church on Rowan Williams.

Listening to the negative comments in the press and in church and society one might perhaps conclude that the speech of Dr. Williams was not well placed (Cathcon-understatement of the year). Nevertheless, to the Protestant Church in the Netherlands it does not seem very helpful to the speak out in favour or against the statement Williams made. Firstly because the theme of Sharia is not a topic in our country at the moment (out of fear?), and secondly, and more important, because a statement of our church would have the chance of worsening the climate of interreligious dialogue.

The German Protestant Wolfgang Huber was much more forthright.

Perhaps not an entire coincidence, the Head of Germany's Catholics is warning against the creation of parallel societies.

And for a really forthright condemnation of Williams, Melanie Phillips on the BBC last night.

Nephew of Cardinal Danneels is a star of pornographic movies

which could have given the Cardinal some public relations problems when he ascended the Papal throne, with the name of his choice, John XXIV. Apparently, the man is famous in Belgian. The disaster of a Danneels election would have made him into that rare thing a famous Belgian, along with the uncle.