Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Parishes organise

And protect their assets.

Archdiocese Trying To End Church Sit-Ins

Two more possibly three more Churches likely to have sit-ins.

Heck off the radar screen.

Diocese eyes power of persuasion to end sit-ins

Diocese picked off the smaller and weaker Churches first and only start dialogue after sits-in.

''Where is Archbishop O'Malley, and why isn't he talking to the people here? It's a disgrace."

''Canon law states that the people have a legitimate right to make their needs known, so naturally people are going to do whatever it takes to do that, especially when they're met with an administration that refuses to listen. The archdiocese has totally misjudged how incensed people are."

But don't forget in the modern Church, there are two Canon laws; one for the Diocese and one for the laity.

Diocese of Stamford

St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church finds faith to rebuild after devastating explosion.