Friday, July 23, 2004

12th Century Banada Abbey FOR SALE

Public opposes sale of Banada Abbey:

"Mr Gallagher stressed that public intervention was desperately needed and explained that he believed there was a hidden, silent majority who felt as strongly as he does."

The modern Church preaches the virtues of community living but then sells a property which has been at the centre of the community for over 800 years.

Let the Faithful speak out!

Cardinal Egan versus the spirit of the age.

Latest scores: Modern Times 4- O Cardinal Egan Diocesans: St Basil's Faithful 10-0 Trendy ideas

Who would you want to be captain of your team?

"Compare Saint Basil with Cardinal Edward Egan, who has delivered himself of the opinions that he’s “not sure when life begins”and the “trouble with the prolife movement is pro lifers.” "

Even if Cardinal Egan is not sure when life begins (!), on human life above all issues he should adopt the precautionary principal. Who would wish to be even accidentally complicit in murder?


...created by closure of Catholic schools

This says it all!

Diocesan Neglect:

"The Diocese of Burlington squandered the opportunity to save St. Matthews. It was not the changing demographics in Vermont that caused the closure. It was the Diocese's near-sightedness. Had St. Matthew's been a church with deep pockets, perhaps the Diocese would have assigned priests to the area capable of answering the call of the people.

Regardless, the Diocese got its wish of reducing the Mountain Valley Parishes to only two churches. ...... a priest capable of nurturing the church community was assigned to the parish only in its final days. This gesture was 10 years overdue."

Diocesan double standards

Schools and hospitals under the hammer

St Joseph's Hospital, Flushing

Archdiocese bankruptcy may involve Marist High

Latest from Portland:

"More than $41 million worth of Lane County property owned by the Archdiocese of Portland - from schools to parishes to homes - could become fodder in the church's unprecedented and unpredictable bankruptcy case, law experts say."

More from the great fighters at

".... a highly barbaric act!