Thursday, February 15, 2007

Family inheritance betrayed

in the spirit and quite possibly the letter of the law by the Archdiocese of Boston.

And another low profile, hide in the broom cupboard Diocesan press officer.
"The communications office for the Boston Archdiocese did not return calls from the Townsman seeking comment."

Catholic Diocese sells

sells St. Nicholas Church the oldest Croatian Church in the US.

Another Father Faber


This Father Faber, founder of the London Oratory would not have been within a thousand miles of Vienna's Cathedral when that Father Faber was administering blessings to homosexual couples.

After Vigil to Protest Church Closing

six women are arrested:

"The spokesman for the archdiocese, Joseph Zwilling, did not return calls about the guards and the arrests last night."

Mr Zwilling never, ever returns calls. As Hoover is the brand name for hoovers, Zwilling means non-responsive press spokesman (hiding under desk while Catholics are arrested).

The reality of lay involvement

in the modern Catholic Church.

They are just ignored (scroll down to last article)

Archdiocese of Liverpool

proves again that it is an enemy of the beautiful and historic.

Why do Dioceses throughout the Catholic world target the most glorious Churches of their inheritance?

Scroll down to St Mary of the Angels and "pastoral" "reorganisation".

Archbishop sends congratulations


to parish for fundraising efforts and then orders closure.

Archbishop Gervais

Motto - Evangelise!

Prayer in Dire Need

The prayer issued by the Dutch speaking Bishops in Belgium for more priestly vocations. None this year in the entirety of once Catholic Flanders. It is also not only a question of quantity but also of quality. They would be badly trained even if there were a few vocations.

As I asked last year when interviewed on Flemish TV, "What will happen to Flanders, if she is no longer Catholic?".

Deny the Armenian Genocide?

Come to Belgium and get paid by the state to organise conferences promoting your denial.

Donors include the Brussels Regional Employment Office.

Here, the Armenians protest.

Cor Cleri- Cor Christi


The Heart of the Priest is the Heart of Christ.

So many modern priests have never given their heart to a wife, but it is a symptom of our age that they give their heart to any passing cause, rather than the cause of the Church of Christ, in which they act in persona Christi. Christ the Highest Devotion.

Thousands of churches to close

Quoted on the blog of Ruth Gledhill, Religious Affairs Correspondent of the Times on the crisis in European Catholicism.

Carnival Catholicism

Only Catholicism is not enough, we celebrate Carnival ecumenically!

An account of an ecumenical carnival evening in Mainz, under the episcopal jurisdiction of Cardinal Lehmann, the original Carnival Cardinal. The fish rots from the head as they teach you at management school.

Meanwhile in another parish, Catholic men pretend to be nuns for carnival. Mocking themselves and more importantly the high vocation and sacrifice of religious women.

Traditionally on Shrove Tuesday, Masses were said in reparation for the sins committed during carnival. In the modern Church, the sins have well and truely entered the Church and been accepted. There has never been more reason to pray on Shrove Tuesday.

Have you heard the one about the elephant and the mouse?

If not you will, at the end of this carnival Mass in Austria.

Cathcon brings you the full text of a Carnival Mass. Sadly, its in German, but for starters

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
The God of Joy be with you!
Humour is, when one nevertheles laughs!

The Penitential Act is a piece of doggerel verse about dreams and clowns.

Heaven is confused with the Land of Smiles. ("land of smiles' refers to the Chinese trait of smiling, whatever happens in life.")

The sermon is replaced by a play including as charectors, Inge Always Cheerful, Mr Happy and a Dr Painless.

The Kiss of Peace - we give one another our most beautiful smile.

The joke about the elephant and the mouse prefaces the Final Blessing.