Friday, January 13, 2012

Parish priest admits to 280 incidents of sexual abuse

Pfarrer gesteht 280 Fälle von Missbrauch -

A priest who is accused of sexual abuse of children in 280 incidents has admitted the truth of the allegations before the District Court of Braunschweig. Defenders of the 46-year-old said at the trial opening on Thursday, that the allegations were true in their entirety. According to prosecutors, the accused had previously admitted in a five-hour interrogation just a small number of the allegations. Victims are three boys who had met the priest during First Communion preparation. The children stayed sometimes in the rectory of the cleric in Lebenstedt in the Salzgitter and and spent holidays together with him in Disneyland Paris, on the Usedom and in Salzburg. The penalty for the actions of the parish priest will be jail of between two and fifteen years. DAPD

Cathcon- today also the Belgian Church has formally apologised for its scandalous inactivity in response to sexual abuse. Long overdue, too little, too late. The Catholic Church claims to be mother and teacher of all nations in matters of faith and morals. Since the Council, it has turned a blind eye and then covered up for sexual abuse by her clerics.