Thursday, April 19, 2012

When the Pope last said the Latin Mass- 1990

Joseph Kardinal Ratzinger<br>Wigratzbad IV 1990<BR>(1/51):

Photos of the  Mass at the link above.

Expect a big fight over the Archbishopric of Salzburg

Kothgasser to retire - General News - Austrian Times Online News - English Newspaper:

"Alois Kothgasser, the archbishop of the Diocese of Salzburg, has decided to apply for retirement.

Kothgasser announced yesterday (Weds) that he informed Pope Benedict XVI. about his wish in a letter. Kothgasser, 75, added he hoped for a private conversation with the Pope to discuss who could succeed him. A decision is expected for autumn.

Kothgasser is regarded as one of the Austrian Church’s leaders who try to ensure a healthy balance of the influence of members with a modern approach and the clergy’s conservative circles. News that he wants to resign due to his age hits the Church in the midst of what some analysts think could lead to a cross-country rebellion."

Cathcon- there is no healthy balance possible with rampant modernism now breaking out into open disobedience to the Vicar of Christ.

US religious women in state of shock following Vatican announcement

LCWR 'stunned' by Vatican's latest move | National Catholic Reporter:

 "The largest leadership organization for U.S. women religious says it was "stunned" by the announcement Wednesday that the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had ordered it to reform its statutes and had appointed an archbishop to oversee its revision.

"The presidency of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious was stunned by the conclusions of the doctrinal assessment of LCWR by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith," the group said in a news release Thursday morning.

"Because the leadership of LCWR has the custom of meeting annually with the staff of CDF in Rome and because the conference follows canonically-approved statutes, we were taken by surprise.""


Longer term, the Vatican will be wanting the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious to re-unify with the LCWR.  But first the LCWR has to be transformed and transformed radically into an organisation fit for the future not for the barricades of 1968, that generation without inheritance.  Ironic, that the baby boom generation has no inheritance- those who married failed to pass the faith onto their children and those who entered religion are now leading forms of dying religious life.  See Cathcon passim for closed convents across the Catholic world.

See also a fascinating piece, The Fractured Face of Carmel.

And for the depths to which American religious life has dived.   Nuns who never have left behind life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in favour of poverty, chastity and obedience.

Vatican crackdown on American women religious finally arrives

Vatican orders LCWR to revise, appoints archbishop to oversee group | National Catholic Reporter: The Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has ordered the largest leadership organization for U.S. women religious to reform its statutes, programs and affiliations to conform more closely to "the teachings and discipline of the Church."
The Vatican also said Wednesday it has appointed Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain to oversee the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), which has been the subject of a "doctrinal assessment" by the Vatican congregation since 2009, and has given him power to review and revise the organization's policies.
The news came in a press release Wednesday morning from the U.S. bishops' conference, which was accompanied by an eight-page document of the doctrinal congregation and a one-page statement from Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the congregation.
According to the document from the congregation, Sartain is to be given authority over the group in five areas, including:
Revising LCWR statutes;
Reviewing LCWR plans and programs;
Creating new programs for the organization;
Reviewing and offering guidance on the application of liturgical texts; and
Reviewing LCWR's affiliations with other organizations, citing specifically NETWORK and the Resource Center for Religious Institutes.

Cathcon- pretty comprehensive- they will not like it a bit so expect the process to be accompanied by much wailing and gnashing of teech. Well they did vow- poverty, chastity and......obedience.

Muslims belong to Germany, not Islam

Kauder: Muslime gehören zu Deutschland, der Islam nicht - Schlagzeilenseite -

To the Christian Democratic Union parliamentary leader, Kauder, there is a difference: Muslims belong to Germany, not Islam, he says.

“Not a part of our tradition and identity”

Interior Minister Friedrich warns the German Islamic Conference that religion should not be misused for ideologically based bids for power.

Christian Democratic Union parliamentary group leader, Volker Kauder (CDU) believes Islam not to have a role in Germany as opposed to the former Federal President Christian Wulff.

The CDU politician stated just before the German Islamic Conference on Thursday. "Islam is not part of our tradition and identity in Germany and is therefore does not belong to Germany," he said to the "Passauer Neue Presse". "Muslims are very good for Germany. They of course enjoy full rights as citizens. "
Representatives of the state and the Muslim organizations come together in the morning at the Berlin conference on Islam. At the meeting, the controversial distribution of the Koran by radical Islamic Salafists is to be discussed. This was announced by Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) as an organizer of the discussion forum. "Religion must not be misused for ideologically based bids for power. This message must go out from the German Conference on Islam, "he said.

Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP), demanded that the issue be placed officially on the agenda. "A Declaration of the Islamic Conference, in the context of the distribution of the Salafist Koran which emphasizes the open and liberal spirit of our republic would be a good sign," she said to "Spiegel Online".

"Nationalization of the Islamic Conference"

The Turkish community in Germany is open to the concept, but does not see any need for concrete actions . The distribution of the Koran itself is not incompatible with the Basic Law, said the chairman Kenan Kolat to the news agency dpa. "But if it is the glorification of violence, if it goes against the fundanental free democratic order, then police action is necessary to combat the ideas." It was important that young people were not put in a dangerous position of being driven to accept this ideology. "We must do much more in this area," said Kolat. "The Salafist group tries to give simple answers to difficult problems, as do populists and racists."
Kauder also has no legal objection to the distribution of the Koran. That said the Salafists were observed by the intelligence services, and also came from terrorist backgrounds. But not all Salafists are terrorists. In the Islamic Conference, representatives from federal, state and local governments will discuss integration issues with Islamic organizations and individual Muslims. A theme of the 2006 conference also to be discussed this time is shotgun marriage. In addition, it explores how the influence of Islamist group among young people may be opposed.

Kolat criticised the fact that Frederick would present himself the results of the conference a press conference and not - as has often happened before - along with Muslim organizations. "We are witnessing the nationalization of the Islamic Conference, which is perceived by Muslim groups." he told dpa.

St Gertraud's Church in Passau- victim of modernist renovation


Passau Stadtpfarrkirche St. Gertraud in Bavaria

With the East- the ecumenism that matters

Pope Benedict XVI visits the Ecumenical Patriarchate. How long before there is a meeting with the Russian Patriarch?

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum.

Fratelli e sorelli carissimi. Queridísimos hermanos y hermanas. Bien chers frères et soeurs. Liebe Brüdern und Schwestern. Dear brothers and sisters. Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum. Habemus papam. Eminentissimum ac Reverendissimum Dominum, Dominum Iosephum, Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae Cardinalem Ratzinger qui sibi nomen imposuit Benedicti decimisexti. 19th April 2005- today the anniversary Te Deum!