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Working Church in the Diocese of Linz

A former weaving factory.

German ecumenical extravaganza to blow 20 million euros in five days

from Evangelischer Pressedienst (epd) - Landesdienst Bayern (Protestant Press Service).

Archbishop Marx: Ecumenical Church Conference is an international event

Approach presented to Munich city representatives

Munich (epd). The Second Ecumenical Church Day 2010 in Munich, according to the Munich Catholic Archbishop Reinhard Marx, will be a major international event with guests from all over the world present. He called on the city and citizens to give the guests an open and hospitable reception. "It should be a cheerful and encouraging ecumenical Church Conference," said the archbishop on Monday evening to city and district councillors ., Marx conveyed explicitly to the meeting the greetings of the Bavarian Lutheran bishop Johannes Friedrich. The Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, and the Protestant Regional Church are jointly hosting the event.

The Secretaries-General of the Ecumenical Church Conference, Ellen Ueberschär (Protestant) and Stefan Vesper (Catholic), presented their plans to the local representatives. The laity meeting, to which more than 100,000 participants are expected will take place between 12 and 16 May 2010 with a biblical theme "Thereby you have hope" (Cathcon a misquote of 1 Peter 1:21 that your faith and hope might be in God- omits the Faith!) will take place. There are around 2,500 planned event with the goal that ecumenical cooperation, the Christian identity and also the dialogue of religions should be strengthened. The contents are currently being considered in various project committees said Ueberschär. "There will be a huge interest in social issues," she added. (Cathcon- this does involve the Catholic Church in Germany who before anything else are “Sozial”. )

The prelude to the Church Conference will be several services celebrated throughout the city, and an associated invitation to a "night of encounter". The colorful street party with up to 500 booths and 16 large stages the organizers expect will attact a total of approximately 400,000 guests, including many visitors from the city and surrounding areas. The central venue of the Church Conference will be the exhibition halls in Riem. In the city centre over the five days, there will be numerous events.

The Ecumenical Church Day is jointly organized by the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK) and the Bureau of the German Protestant Church Day (DEKT). At the top of the organisation are the two presidents, Hans Joachim Meyer (ZDK), and the Bayreuth Medicine Professor Eckhard Nagel. The Church Conference according to their own estimates will have a budget of around 20 million euros. The First Ecumenical Church Conference with more than 200,000 participants took place in 2003 in Berlin.

(Cathcon- leading to a priest, Gotthold Hasenhüttl being suspended for a joint “Eucharist” with Protestant ministers).

Cathcon- what a waste of money- but this is the counttry where their Bishops' Conference meets in a five star hotel even when there is a large enough monastery nearby.

My house shall be called a house of prayer


but you have turned it into a post office.

Jesuits ashamed of the Most Holy Name of Jesus


Rendering Unto Caesar -

Innovative Ecumenical Liturgy of Focolare


In Protestant Cathedral of St Matthew in Munich.

Neo-Nazi crimes soar in Germany

from the Daily Telegraph

Given German sensitivities on these issues, the context makes a Bishop Williamson prosecution more likely.

Bavarian Bishops meet

Bayerns katholische Bischöfe stehen vor einer Richtungsentscheidung - Kursbestimmung in Altötting - Nachrichten -

Today Bishop Reinhard Marx drove through Munich, and he thought as he relates: "Oh, it could be worse for me." He has arrived in a beautiful city where he has been received in a friendly manner. Marx– also because of his opinions on the financial crisis – has become the most important representative of Catholicism in Bavaria and officially became chairman of the Bishops' Conference in Freisingerstrasse a year ago. And many committed Catholics think like Marx that it could have been worse.

The Catholic Bishops of Bavaria begin their spring meeting this Wednesday- they are preparing the Ecumenical Church Meeting in Munich in 2010 and will discuss how the Catholic University of Eichstätt will continue to operate, where a new direction and a new approach must be found. They have an important personal decision : looking for a new head office director for the Catholic Office which represents the seven bishops in the regional government. The previous head, Peter Beer has become the Vicar General in Munich - a good as personal of theArchbishop of Munich. And something else is new: The bishops will meet this time in the Diocese of Passau Altötting; so far has been the venue has been Freising. Now, you are always in the spring in the dioceses drive, officially to bring the church closer to believers. "Interpret it as meaning nothing," said Marx, when he refers to the new rotation of location.

That means that interpretations exist. For example, that this is a signal in the direction of the brothers is official: I am against you, so also are loyal to me. Bayerns Bishops' Conference is a difficult Assembly - nearly all the members would have liked to become archbishop in Munich, and then came along the self-confident Westfalian.

In recent years, during the tenure of Cardinal Friedrich Wetter especially the bishops Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Regensburg, and his brother office holder Walter Mixa Weather from time to time came out publicly against the Cardinal - the hardliners felt the 80-year-old Cardinal to be too little combative. Since Marx, up to know there have been no rifts.

He has often referred to as a nationally recognized social expert - and he is within the Church accommodating towards Mixa and Müller. This was demonstrated especially in the dispute over the SSPX and their anti-Semitic tendencies (Cathcon-tarring the SSPX with one brush). Many German bishops north of the Main were appalled by the appreciation of the traditionalists by Pope Benedict XVI. - The Bavarians, mainly at the instigation of Bishop Mueller alleged a media campaign against the Pope.

When in Hamburg, the German bishops consulted on how to react to the breakdown of the Vatican , Bavaria prevented a clearer explanation. In Regensburg Bishop Mueller threatened three professors with sanctions because they had signed a Pope-critical statement, and Bishop Mixa made headlines nationwide with an unfortunate speech on Ash Wednesday, both of which exacerbated the tensions between Christians and Jews. "The Bishops' Conference on Freisingerstrasse plays well off to the right," the liberal Rabbi Walter Homolka stated angrily in the specialist periodical Herder Correspondenz.

Altötting The meeting will provide important clues as to the direction of the Bavarian episcopacy. Who will be the head of the Catholic Office- a person who is deeply involved in political disputes? How will the future profile be of the Catholic University of Eichstätt? How much ecumenism will the Ecumenical Church Meeting dare to undertake? On Friday Marx will present the results of the consultations.

Cardinal's former Advisor trashes Pope on BBC

From The Hermeneutic of Continuity