Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gillibrand Hall


Gillibrand Hall. Sold by the family in the 19th century. Latterly a convent for the La Sagesse sisters, but they pulled out ten years ago transfering the property to a nursing home.

Tai Chi now offered in the former Beguinage in Diest.

Glorious chapel in Austria this Christmas.


Pity the locals no longer show the respect that they once did.

Weird Mass in Belgium.


The introit consisted of a reading praising molecules and vitamins.

The first reading was not from the Bible but some invocation to divine harmonies.

This may have had something to do with the full orchestra that obscured the High Altar. Most people attending were not sure whether they were at a concert or a Mass.

And the Canon of the Mass was in the form of a dialogue between the priest and the girl. The priest has a reputation for being a .... conservative, which says something about his predecessor and the terrible state of the Church in Belgium.

Former convent in Brussels, now flats, as witnessed by the number of letterboxes.

Not even pseudo-consultation here.

That's it your shut.

Parishioners Lose Court Fight To Save Church

Developer Plans To Donate Building To Armenian Orthodox Church.

Treme church fights for survival

victim of pseudo-consultations. : "There is only one way to move forward, and that is in accord with the pastoral plan that the archdiocese has put forward." Yes, of course.

Hospice Attorney facilitates Schiavo-Centonze "marriage"

"Now we learn that he---David E. Ridenour---was a member of the marriage tribunal of the St. Petersburg Roman Catholic Diocese under the leadership of Bishop Robert N. Lynch, the tribunal which sanctioned the marriage of Lutheran Michael Schiavo and divorcee Jodi Centonze in the Espiritu Santos Catholic Church in Safe Harbor on Jan. 21---in fact, Ridenour acted as the Defender of the Bond of the marriage between Jodi and Michael." The word stink does not do justice to the foul odour from the Diocese.