Friday, April 27, 2012

Talking Tom Cat preaches at Carnival Mass


Hat tip Rorate Caeli- a liturgical abuse Cathcon missed!  Click on carnival to see some other horrors- not least in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, Cardinal Carnival Lehmann appearing on stage with the devil.

Update- Germany expels Islamic preacher

Jih@d | News Of Terrorism, Jihadism & International Politics.:

The Austrian preacher Mohamed Mahmoud must leave Germany. The Interior Ministry of the State of Hessen announced this on Thursay. The 26 year old Islamist is now obliged to depart within a month, otherwise he faces deportation. No re-entry is possible, according to a press statement by the Interior Ministry in Wiesbaden.

Mohamed Mahmoud, Vienna-born son of Egyptian immigrants has in the past called for a militant jihad and made it clear that he was willing to fight for his beliefs and to die, according to Hessen's Interior Minister Boris Rhein (CDU).

"Anyone who has shown no willingness to accept the existing law here and order of society that rejects all applicable laws and even calls for the abolition of democracy must be excluded from Germany, possibly also with the use of physical force", said Rhein on Thursday.

The preacher Mohamed Mahmoud, who calls himself "Abu Usama al-Gharib", was released in September 2011 in Vienna after a four-year prison sentence for establishing and promoting a terrorist organization. He first moved to Berlin and a few weeks later to the Nordrhein-Westphalishen town of Solingen. Since February, Mahmoud has lived in Hessen Erbach im Odenwald, along with a German convert to Islam Miranda K..

Mahmoud is according to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution one of the most radical elements of the German Salafist scene. In several video messages from the fundamentalist, he had openly glorified the fight against "infidels" and disseminates an extremist ideology. He was also one of the major supporters of the controversial Koran distribution activities of fundamentalist Muslims.

Islamic preacher- We will conquer Rome

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

A 26-year-old regularly preaches in a mosque in Solingen - Cologne City Superintendent: His theses are an "impertinence", Representatives of Muslim organizations distance themselves

Anti-Christian expressions of a radical Islamic preacher concern the Protestant Church Association of Cologne City. The 26-year-old Austrian Mohamed Mahmoud was released in September 2011 after a four-year prison sentence in a Vienna prison on charges of forming and promoting a terrorist organization . After a short stay in Berlin, he moved at the end of 2011 to Solingen, near Düsseldorf. Currently he is living in Erbach in Hessen(Odenwald).

Several television stations reported on his challenge to Christianity: "We will conquer Rome! And then Peter's Square, or whatever it's called, yes, that is [...]to be the site of the conversion and the area to implement Allah's laws in order to implement Allah's punishment, so that enough people will be able to witness the events!" The City superintendent of the Protestant Church Association of Cologne and region, Rolf Domning, called the remarks of the preacher's hate "impudence."

The catchment area of Mahmoud, who preaches regularly at a mosque in Solingen, includes Cologne. This was in cooperation with reform-minded Muslims as Domning also said that representatives of Muslim organizations distanced themselves "very clearly" from the public statements of the Islamist preacher.

The Association is also in dialogue with representatives of an enlightened and reformist Islam, such as the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious (Cologne). Domning: "Together we make with our ecclesiastical communities locally and at the level of social welfare and educational institutions a good inter-religious neighborhood, which is characterized by mutual respect, recognition and a common commitment to a mutual awareness of cultures and religions, on the basis of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. "This work is also carried out by the Cologne Council of Religions. It was founded in 2006 by some 20 religious communities and is committed to the promotion of interreligious dialogue.

Cardinals to investigate Vatican leaks

Kardinalen onderzoeken lekken in Vaticaan - Buitenland - Algemeen - Nieuws - Stentor:

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI has set up a committee of three cardinals to investigate the leaking of sensitive documents to the media. This was announced on Wednesday.

These include letters from the current nuncio (ambassador) in the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, to Benedict, in which he exposes corruption in the procurement of projects.

Kicked upstairs
Before Vigano moved to Washington, he was deputy governor of Vatican City (2009-2011) and head of the department responsible for the maintenance of the gardens, buildings, roads and museums. The letters show that Vigano was kicked upstairs to the United States after he had complained about corruption.

He wrote that Vatican officials started a smear campaign against him started out of anger about the measures he had taken to regulate procurement. The second man in the Vatican, Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, removed Vigano and sent him to the United States. Also leaked were confidential documents on the Vatican bank.

On the committee are the cardinals Jozef Tomko (Slovakia, 88), Julian Herranz (Spain, 82) and Salvatore Di Giorgi (Italy, 81).

Easter Bunny reads prayers at Mass


He asks God for his help to the leadership of the Church to deal with difficult problems.   Not including, one assumes gross liturgical abuses.

Disgraced bishop returns as Vicar of Martin Luther on earth

500-jähriges Reformationsjubiläum - Margot Käßmann kehrt zurück - als Luther-Botschafterin - Deutschland - Politik - Hamburger Abendblatt:

The “Bishop of Hearts” is to return and the church rolls out the red carpet for her: In a special service in Berlin's Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Margot Kaessmann this Friday was introduced to her new role as ambassador for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 . The President of the Council of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD), President Nikolaus Schneider, has given the theologian (aged 53) this prominent role The whirlwind is not without reason: The church will benefit from the popularity of Käßmann, which continues unabated, more than two years after her resignation from senior positions after conviction for drunk driving.

There are great expectations of Käßmann in her new office: Effective public they should advertise for the anniversary and to illustrate the contribution to the development of the Reformation of Church, State and Culture, said the EKD. From the charismatic popular figure in the Protestant Church promises the necessary attention for her well-main event for years. In addition, Käßmann will win church sponsors and supporters from outside the church for the anniversary and its activities (Cathcon- not least among them the former Chancellor Schroeder) .

The pop star from the Church of Hanover returns
Already on her resignation, there were calls for the quick return of the nationally popular and ever present in the media, Bishop of Hanover and former head of the EKD.  Church staff called for a renewed bid for episcopal office and also her successor at the top of the EKD, Praeses Schneider emphasized that Käßmann should remain an important voice in German Protestantism. As for other offices- after Horst Koehler's resignation briefly as possible- she was discussed as President of Germany. Meanwhile, the theologian took time out at a US university and then took a one-year visiting professorship at the University of Bochum.

But what explains the phenomenon of Käßmann - that front woman of the church with a certain penchant for self-expression? "With integrity and missionary talents like the late Martin Luther filling churches and lecture halls, trying to ignite the torch of Protestant piety in the people," says the blurb of her latest book. She is not completely insane, Käßmann says, laughing at the comparison with the Reformer. But the fact is: many of her now more than 80 books land on the bestseller lists and her public appearances attract crowds.

"She always seem to discuss exactly what concerns people, and in a kind manner," an editor of another of her books recently said. "She does not talk over people, she talks to the people," said the publisher on her many years of preaching church in Hanover. Käßmann is for people an example of moral integrity who can express complex issues in a simple manner, according to the former EKD spokesman Christof Vetter.

The theses of the reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) against the selling of indulgences being nailed to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg on 31 October 1517 is considered the beginning of the Reformation . The plans for the anniversary have already been running for some time and the Federal Government has pledged a total of around 35 million euros in support including contributing to the restoration of the castle in Wittenberg. The new headquarters of Käßmann, meanwhile, is in the EKD representation in Berlin. Her office there is already decorated with a one-meter high plastic figure of Luther – in 2010 she was part of a controversial action of the church to place 800 one hundred mini-Luthers on the market place of Wittenberg.

Cathcon- it is bit difficult to come to terms with a church named after its founder, Martin Luther, who was, even for his day, a vicious anti-semite.   800 mini-Luthers but they reject the veneration of saints.

Don't cry for me, Martin Luther-  the bishop on the day of her resignation.   Someone in the advertising agency has a sense of humour- the advertising accompanying the video is for a powerful BMW.