Friday, August 05, 2005

In the Church of Our Lady of the Snows

in 1721, St Paul of the Cross vowed to consecrate himself to promoting the memory of the Passion of Christ.

"During the summer of 1721 Paul went to Rome with the intention of having an audience with the Holy Father that he might reveal his inspiration concerning the future Congregation. The officials at the Quirinal, the then residence of the Popes, would not permit him entrance, thinking he was some kind of beggar. Accepting this humiliation in imitation of Jesus Crucified, he went to the basilica of St. Mary Major and, before the image of Our Lady 'Salus Populi Romani', took the vow to consecrate himself to promoting the memory of the Passion of Jesus Christ. "

Rainbow instead of Cross

The once-beautiful Church of Schenkenfelden in Austria gutted in the years after the Council. Something has gone very wrong when the baptismal font instead of being at the entrance to the Church has been placed where the tabernacle should be. The Cross has been replaced by a rainbow (presumably signifying the Covenant). Christian baptism is no longer a regeneration from the debacle of original sin, but an entry into an elite. Cross and Tabernacle are now removed from the sanctuary and placed to one side.  Posted by Picasa

Hail the Cross, our only Hope!

A close-up

Never despair

A picture of a roadside shrine in Austria.
God has helped, still helps and will help yet.

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of the Snows

More about the Feast.

This is how not to celebrate the Feast and neither is this.