Thursday, March 01, 2007

Orthodox get their own chapel in Catholic Cathedral

This is the translation of an article which originally appeared on the SWR TV channel website.

Orthodox Christians are getting their own space for the Divine Liturgy in Trier Cathedral. Prelate Franz-Josef Gebbert confirmed that the “St Athanasius Chapel” beneath the Chapel of the Holy Tunic will be opened this spring.

The opening with the consecration of the altar will take place on a small scale. The Chapel will also be available to Orthodox Christians from 20th to 29th April on the days of the Exposition of the Holy Tunic (or Coat).
Such a facility within a Catholic Cathedral would be unique throughout the world.

In the space provided both Masses according to the Catholic Byzantine Rite as well as to the Orthodox Liturgy. An iconostasis which consists of a wall full of icons has already been erected. The latter separates the sanctuary from the congregation. The Chapel is named after the Saint Athanasius, a fourth century Bishop of Alexandria in Egypt. He is considered to be the “Father of Orthodoxy”.

St Augustine on the left

St Athanasius on the right.

Important historical connections, according to Prelate Gebbert, there are several important historical links between Athanasius and Trier. Anastasius had been exiled twice due to disputes about the Faith. The Emperor Constantine, who resided in Trier for a period of ten years was one of the most important figures in the Byzantine Church, as the first Christian Roman Emperor. And finally, the Cathedral of Trier keeps as a relic the Holy Tunic, which has been accepted as an important relic by both Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

The Orthodox Church understands itself as the original Christian Church from which all other Churches have split. The Orthodox Church is after the Catholic Church the second largest Christian group.

This year is the “Constantine Year in Trier”. See "Multi-faceted, ecumenical and reaching over borders" (sorry the rest is in German).

The Baptism of Constantine,

having laid aside the Imperial purple.

Happy Birthday


Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus! Happy St David's Day!


Of your charity, pray for the repose of the soul of Michael Davies who once received a letter from Saunders Lewis stating, Welsh is the language of my people, but Latin is the language of my Church. When all was sung, said and done at the funeral of Mr Davies, they sung the Welsh national anthem. The funeral of Mr Lewis was the nearest they ever got to a state funeral in Wales according to one who was there.

A Prayer for Wales
O Almighty God,
Who in Thine infinite goodness
has sent Thine only-begotten Son into this world
to open once more the gates of heaven,
and to teach us how to know, love and serve Thee,
have mercy on Thy people Who dwell in Wales.
Grant to them the precious gift of faith,
and unite them in the one true Church
founded by Thy Divine Son; that,
acknowledging her authority and obeying her voice,
they may serve Thee, love Thee, and worship Thee
as Thou desirest in this world,
and obtain for themselves everlasting happiness
in the world to come.
Through the same Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.

Our Lady, Help of Christians,
pray for Wales.

Saint David,
pray for Wales.

Saint Winefride,
pray for Wales.

Bishop Carnival


The only time carnival should enter a Church is when this Bishop arrives. He really is called

Military re-enactment Mass

Somewhere in France. As some of them are dressed in Napoleonic uniforms, we can say that the liturgical rearguard are now occupying the sanctuary in a last desperate attempt to stave off the new indult for the Latin Mass.

And here, for a comparison are the French bishops concelebrating at their last General Assembly.

Normally, its not soldiers but dancing girls that take over the sanctuaries that have been entrusted to them.

But many French Catholics now have no need for Churches when they can gather at a picnic site.

Headline- French organist plays in Bigger Church

Französischer Organist spielt in Bigger Kirche - in fact, the Church at the centre of the town of Bigge!