Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunshine Sisters


of St Vincent de Paul are very proud of bringing solar technology to Africa but have they also brought the Catholic Faith?

Meet Fr Benno Kuppler SJ


Advice about life preaching coaching spiritual consulting

The Open Church of St Klara, Nuernberg


Mocks the Cross of Christ in an art exhibition in the year 2000.

Viva St Klara (Not!)

Thousands of euros have been spent on this Jesuit-run project.

Thousands have been made to feel good, but number of souls saved?

Stations of the Cross

The weeping women of Jerusalem.

All fourteen stations here.

How can these stations communicate the fullness of the Catholic Faith?

Touch the horizon

Recruitment literature for the Austrian Jesuits

The Viennese regiment of the once great army of the Jesuits.
Ready for anything, apart from doing battle for the Catholic Faith.

Old Jesuits never die, they only fade away.

The Red Bishop and the Stealth Priestesses


The Red Bishop
That he should have so much support in France, the eldest daughter of the Church shows just how decadent the practice of European Catholicism has become.

From John Milton, Lycidas

The hungry Sheep look up, and are not fed,
But swoln with wind, and the rank mist they draw,
Rot inwardly, and foul contagion spread:
Besides what the grim Woolf with privy paw
Daily devours apace, and nothing sed,
But that two-handed engine at the door, (Cathcon- a sword requiring two hands)
Stands ready to smite once, and smite no more.

The arch-protestant, be anything as long as it is not Catholic, Milton was rather nearer to Catholicism than either he or his readers thought!