Thursday, December 27, 2007

To Protestants, the Cross

just one more offensive and embarrassing symbol of Christianity

To the greater glory of the organ


Which replaces the altar in the former university Church in Wuerzburg.

Never thought I would say this


Once Catholic Italy celebrates the birth of jazz.

Shame on them.

Cecilia Guerrieri Paleotti
Assistente alla direzione artistica

A personal parish (almost) in Germany


Cathcon translation of original German news report.

Rectorship for the "traditional ritual" in Eichstaett
22nd 12nd 2007

The Bishop of Eichstaett, Dr. Gregor Maria Hanke OSB, has given believers a special Christmas gift of celebrating Holy Mass in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite and created "opportunities in each parish leading to a stable additional provision". Dr. Alexander Pytlik who has to date had the responsibility for the celebration of the extraordinary form of the Latin liturgy in the town of Eichstaett is confirmed in this function and simultaneously has been appointed church rector of the former Dominican church of St. Peter. There are also provisions for all the sacraments and blessings in the "old rite".

More information about this framework, which is as close as possible to a personal parish that a parish can be given the restrictive German "Guidelines" are to be found on the website of the Diocese and the "Internet parish" of Alexander Pytlik. The new rector particularly stressed, "it would be a gross misunderstanding to think that all associated with the extraordinary form of the Roman rite or more so, all Latin, can be banished into personal parishes or deported there. The rights of the believers in their own territorial parishes remain unaffected, although the realities of life often set limits ".

SS Progressive Titanic

as the second age of liturgical reform beckons. I don't count what happened prior and post- the Council as reform, rather deform.