Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Mixes chalk and cheese

Feast of St Thomas Aquinas


Happy Feast especially to all Thomists
Thank you to In Illo Tempore
for the picture of
the Four Fathers of the Church
listening to St Thomas.

In the monastery of Fossa Nuova, near Terracina, St. Thomas Aquinas of the Order of Preachers, confessor and Doctor of the Church. He was most illustrious for nobility of birth, holiness of life, and knowledge of theology. He preserved until death the grace of virginity. On account of the extraordinary superiority of his learning, he rightly camed the tide of "Angelic Doctor." His writings, remarkable for the solidity of doctrine and approved by our Lord Himself, marvellously illuminate as dazzling lights the Catholic Church and every school of the orthodox world. Leo XIII declared him to be the celestial patron of all Catholic schools. A totum duplex feast of the first class.

Fire Feast

Another heart warming (rather chilling) idea that passes for youth work in the Archdiocese of Vienna. Catholics celebrate Christ, not fire!

And one Catholic Youth event was organised as a
"Whipped Cream Orgy"

This is not something the clergy of the Diocese should be permitting or perhaps the name of the event appeals to some of them.

European Family Pride

excellent video- warning disturbing content relating to abortion.

Karl Rahner talks about himself

in "Thomas Aquinas: Friar, Theologian, and Mystic."

He says
"Thomas was a man who set aside what was small in order to find what was bigger."

Despite Rahner vast corpus of works, he is no Thomas Aquinas. The former will not be read in fifty years time, apart from as a warning, the latter will always be read.

A miracle at this altar before the image of Our Lady


in the former Redemptorist Church in Brussels

The ex-votos around the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help are the evidence of numerous benefits obtained on the intercession of Our Lady venerated under this title.

We would like therefore to tell you of a miraculous occurrence, reported in the chronicle of this church. The miracle was the first that occurred since 1867 when an authentic copy of the original picture (in the Church of St Alphonse in Rome) was erected for public veneration.

A young woman of 19 years, Marie van Cutsem who had rejected protestantism, found herself to be suffering from a paralysis declared incurable. She was a sorrow to see, moving with pain on her crutches. On the advice of a priest, she sought a cure through the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. In seeking health, she wished to enter a convent and also sought the conversion of her sisters who remained protestants. She commenced a novena. At the end of the novena, she asked to be carried one more time in front of the image of Our Lady. She remained there six hours saying that she did not wish to leave until she was cured. She recited with fervour one Rosary decade after another. At the end of each Ave, she cried out “my good mother, heal me!”. Mary could only agree before such confidence in her intercession. Onlookers were moved with emotion when they saw the sick woman get up and walk, going by foot to the convent of the Sisters of Charity, where she was staying.

Return of the bad old days


Czech government set to confiscate Prague's Cathedral of St Veit from the Church. Cardinal objects.

The Czech Cardinal Miroslav Vlk does not want to recognise a secular court. “The High Court has not mentioned one word that we should handover the Cathedral”.

The Catholic Church should handover the Cathedral Church of St Veit which is a national symbol located next to Prague Castle. The High Court of the Country gave a short and decisive judgement at the end of January. With this judgement, the previous 2006 ruling of the Prague Court was overturned which recognised the Cathedral to be the Church’s property.

The latest ruling is a further round in the 14 year-old quarrel. “We are of the opinion that this ruling should once more come before the Courts and the judgement will be given on this occasion”, says Cardinal Vlk.

Recently, it has been noticed that there is at least one Czech policeman in the Cathedral standing watch. This is pure intimidation indicating that not only the building but also the interior is to be handed to the state, so speculates Miroslav Vlk.

“But the interior fixtures and fittings have always belonged to the Cathedral authorities” says the Cardinal. The next court hearing will take place this Friday and where the interior and exterior property will be discussed, as well as any future collaboration between state and Church.

Prague Spring Festival
in the Cathedral

The real Prague Spring. The fight against Communism, tantus labor non sit cassus, that so great a work, should not have been in vain.

A Christian Democrat "solution". Amazingly, it seems that the impetus for this aquisition is coming from the President's Office and more here.