Monday, October 05, 2009

Case against Bishop Williamson bursts into life

Ermittlungen gegen Pius-Bischof kommen voran - München - München -

Investigations against SSPX Bishop progressing

After months of cliffhanging, the investigation into the controversial Bishop and Holocaust denier Richard Williamson is progressing again. According to the Regensburg Prosecutor's Office on Monday, the case now has before them a declaration of a Swedish television company. A reporter from Sweden interviewed last year, the bishop of the ultra-conservative SSPX. Williamson had forcibly relativised the mass murder of Jews. Because of legal issues, a journalist in Sweden could not so far be questioned. Now, the investigators are examining the new letter.

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"Mass" at Plobsheim, France, Pentecost 2009 from Donald Jenkins on Vimeo.

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