Friday, May 12, 2006

Communiversity challenge

A Liverpool church is being transformed into a skills centre for local people and the Archdiocese pockets a call 1/2 million pounds.

Once Catholic Ireland

"In Donaghmoyne a disused Catholic church, St. Micheals has been developed as a recreational centre by Donaghmoyne Community Development Committee. The finished product today is 75ft long by 34ft wide with a kitchen area, store room, office, toilets and showers, snooker room and a viewing balcony."

Open season for blasphemy

in Stockholm- protestant church withdraws funds for 'insulting' Jesus photos:

"We misjudged the strength of reaction that the Jesus pictures would provoke,' she said, and confirmed that the church was withdrawing financial support."

But note that the "Bishopess" originally supported the enterorise.

German Catholic Community, Brussels

Underused or closed Churches and chapels closing all over Brussels. So why did the Community build themselves a new chapel? Spot the altar! Spot any Cross! Posted by Picasa

St Paul of the Cross pray for us!