Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am inspired to start a new poll

What comes closest to your view?

Liturgical dancing
Great spiritual benefit to the Church and the dancers?
Great spiritual benefit to the individual dancers?
Neither good nor bad?
Unfortunate practice?
For the benefit of the dancer and not of the Church?
Act of spiritual pride?
Work of the devil? free polls

Dance now part of pilgrimage

in modern German church. Huysburg used to be a seminary, and is now a Benedictine monastery.

This post originally appeared on October 18 last year. The photograph has been changed at the insistence of St Benno Verlag, but it can still be seen here on their website which I also provided a link to.

Liturgical dancing has been consistently condemned by Popes throughout the ages. However in our modern days, it is easier to find these performances than a Latin Mass.

"In our catechesis on the Fathers and teachers

of the early Churchwe now turn to Tertullian , an African from Carthage and the first great Christian author to write in Latin."

He won't be the last, but the ground is a bit tbin at the moment.

Latin- expressing Catholicism for almost 2000 years!

Just what the Pope needs


a forty centimetre high piece of abstract art that symbolises the connection between his name and St Benedict of Nursia.

This is being presented to him at an Audience today.

It is a pity that the Papal name is inspired by Pope Benedict XV, the Pope of Peace and the Feast of St Benedict Joseph Labre being celebrated on the Pope's birthday.

The Pope’s Language Lesson

The Mass is not a lesson, although the new Rite has often seemed more like a catechetical class, and in any case the freedom for the old Rite is much more than about language.

I suspect Mr Allen did not write the headline.