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Belgian state attacks parental rights

to homeschool.

No Catholic would want to send their children to Catholic schools in Belgium let alone any others.

I have met some of Mr Belien's children - all living testaments to the excellence of homeschooling.

The Cardinal will stand by. Not for him defending the rights of Catholic parents.

This is the same Cardinal who will be holding an "Evangelisation in the City" Congress.

Feast of Corpus Christi


I think I am correct in saying that the Shrine banned processions of the Blessed Sacrament some years ago. If this is true, I am not sure whether the ban is still in place.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In the Light of the Law

on shameless Michael Schiavo

Prandtauerkirche St.Poelten

Well worth visiting for Mass if anyone is travelling through Austria.

PS Photo refered to in first comment

">Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

This coming Sunday is the Feast and the next friday, the Anniversary of the Coronation of Our Lady in 1867.

She is patron of this blog.

The image with Pope Pius IX and Redemptorists.

St Alphonsus was the founder of the Redemptorists for whom Our Lady under this title is a special devotion.

This is the image of Christ Crucified in his cell.

Miracle of St John the Baptist's hand

"My soul drew me here"

Better days

A priest on horseback in Bavaria in the 1950s. Posted by Picasa

No escape from the shadow of the past

The Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna has established a notorious Youth programme called "Find Fight Follow".

This is the invitation to the opening of the Youth Church in Vienna with a FFF Mass.
In 1945, the Nazi regime in Germany tried to organise youth (and also the elderly) of non-military age and established the Volksturm -Peoples' Assault.

This is a recruiting poster with the modern sounding slogan, "For freedom and life".

Their official motto was "Believe, Fight, Win".

Except they were offering their belief to a thoroughly evil system. The allegedly Cathoic, FFF does not even mention belief. If you go looking, there is no telling what you might find.

Both are acts of desperation when the war has already been lost.

Accidents happen. Last year the German Government paid millions for an expensive advertising campaign promoting the many merits of Germany and her people.

Without realising that someone else had used the slogan sixty years ago.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mass has become a picnic

for two many priests in the US. That's the priest's Church behind. He clearly has little use for it.

American flag in evidence but no Cross. The Americanist Heresy writ large.

Fillipino Festival 2003, Milton Keynes, UK


In quick succession those unfortunate enough to attend this sad affairs experienced.

"The Cheeky Girls"

Mass "celebrated" by Father Claro
The Mrs Fillipine 2003 Competition which was then swiftly followed by the "Miss Gay Fillipine 2003 Competition". I have some pictures of that event, but they are not for publication here.

This is where openess to the world has taken the Church. The general idea is that the world should conform to the Church, not the other way around, as so conspicuously happened here. People had a Catholic experience which they probably used to excuse themselves from attending Mass on the next Sunday. Posted by Picasa

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If Pugin were alive

there would be no doubt that he would be loud and clear against the proposed "restoration" of the sanctuary of St Colman's Cathedral in Ireland which he designed.

He hated classical architecture as modern. What would he have said about today's buildings. Unlike classical buildings that tend to be of one piece, gothic buildings grow and change organically over centuries. Chartres Cathedral is the one gothic building of the Middle Ages that was built in one generation. Pugin's buildings of their nature are built as an intrinsic unity but this imposition of a sanctuary is no organic change. This unatural change in architecture is mirrored in modernist philosophy and theology. Unnatural and novel and of no intrinsic merit.

The planning application has now been blocked. See also the picture galleries. Posted by Picasa

Diocese of Scranton

announces its plans for restructuring

Youth Mass in St Poelten, Austria



Reception of Communion

Gather round everyone!

“The total surrender by adults in the face of youth is one of the stranger phenomena to which our epoch is a witness, and one cannot emphasise enough the damage which it has caused to young people and adults alike.”

Etienne Gilson

Techno Mass

Overdoes the incense.
"The Church for once quite different."

Theme: "Church and Desire".

The advertising for this "event": a collection of the posters serves as the altar frontal. Self-referencing rather than God revering. Posted by Picasa

Chapel of St Ann


And the nearby spring dedicated to the Five Wounds. Formerly, a site of pilgrimage and healing in Brussels, now lacking in care.
 Posted by Picasa

Ecce Sacerdos Magnus

50th Anniversary of the First Mass of Fr Dangerfield, St James, Spanish Place, London Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


often come out with the claim that the Church of England is a continuation of the Catholic Church and that the "reformation" produced no real break.

So here is Elizabeth I on Bishop Thomas Goldwell of Oxford who was the only English ecclesiastic at the Council of Trent

"We think it may be that one Goldwell, a very simple and fond man, having in our late sister's time been named to a small bishopric in Wales called St. Asaph, though never thereto admitted, flying out of the realm upon our sister's death, is gone to Rome as a renegade, and there using the name of a bishop, without order or title, is perhaps gone in the train of some Cardinal to Trent, and so it is likely the speech hath arisen of a bishop of England being there."

Catholics and the Welsh treated with contempt.

Chapel of Our Lady, Star of the Sea

In Dunkirk, France.
"This Calvary for Sailors and this grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes"

"In recognition of the protection of Our Lady of Grace during the War 1939-44".

"Passers-by - respect this monument - do not vandalise it"

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Church of the Minimes

The Chapel of Our Lady of Loretto has now been reoccupied. This time by Iranian asylum seekers rather than Kurds.


Our Lady of Boulogne, pray for us!

Apologies for the enforced absence due to computer breakdown but Cathcon is back with a faster more effective computer!

Here a remarkable wayside altar near Dunkirk dedicated to Our Lady of Boulogne. Posted by Picasa