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Bishop of Linz "In the interests and for the benefit of the Diocese"

Bischof Schwarz: „Zum Wohle der Diözese Linz“

The withdrawal of Gerhard Maria Wagner from his nomination to the Bishop of Linz has had positive reactions.

"I'm glad, because I believe that the best gift is that Mr. Wagner can give to the diocese." Peter Hurka reacted from the platform "We Are Church" immediately after the surprising withdrawal of his nomination by Wagner. This is "in the interests and for the benefit of the diocese," the Linz Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz noted.

The Catholic journalist and native of Upper Austria Hubert Feichtlbauer doubts that Wagner made the move voluntarily. "Wagner is not the guy who gives up," believes Feichtlbauer to an instruction from Rome. "But it should probably look formalistic. The pressure on Wagner was too immense, so I believe that the Pope asked him to withdraw. "

For Hurka Wagner's resignation, "is but only half the battle, since Mr. Wagner is not an accidental case as the Church has systemic failure ."

Even today, at the crisis meeting convened by Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn of all nine diocesan bishops and the Military Bishop, one could get a "person of the same profile as the new candidate ," says Hurka.

Instead, in parishes men and women should be elected to work on a three-name proposal for the future Bishop of Linz and these eventually forwarded to the Vatican f. "The Pope can then choose a binding candidate from this proposal," Hurka suggests

Joy about Wagner's resignation


Critics happy about Wagner’s resignation

Khol "the happiest man"

Zulehner praises Schönborn as the "troubleshooter" (who surely now can be ruled out as the next Pope)

For Hurka problems not yet solved –

The Linz Episcopal Vicar thinks matters are now more relaxed

Vienna - Church critics have shown themselves relieved by Gerhard Maria Wagner’s withdrawal from the office of the auxiliary Bishop of Linz. "I am the happiest man," said the Christian Democrat politician and founder of the Catholic Laity Initiative, Andreas Khol on Sunday evening in the ORF-discussion program "In the Centre". The pastoral theologian Paul Zulehner, however, said Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn should be respected for his role as a "troubleshooter". Hans Peter Hurka from the platform "We Are Church" said the problems in the local church in spite of this step has not yet been resolved.

"Still a lot to do"
Even the Episcopal Vicar of the Diocese of Linz, William Viehböck, now finds “a certain relaxation of the current situation". He pays tribute to Wagner "I have respect for such a decision" - "but there remains much to be done."

Cathcon- this will be one of the big lies- it was his own personal decision. He was clearly placed under inhuman pressure- pressure which the whole Church in Austria needs to be ashamed.

When asked whether he now personally feels a sense of relief, the Episcopal Vicar replied: "In some ways yes, I do not hide my feelings." FOn the persistent speculation that Wagner was never wanted by the Diocese Viehböck answered: "there is evidence that the name of Wagner was not one of the three on the original proposal."

Khol found "Joy" and "hope" in the step of Wagner. The local Catholic Church has now such a weight in Rome, "that it never previously had." Zulehner sees Wagner’s withdrawl as a success for Schönborn, who now has taken back power. The former President of the Parliament, Herbert Schambeck is suspected as a "wire-puller" behind such decisions of the Vatican. Nevertheless, he believes that the Pope thinks a mistake had been made.

"Mr. Wagner deserves the highest respect that he has taken this decision," said Hurka on the withdrawal of Wagner. Nevertheless, there remains an "enormous democracy problem" within the Catholic Church. There must be "substantial work in order that there will be finally a step will be taken towards the people."

Vatican accepts offer of resignation

Nachrichten Politik Österreich

According to the Catholic news agency, Kathpress. But not yet confirmed by Nuntiature.

Bully boy tactics in Linz

This from the Upper Austrian News prior to the announcement.

Upper Austrian priests to prevent the consecration of Bishop-designate Linz Gerhard Maria Wagner and thus start a kind of "referendum".

According to reports in the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" and the "Rundschau am Sonntag" a circular letter is to be sent to all priests. Moreover, wave of Catholics converting to the Protestant church is reported. The idea comes from a group of liberal priests, whose aim is, in this "referendum" to collect as many signatures as possible and thereby convince the bishop not to take up his office. Also, they want to convince Bishop Ludwig Schwarz not to consecrate Wagner.

If on 22 March in spite of this resistance an episcopal consecration is undertaken, some deans intend, as newspapers report, to have their say during the ceremony and to express their displeasure over the appointment of Wagner's observations. Moreover, the most important functions at the Mass should be undertaken by female servers. So it is possible to get one’s own back on Wagner, because he does not allow female servers in his parish of Windischgarsten.
Conversions to the Protestant Church?

According to the “Rundschau am Sonntag " the discussion about Wagner and the withdrawal of the excommunication of the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson has triggered a wave of Catholics converting to Protestant churches. "Many disgruntled members of the Catholic Church now turn to the Protestant internet chaplaincy with the question of what they do need to become Protestant," said the Senior Church Administrator of the Protestant Church in Austria, Hannelore Reiner.

New Auxillary Bishop of Linz offers resignation

Designated Linz Bishop Wagner retreats

The controversial cleric has asked the Vatican to withdraw his nomination, this corresponded to the request - no comment from the Diocesan Bishop Schwarz.

Maria Gerhard Wagner, Bishop-designate in Linz, retreat and has asked for the withdrawal of his nomination

Linz –This Sunday evening, in connection with the controversial appointment of the vicar of Windischgarsten in Upper Austria, Maria Gerhard Wagner, as the Auxilliary Bishop of Linz, there has been an unexpected twist. Wagner has made a step backwards and requested the Holy See that his nomination should be withdrawn

Wagner has asked the Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz to send to the media a short statement. It reads: "Given the fierce criticism, I have been in prayer, and after consultation with the diocesan bishop came to the conclusion to ask the Holy Father in Rome to withdraw my nomination as Bishop of Linz."

No comment
The statement was made available to the Communications Office of the Diocese of Linz on Sunday evening. When asked, its director Ferdinand Kaineder said that there would be no further comment from Bishop Schwarz. Similarly, for the time being no further comments are planned. He pointed to the special meeting of the Austrian Bishops' Conference set for Monday in Vienna.

Bully boy tactics in Linz

A day of infamy in the ecclesiastical history of Austria, second only to the Episcopal acceptance of the Anschluss (when Hitler marched in) The Vatican has accepted according to Kathpress that the Vatican has accepted, which will mean, if true, the Pope's decisions will be held ransom across the whole Catholic world. However, no word as yet from the Nuntiature.

What a great priest say parishioners

Crisis meeting of Austrian Bishops already had been scheduled for 10.00 am tomorrow.

The Bishops and laity of Austria cannot demand that the SSPX submit immediately to Vatican II which is a Council, while themselves remaining in open revolt against decisions of the Pope, who is the Vicar of Christ.

According to the late evening news in Austria, Bishop Schwarz is "relieved".

I don't normally publish emails for protest but given the gravity of the implications for the whole Catholic Church, I am sure that Cathcon readers will want to email the Bishop. They understand English in Linz but not the obligation of all Catholics to the office, person, work and decisions of the Pope.

Bischof Ludwig Schwarz
Herrenstraße 19
A-4020 Linz


Joy over Wagner's resignation- from all the people you would expect

Also one could write

Seiner Exzellenz 
Dr. Edmond FARHAT 
Titularerzbischof von Byblos 
Apostolischer Nuntius in Österreich 
Theresianumgasse 31 
1040 Wien 

Tel.: +43 1 505 13 27 
Fax: +43 1 505 61 40 

There is  a new Nuntius announced but not yet in post I think.

The Blame Game


Cardinals Hoyos and Bertone under fire from Cardinal Martins

Cardinal Lehmann calls on the SSPX to make concessions

Katholische Kirche: Kardinal Lehmann fordert Piusbrüder zum Einlenken auf - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Panorama

An end to the cat-and-mouse game: The German Cardinal Lehmann, asks the SSPX to accept the decisions of the Vatican - otherwise the Pope needs to once again put into effect their excommunications.
Cologne - The Mainz Cardinal Karl Lehmann expects the traditionalist SSPX without ifs and buts to affirm the decisions of the Second Vatican Council. The SSPX should cease their cat-and-mouse game with the Pope now, said Lehmann on Sunday on German radio. Only under this condition was a return of the group of priests to the Catholic Church is possible.

Lehmann said that Pope Benedict XVI risked something with the lifting of excommunication against the four SSPX bishops. If he considers that this gesture of reconciliation had only received derisive responses, then the decision had already failed.

Lehmann also attempted to protect the Pope from criticism. Although an unbiased observer cannot but see amiss the decisions of Benedict in the decisions for re-authorization of Tridentine Mass, the related amendment to the Good Friday prayer for the Jews and the statements of Holocaust denier Richard Williamson as "a systematic tendency". He himself does not believe that the Pope supports such a tendency.

“The confrontation with the SSPX gives also an urgent imperative to the Catholic Church to make better known to the faithful than previously, the decrees adopted by the Council”, said Lehmann. "If I am a Christian in today's world, then I must also have to be informed about certain things," he said.

Cathcon- one would have to excommunicate a good proportion of the Bishops of the Catholic world for not implementing one part or another of Vatican II. But given the obsession with the last Council to exclusion of all the others, an even greater proportion would have to be excommunicated who did not give unreserved assent to all.
With friends like Cardinal Lehmann rushing to declare their protection, does the Pope need enemies?

Pope Urges Prayers for "Ship of Peter"

ZENIT - Pope Urges Prayers for "Ship of Peter":

"'Let us ask the Lord, Who guides the fortunes of the 'Ship of Peter' among the not-always easy events of history, to continue to watch over this small state,' the Pope continued.

'Above all,' he urged, 'let us ask him to help, with the power of his Spirit, Peter's Successor who stands at the helm of this ship, that he may faithfully and effectively undertake his ministry as the foundation of unity of the Catholic Church, which has its visible center in the Vatican whence it expands to all the corners of the earth.'"