Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Work of the devil in Lourdes

Frau in Lourdes erschlug im Wahn ihre Mutter mit Kruzifix |

In the southern French pilgrimage of Lourdes has a woman has slain her mother with a crucifix in a fit of madness. "I had visions in a dream, I've seen that I am the devil and personification of wickedness," said the young woman to the police.

The daughter attacked her 81-year-old mother in the night on Monday with a bedside lamp, then with a bed slat and, finally, with the cross. According to Prosecutor, the deed was in a fit of madness.

After she herself had called the ambulance, the ambulance team had found the daughter covered with blood at the bedside of her mother, said the report. The two devout women lived in a small apartment on the church square of the city and regularly claimed food aid.

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Theophilus said...

If not for the crucifix, I would have thought of it as a case of possession.