Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Confidant of Pope- Pope discomforts conservatives, expect daring, change and novelties

According to the evaluation of the Argentinian Archbishop and confidant of the Pope,  Victor Manuel Fernandez parts of the Catholic Church feel themselves threatened by the emergence of the first Latin American head of the Church. In an interview with the Argentinian daily,  "Clain" (on Sonntag)  Fernandez said, there are forces in the Church, which partly come from the conservative camp and who have lost influence under the administration of Pope Francis. "This Pope is a man, who shows himself open with daring to other ways, change and novelties", declared Fernandez.
The Pope sent a pectoral cross to the Archbishop for his consecration, 
which took place in June.

Archbishop Fernandez is Rector of the Papal Catholic University and worked at the side of the then Cardinal Bergoglio on the final document of the Fifth Plenary Assembly of the Latin American Bishops Conference (CELAM).