Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sacred Heart Church, St Francisco

Praying for a miracle

'[The Church] reached out to some of the poorest people in the community.'

What was that the Diocese was saying about the option for the poor?

St Francis pray for us!

Sacred Heart South Natick Boston

Heck is back- but fast becoming a liability for the Archdiocese.

"Kathleen Heck, special assistant to the moderator of the curia for reconfiguration, told the parishioners after the church closings were announced that each church was considered for about 10 minutes before the next was considered."

Botched is too kind a word.

To the Sacred Heart in reperation

Like a strong and raging fire
In a narrow furnace pent
Glows the Sacred Heart's desire
In the Holy Sacrament
Round that sacred furnace thronging
Shall these hearts refuse to burn?
Heart of love and tender longing
Shall we make Thee not return?

Bending low in adoration
While our souls are borne above
Hear our hymn of reparation
Heart of Jesus be our love!

T'was to cast a broad Love's fire,
That our God from heaven came
May those sparks our love inspire
May we burn with that blest flame!
All our sins our slights our coldness
All our insults we deplore
Pardon Lord our daring boldness
We will never wound Thee more!
We who kneel O'er us feel

Battle Brewing

Reactions - News - Over Closure Of San Francisco's Sacred Heart Church

The Archdiocese of San Francisco said the need for an Dollar 8 million seismic retrofit...

I am no expert but this seems to be an artificially inflated figure to me for just one Church. Anyone is welcome to e-mail to prove or deny this figure.

Church frescoes revealed after decades under brown paint

And how much art is being lost for ever after one Church after another is closed?

My house shall be called a house of prayer

but this monastery of the Religious of Perpetual Adoration has been turned into a luxury hotel.

You can even book yourself into your own monastery cell.


This was the glorious chapel before it became part of a hotel.

Various devotions

But see especially those to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Such is the furnace of love burning in the Sacred Heart of Jesus


with St Ignatius Loyola and St Aloysius Gonzaga

Archdiocese Halts Bid for Housing Aid at Church It May Raze

That's a cool 7 million dollars! So the Archdiocese of New York is willing to sacrifice Churches to become a housing developer. They should change the name to the Archdeveloper of New York and bid for government contracts.

A mission worth saving

The ride is only going to get harder for the Archdiocese of Boston.:

Boston Globe: a "botched closing"

"For a year now, the Rev. Robert J. Bowers has been begging O'Malley to visit the old brick church to experience, firsthand, the faith community being forged in the shadow of the Bunker Hill housing project."

The Archbishop should remember that he is not only patterned on Christ as prophet, priest and king, but shepherd also.