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Feast of St Peter in Chains

Feast of St Ignatius

August dedicated to Our Lady

Feast of Saint Ignatius

Investigations against Bishop Williamson falter

German anti-clericalism

More non-Muslims turning to sharia courts in UK

New Calvinist is but old Calvinist writ large

New Euro-Church Body proposed by Patriarch

All 44 churches closed by Allenstown Diocese

How French children used to prepare for confession

Vatican teaching Hezbollah how to kill Jews, says Israeli army pamphlet

How German children used to prepare for confession

Rome preparing to appoint new auxilliary in Linz?

Linz gives platform to atheist at Ecumenical Summer Academy

Cardinal in ecumenical chorus line in Berlin for bread blessing

Lutheran liturgy in Latin- not a common sight!

Stealth priestess gives blessing in the Diocese of Linz

Papal vacation interrupted by slight medical problem

Celibacy becomes private matter for priests in Linz

More fallibility and error in the Diocese of Linz

Le Corbusier has much to answer for

Universal salvation is a heresy- pro multis does not mean for all

Catholic university education disappearing in Bavaria

Telephone interview with future Auxilliary Bishop of Linz

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Priest allegedly worked as a pimp

Another Passionist saint?

Linz welcomes Professor who accused Pope of misusing his office

They seek him there, they seek him there, the Bishop of Linz goes missing

How many liturgical abuses can you spot in an hour long Mass?

Hardliners in the Vatican blamed

Statement from the Bishop of Linz

Italian journalist fired for patronizing the Pope

Tree Hugger Diocese

As a Salesian, the Bishop of Linz should know what to do next

The "bishop" who seized the Host giving her opinion of ecclesiastical authority

St Peter's Seminary Cardross before the vandals arrived

Why is the Bishop of Linz being criticised on the Linz Diocesan website?

"I have absolutely nothing to apologise for" -former press spokesman for Linz Diocese

Mood of depression hangs over Linz diocesan functionaries (and Josef Ertl!)

Cardinal wants regular mini-Vatican II Councils

Feast of St Bonaventura

Feast of Blessed Humbert of Romans

Voice of Faithful may close national headquarters

Diocese of Linz press spokeman resigns- the cleanout required by Rome begins

Its that Jesuit again, dancing his way into Germany

One Church, one Faith, one Lord

Feast of St Veronica

Life is worthy of Life by Franz Lehar

Feast of St Olga, grandmother of Vladimir

Feast of Pope St Pius I

Spanish dancers

Bishop Williamson allegedly criticises Motu Proprio.

SSPX calls on German Justice Minister to apologise

Feast of the Holy Martyrs of Gorcum

Feast of the Holy Martyrs of Gorcum