Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Brigid Church:

E-mail received by Cathcon

Many events are happening in the coming week. We need your particpation and your support: 11th Anniversary Vigil, Sacramento Hearing, Church cleanup, Signature drive.

Sun. June 26
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
We are reaching out for the help of our fellow San Franciscans to sign petitions to Governor Schwarzenegger. Our information booth (#U18) will be on Larkin, between Golden Gate & McAllister. Please come and sign the petition or help us gathering signatures.

Tue. June 28
7 p.m.
Our annual church cleanup event will be on Tuesday, June 28, beginning at 7PM. In past years, the church, front steps and sidewalk were made to sparkle by this cleaning effort. There will be some limited cleaning supplies on hand. Please wear causal clothing, and if possible, bring brooms, rags and buckets to the front of the church. St. Brigid thanks you for your help.

Wed. June 29
11 a.m.
The State Assembly Committee on Local Government will vote on Sen Migden’s bill to help protect St. Brigid on Wed., June 29. The bill cleared the Senate last month, and now the Assembly needs to know that San Francisco cares about St. Brigid. The Assembly members realize that getting to Sacramento on a weekday is difficult, so every person who turns up means a lot. Please be there and be counted.
We will leave the church at 11 a.m. Transportation will be provided. PLEASE call the hotline (415-364-1511) or e-mail us ( so we will have enough seats for the ride.

Thur. June 30
6 p.m.
After 130 years as a parish, the bells of St. Brigid rang for the last time on June 30, 1994. At midnight the doors shut and have been locked for 11 years.
Things are looking much better for St. Brigid, as good as they have in all that time, and we hope this will be the last time we commemorate this event in front of the church, instead of in it.
The vigil will be a great opportunity to hear about what’s happening for the church, catch up with friends, plan ahead and say a prayer for future successes.

6:00 p.m. Rosary (church steps)
6:30 Mass (parking lot)
7:30 Dinner and discussion

Flower donations are welcome, and may be placed on the church steps from 3pm until evening. Parking is available.

For more information, please visit
See you next week!


Committee To Save St. Brigid Church
P.O. Box 641318
San Francisco, CA 94164-1318