Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vatican issues declaration on Church in Austria


It concerns, before anything else, the situation in the Diocese of Linz (Cathcon- you can say that again).

The Holy See has today, Tuesday, issued the following Declaration on the two meetings of Cardinal Schönborn and the three other Austrian Bishops which have taken place since yesterday, Monday, with Pope Benedict XVI. and with leading representatives of the Roman Curia in the Vatican. The new Apostolic Nuncio in Austria, Archbishop Peter Stephan Zurbriggen attended.

The Holy Father asked the shepherds, in particular, to attempt renewal by engaging in catechesis in the light of the Catechism the Catholic Church. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the summer session of the Austrian Bishops' Conference begins in Mariazell.
* * *
Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn
Archbishop of Vienna, Chairman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference
Archbishop Alois Kothgasser
Archbishop of Salzburg
Bishop Egon Kapellari
Bishop of Graz-Seckau, Vice Chairman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference
Bishop Ludwig Schwarz Bishop of Linz
Also present was:
Archbishop Peter Stephan Zurbriggen
Apostolic Nuncio to Austria
From the side of the Roman Curia:
Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re
Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops
Cardinal William Joseph Levada
Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Cardinal Claudio Hummes
Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy
Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski
Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education
Cardinal Stanisław Ryłko
President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity

At this meeting, genuine collegiality was identified and in a fraternal dialogue and in a constructive spirit some topics relating to the situation of the Diocese of Linz and the Church in Austria were discussed, solutions for current problems being addressed. The Holy Father recalled the urgency of deepening of faith, full fidelity to Vatican II and the Magisterium of the post-conciliar Church and the renewal of catechesis in the light of Catechism of the Catholic Church. Moreover, doctrinal and pastoral issues and issues pertaining to the situation of the clergy, the laity, the seminaries and Theological Faculties in Linz and in other dioceses in Austria were discussed.

The Austrian Bishops thanked the Holy Father for his paternal care and for this encounter, as a sign of his solidarity with the Church in Austria, and expressed to him their full communion and loyalty. The Austrian Bishops also thank the Roman Curia for the fruitful cooperation and for their readiness to assist in the matter.

Cathcon: Linz has got a very limited time to come to order or there will be an Apostolic Visitation, and a new Bishop.

Linz Bishop to celebrate Mass

A second service for the unity of the Diocese is to take place on 21st June. This, unlike the last one, is to be a Mass- Cathcon suspects instructions from Rome as this has been released while the Bishop is away. Finally, the Bishop discovers that his celebration of the Eucharist is at the centre of Diocesan unity.

Caution: could be a diversionary tactic- it may be that Bishop Schwarz will no longer be the bishop by then!

They did not know for He whom the bell tolled, it tolled also for the death of Catholicism

By long-tradition the muffled bell for the dead (used also for funerals) is rung at 3 pm on Friday from the Cathedral of Linz to commemorate the death of Our Lord

Bishop Ludwig and the Donner Kebab Priests

More satire from Austria, showing that the Cardinal also finds the use of leavened bread acceptable.

Music from Ali and the Donner Kebab Boys

Bishop Fellay responds to threat of re-excommunications

ZENIT - Pius X Society: Restructuring of Ecclesia Dei Imminent

Bishop Fellay counters that the Society of St. Pius X already delayed subdiaconate ordinations in Regensburg earlier this year, and that he believes that the Vatican now "has no basic problems" with the upcoming priestly ordinations.

"We cannot just now say, 'stop breathing,'" he argues in defense of the society's continued administration of the sacraments. "We need to breathe. And, definitely, if the Pope was so good to take away the excommunications, that mean he doesn’t want us now to die."

The society is planning to proceed with the ordinations, despite Bishop Fellay’s concern that new excommunications could "jeopardize everything" and derail the society’s discussions with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Central to those talks will be the society's unambiguous condemnations of the Second Vatican Council, particularly in reference to the council’s affirmations of religious liberty, ecumenism and the separation of Church and state.

The threat of excommunication used against the SSPX devalues its use against people who really are in need of excommunication.