Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Shrine of the Three Kings in Cologne Cathedral


Venerated by the Pope today.

Journalists demand and get

Access to homosexual internet sites in the WYD press centre. See earlier story.

Colourdome - World Youth Day


Their website makes no mention of the Catholic Church, God, Jesus or the Mass.

My comment on their "Backstage" blogspot.

"You have a BIG problem here. The Mass gets one mention, Jesus one mention, God two mentions (one as the Great Artist!) in this enormously long blog. What on earth are you all doing at WYD?!!! Get Catholic! (also not mentioned!!!!) You cannot dance and party your way to heaven."

World Youth Day

Important events will be live here.

Lutherans receive greetings from Catholic Church

'Not only is communion in our Catholic theology a sign of achieving of full communion, but it is also a means of arriving at communion, and we need to explore that.' Communion in Catholic theology is Communion, it is not a means of arriving at Communion and we don't need to explore clearly heretical views. The guy should spend less time with his protestant friends and concentrate on Mission to fill up Catholic Churches.