Saturday, September 17, 2005

This would be a family


under the new law being proposed in the Belgian Parliament. Incredibly, I took this photograph today of hostile onlookers to a demonstration against homosexual adoption organised in the Belgian and European capital, Brussels. Here are some more pictures of the demonstration, in which over 1000 people took part , which was attended by only three priests and a nun. One nun was seen walking in the opposite direction to the demonstration, too busy with her shopping. Now, we already know that Cardinal Danneels does not condescend to such demeaning activities (in his eyes) such as defending faith and morals, but where were the rest of the Belgian clergy? Why did not they organise their parishes to attend?

The demonstation started at the Palace of Justice.

A child = a father + a mother

The same in Flemish

The family is the basis of the nation

No to homofolly
I want a father and a mother

Keeping the world informed!

Going past the European Parliament

Belgian flag

Flemish flags

Speakers' platforn with Flemish student flag from Leuven/ Louvain University

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