Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Cardinal Secretary of State- Church needs perpetual reform

The Church always needs reforms in order to be true to itself. So says the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin in an interview with the Flemish weekly Tertio. The Church needs a "constant process of adaptation", because of changing circumstances. That does not mean that the substance of faith is changed. For the language and structures, this adjustment is very suitable. At the same time one must distinguish exactly what is compatible with the Gospel, and what is not.

On intra-ecclesiastical disputes before the next Assembly of the Synod, the Cardinal said that different opinions initially be a sign of vitality. Pope Francis indeed wanted an open discussion as he had clearly called for at the beginning of the last General Assembly of the Synod. In any case, there is unity in the belief that it is a matter of proclaiming happily and bravely the doctrine of marriage based on the words of Jesus.

Tertio conducted the interview on the occasion of the anniversary of the inauguration of Parolin exactly two years ago.

Cathcon: perpetual revolution is a recipe for disaster, constantly eroding the core of the Faith.