Saturday, September 30, 2006

Buy yourself a Bishop's mitre

at the bakery in the Pope's home town of Marktl. You can also use it as a bag if you want.

Not forgetting there are also Papal chocs and candles (which come in all sizes and forms)

Savour the tiramisu (literally from Italian, Pick me up) as a Papal gateau.

If you don't want any of these, there is also the Marktl Umbrella, the sweet Episcopal Headgear, the Papal Beer, the Marktl Pilgrims Stick, the model of the house where the Pope was born and last but no means least Papal Wine.

Not for nothing has the German word for marketing = vermarktung been changed to verMARKTLung. The whole operation stands in stark contrast to the piety of much of the merchandise in pilgrimage shrines such as Lourdes.

Armies of statues can wait until after canonisation.

Red alert- new platoon of Stealth Priestesses detected


As Bishop of Linz appoints yet another group to the pseudo-clerical elite of pastoral assistants, calling their job "lay-care of souls". They get paid for this.

A greater sin

than being heretical is to be boring.

The logo at the top sums up exactly where the "event" culture of modern Catholic youthwork that has been extensively covered on this site is heading.

This site, even if it is not an official Catholic site, boasts that it is "German Hardcore Catholicism"

The likes of Stan Fortuna and the Bronx Brothers may not be heretical themselves but they are certainly complicit in this process where heresy is discounted in favour of excitement.

Living Stations of the Cross

encouring Catholic youth to become wierd and gothic.

Or as the Curt Jester has it, Night of the Living Dead.