Monday, August 06, 2007

Altar transformation


Some pictures of the now closed basilica of Corpus Christi, Miles Platting

from Carpe Canum:

"I guess most readers of this blog will be aware that the great basilica of Miles Platting is no more. During my time at Manchester University, I had the privilege of seeing the great church of S Francis at Gorton, and now Corpus Christi Basilica in Miles Platting, before their demise. (I also witnessed the massacre of the beautiful high altar in Salford Cathedral - after Summorum Pontificum, I dare say they may be regretting that one!)"

Latin Mass goes mainstream

on Hessen TV in Germany. This is a Mass of the Society of St Pius X- the TV station had no alternative, when they wished to do a story on the Motu Proprio, as in the whole of Frankfurt the Diocese permits only one Mass during the week on Wednesday night. They claim the Latin Mass is a "minority interest". Untrue- I detect a hardness of heart.
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As Catholicism goes

Faithful reduced to abstract line drawings, in an exhibition meant to promote Catholicism. One rather fears the Diocese of Limburg paid for this.


My house shall be called a house of prayer but you have turned it into a den of iniquity. Church became a nightclub in Maastricht. Thank you to

Sacrum Imperium

An excellent blog in Slovakian.

Modernist design


The design for the world, not too different from the design that modernists believe is appropriate for Churches.

Interview with Alexander Solzhenitsyn

'I Am Not Afraid of Death'

Utterly remarkable interview- here without comment- speaking for himself.

SPIEGEL: In 1987 in your interview with SPIEGEL founder Rudolf Augstein you said it was really hard for you to speak about religion in public. What does faith mean for you?

Solzhenitsyn: For me faith is the foundation and support of one's life.

SPIEGEL: Are you afraid of death?

Solzhenitsyn: No, I am not afraid of death any more. When I was young the early death of my father cast a shadow over me -- he died at the age of 27 -- and I was afraid to die before all my literary plans came true. But between 30 and 40 years of age my attitude to death became quite calm and balanced. I feel it is a natural, but no means the final, milestone of one's existence.

'Pope Paul, realizing finally that he had been deceived

broke down and wept.

Liturgical vandalism

St Elizabeth, Eschwege, Germany
After the Council

Big Chief Cardinal Wetter


Cardinal Wetter is made an Indian Chief. The Cardinal who is unaware of the dignity of his office to which nothing can be added by being made an Indian Chief, who thinks he can combine the two roles, is the same Cardinal Wetter who warns of a "clash of rites" following the publication of the Motu Proprio, despite the language of the Papal document being crystal clear that there are two forms, but only one Roman Rite. Thanks to the ever excellent for bringing this to my attention. Reminds one all too much of the time that Rowan Williams became the Archdruid of Canterbury.

Translation of the press release of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising.

Cardinal Wetter is now an Indian Chief named “Regent of Peace”.

Indian mayor handed him the Chief’s staff
“Fraternal Assistance” from Munich for schools and educational centres.

Cotacachi, Ecuador

In his office of Archbishop, Cardinal Friedrich Wetter is used to carrying a pastoral staff when involved in liturgical ceremonies.

In future, he will also be able to have an honorary Chief’s staff of office, a sign of administrative and judicial jurisdiction over the Indian parish of Cotachi which is a town consisting predominantly of Indians located in North Ecuador. The Indian mayor, Auki handed to his guest of honour from Munich the symbol of a Chief’s dignity, together with the keys of the town at a reception in Cotacachi Town Hall on August 1. The first name of the Cardinal means in old High German, “Regent of Peace”. The Cardinal has been a guest of the Ecuadorian Bishops’ Conference for one week. It will be his last visit as the chief pastor of the charitable operations of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising which have been financed wholly or partly through the “Fraternal Help” in Munich which has been in existence for the last 45 years. The “Chief Regent of Peace” displayed an emotional response following the Mayor’s gesture and he gave thanks in moving words for this distinction.

“Just as I carry this staff with me to my home, I will carry in my heart the inhabitants of Cotacachi who have given me this honour”

Through “Fraternal Help” it was possible to build a new school recently. The region is nearly exclusively inhabited by Ketschua speaking Indians and the Archdiocese has been involved in the building and running of training centres and schools. The Chief’s Staff which Cardinal Wetter is now entitled to use reaches back to the pre-Columbian time of the Inca rule and the regional chiefs had used them during official proceedings. This symbol of Indian authority continued to be used by the Spaniards in colonial times. Today, the mayor uses this staff on special occasions, for example at the Corpus Christi procession. The staff is made of very hard wood of the chonta palm tree, is often wound with precious cloths and rings of precious metals. The handle often has the head of an animal. The Chief’s staff of the Cardinal has in the place of the animal’s head, a sun in the fashion of a cross. The sun has always been to the Incas, a holy heavenly body.

Cardinal Wetter has already made his acquaintance with the Chief’s role in Ecuador at the World Youth Day in August 2005. An Indian Kazike who especially came to Munich for this reason and who wore on this occasion an elaborate feather headdress, met the Cardinal by chance in front of Our Lady’s Cathedral. As a sign of his joy in meeting the Cardinal he took off his headdress and placed it on the Cardinal’s head, who for a short while, at any rate, knew how to carry it with dignity. The people present, among them the Ecuadorian Bishop for Youth, Victor Corral were so pleased with this gesture that they asked for a photo to be taken. Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo of the Cardinal with the staff.

End of text

The Last Inca Chief, Atahualpa

He refused to convert his people to Catholicism preferring the Inca religion. The great gods of the Incas were the powers of nature especially the Sun Inti and the Moon Quilla. Other important deities were the Thunder and Rainbow Gods. and the Bright Planets. Over them all reigned Viracocha, the Creator. He was both father and mother of the Sun and Moon. He was often thought of as an old man with white hair and beard. He was supposed to be ruler of destiny and invisible. His place in the heavens was a dark area, the Coal Sack in the Milky Way.

For this they paid a terrible price at the hands of the Spanish rulers. Cardinal Wetter feels that he shares the guilt of generations long dead.

Cardinal Wetter- the man unhappy with his existing headgear.