Sunday, January 08, 2006


at Mass in the Franciscan Convent of Siessen, Germany.

The call to prayer

Rap "Introit"

The offertory gifts!

And of course, this convent has a labyrinth

The way they are.

The way they were.

Archbishop O'Malley Allows Mass At Some Closed Churches

"Christmas mass at some area churches will be bitter sweet."

and lets go of his "Cabinet Secretary For Institutional Advancement". A role not envisaged in the Gospels.

The Franciscan Crown

of the Joys of Mary

Feast of the Holy Family.

Jesus is found in the Temple.

Feast of the One King and Two Queens

In Bavaria and Austria, the Feast of the Three Kings is celebrated by clusters of children going door to door dressed up as the Kings. Except these days, there is just one King (if your lucky), accompanied by two Queens.

This only mirrors what has happened to servers (see last picture) and what happened at WYD.

Jazz, Pop and some classical as well

concert in St Theresia's Church, Aachen.
And in 2000, a digeridoo concert