Saturday, April 05, 2008

Captions please


It is to raise money for disaster relief apparently. I am sure that there are much better ways to do it than by desecrating a Church.

Terrorists want to turn Shrine into training camp

according to the Sri Lankan Army.

"LTTE to desecrate Madhu shrine; priests forced to leave the church with sacred statue

Defence sources in the Wanni battlefront citing intelligence reports say that LTTE terrorists have ordered the priests in the Madhu church to leave church premises with immediate effect. According to the sources, LTTE terrorists (the Tamil liberation movement) have issued their orders today (April 3) with the full backing of an influential terrorist supporter in Mannar, in order to spare the church premises for terrorist activities.

Earlier, LTTE had positioned its heavy mortar and artillery guns at close range to the church in order to take cover from the civilian refugees at the church, said the sources. However, as the priests and the refugees started to protest against the cowardly tactics of LTTE, the terrorists have ordered the priests to leave the church premises, the sources added.

Meanwhile, the sources citing the reports said that the priests have managed to take the sacred statue of our lady of Madhu with them despite the strong protests of the LTTE terrorists.

The sacred area has been declared a no war zone and the Sri Lankan security forces have spared the area from military offensives."

Mass in a Belgium Parish


Today is not April 1st. This is for real.