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More dancers round this one altar in Belgium


than vocations in every Belgium Diocese but one.

When this server grows up


Spot the similiarity to a Mariavite priestess!

The Jewish Central Council of Germany accuses Catholic bishops of anti-semitism.

Translation of original article in German.

The President of the Jewish Central Council of Germany Charlotte Knobloch- "insinuations which were right at the border of anti-semitism. "

German Bishops have caused frictions on their visit to the Near East, Charlotte Knobloch says that the statements made by them were “at the border of anti-semitism”. The Bishops had compared Palestinian towns with the Warsaw Ghetto.

The Israeli Ambassador Shimon Stein spoke of a demonisation of Israel.

Fr Hans Langendoeffer SJ, the Secretary of the German Bishops’ Conference regretted the discord created. The members of the Permanent Council of the German Bishops’ Conference had visited Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Areas for a week.

The Bishop of Eichstatt Gregor Maria Hanke who had compared the conditions in the Palestinian towns with those of the Warsaw Ghetto was criticized by Knobloch and Vice-President Dieter Graumann. The Bishop of Augsburg, Walter Mixa has in addition talked about Israeli racism in dealing with the Palestinians. These statements are according to Knobloch’s judgements, “moved close to the borders of anti-semitism”.

The President of the German Israeli Parliamentary Group in the Bundestag (German Parliament) Jerzy Montag asked the Bishops for an apology.

Knobloch said that it was especially disappointing that the visit had ended in upset.

No equivalence

“We also understand that the situation of the Palestinians is not easy”, says Graumann in a Cologne newspaper “but those who say the condition is equal to the suffering of the Jews in the ghettos of the Nazis, they truly have not learned anything from history. Such a statement has an anti-semitic core”. To relativise the deeds of the Nazis with the actions of the successors of the victims of the Nazis is evidence of a hostile attitude to Jews. The Central Committee expects Lehmann who is the President of the Bishops’ Conference to issue a clarification. Stein accused the Bishops of demagogy and demonising Israel.

Those who use terms like, “Warsaw Ghetto” in connection with Israeli or Palestinian politics have either forgotten everything or have not learnt anything or have morally failed. Langendoeffer explained that very personal remarks had been made by some when visiting Bethlehem under the influence of an “oppressive situation” and an emotional dismay of individuals, which however had since been corrected. This refers especially to an off the cuff remark referred to the Warsaw Ghetto.

Once Catholic Ireland

to reverse the trend

Toward a suicidal Church

Belgium statistics

Seminaries in Malines-Brussels (once again!) and also Anvers et Tournai,
No new candidates this year

Bruges, Gent and Liège
One candidate each

Two candidates

Seven candidates for the priesthood.

Daily 1962 Latin Mass (except Sunday) is offered in the Cathedral of which of these Dioceses?

I will everyone out of their agony.


and Cardinal Danneels wanted to be Pope!

The Doctor Fox effect

I discovered this gem in my wife's late husband's papers. At first, I thought that it was off topic but then realised it could apply to modern liturgical experts. To me calling in the experts is the sign of a failing institution, whether in politics, business or religion but this is a debate that goes back to Socrates! Even the cleverest can be deceived by experts.


EVALUATION of a teacher is difficult because of the large number of variables to be taken into account. In one survey 1 students identified " teacher charisma or popularity " as the most important rating factor. Two years ago, Naftulin a tested the hypothesis that, given a sufficiently impressive lecture set-up, even an experienced group of educators would be satisfied that they had learned something—even when the content of the lecture had been irrelevant, conflicting, and meaningless. They chose a professional actor who looked distinguished and sounded authoritative. Naming him Dr Myron L. Fox, and arming him with a highly impressive and wholly fictitious curriculum vita;, they presented him to a distinguished audience to speak on Mathematical Game Theory as Applied to Physician Education. He was carefully coached so as to cope with his lecture and the question-and-answer session with heavy use of double-talk, neologisms, non-sequiturs, contradictory statements, meaningless references to unrelated topics—and some good jokes. Responding to a questionnaire, the audiences, which included some 55 psychiatrists, psychologists) and social workers, rated the lecture highly.

At the thirteenth Annual Conference on Research in Medical Education (33 years ago-they are now on the 46th), in Chicago, Ware and Williams reported a further investigation of the Dr Fox effect. The same actor was used, and he delivered a series of videotaped lectures on the Biochemistry of Memory. Three scripts were prepared—high-content (covering numerous substantial teaching points), medium-content, and low-content. When major teaching points were removed from the script they were replaced with experimental details without results, discussion of unrelated examples, and circular discussions of unimportant or meaningless thoughts. Three lectures, one at each content level, were delivered in a highly seductive manner (using enthusiasm, humour, friendliness, expressiveness, charisma, and personality) and three in a flat, unseductive manner. Students, randomly allocated to groups, attended the lectures, and then completed a questionnaire rating the lecture and did a multiple-choice-question test on the subject.

Though both content and seductiveness affected ratings and test performance, seductiveness was the more important factor. At each content level, students who viewed high-seduction lectures performed better in cognitive tests than did those who viewed the same lectures delivered in an unseductive manner. The next move, doubtless, is to derive an optimum content/ seductiveness ratio.
1. Coats, W. D., Swierenga, L. J. tduC, Res. 1972, 6S, 357.
2. Naftulin, D. H., Ware, I, E., Donnelly, F. A. J. mud. Educ. 1973,
4B, 630.

Jewish group opposes Friday sermon for Muslims on German TV

Mr Korn in other comments described the Christian broadcasting "Word on Sunday" as an anachronism. Click on ZDF for more background to the dispute.

Maurice Blondel

a thinker whose time came in the year 2000.

Blondel espoused an erroneous and catastrophic view of truth, which Fr Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange OP (incidentally, Pope John Paul II's doctoral supervisor) asked him to withdraw or face a very long time in purgatory.

Sweet Heart of Mary. Be my help