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Inquisition Street, Brussels

Priests who wanted another Danneels when he retired

Victims lawyer hangs Cardinal out to dry

Danneels spokesman denies cover-up

The stern unbending face of modernistic liberalism

How to live in a parallel world

The Least of These

Cardinal denies cover-up even after leaking of the tapes

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The Danneels Tapes- Parts I and II

Danneels Tapes published today

The Danneels Cover-Up - there are tapes

Shariah anywhere- no way!

Church becomes a graveyard

Part of church serves as mosque

Video interview with Archbishop of Paris- "An unhealthy climate in our society"

British PM and Foreign Secretary have audience with Pope

Baptising stealth priestess in Canada

Nine hundred come forward in the Netherlands with abuse allegations

Holy Mass

German bishops have agreed new sexual abuse guidelines

Priest says prayed for Sarkozy heart attack over Roma | World | Reuters

Operation Chalice- video reports including press conference

Cardinal Danneels to be interviewed again by investigators

Lawyer for Cardinal Danneels goes ballistic

Cardinal Danneels remains in firing line

Long lunch with the Pope to celebrate Vatican II

Have decided to write a collection of short stories

Postcard from Michael Davies

On Clergmen preaching Politics by John Byrom

Which church owns this flying saucer?- shocking answer

Belgian justice- new statement due on legality of church seaches

Ave Virgo Sanctissima

Abuse victims in Belgium to go to European Court of Human Rights

Cardinal Danneels remains in deep trouble

Cardinal Danneels knew, but what did he do?

Old Cathedral Linz

A jumping and a jiving Franciscans

Rowan Williams takes words of Margaret Thatcher out of context

Australian Greens claim to be more Christian than Cardinal Pell

Ecclesiastical meltdown in Austria

Judgment day for Cardinal Danneels

Dominicans in Mainz not over the psychedelic sixties yet

Most welcome Carl!

Saint Paul's Basilica, Toronto, Canada.

What is the point of being a Lutheran if you are this "high"?

Our Lady of the European Union

Most excellent charity to support!

The Two Saints Turibius

Clerical hardness of heart

Red Indian Mass- only the Austrians could go to such extremes

Lourdes- sometime before the Council

They first abused the building that represents their Holy Mother, the Church

The Last Religious in a Beguinage II

Easily the ugliest church in the world

Sign The Universal Declaration of Human Dignity!

Feast of the Maccabean Martyrs

Israeli President should check his sources